Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

The retrograde Mercury in Gemini is a slippery influence that wreaks havoc on our information dependent society. Words have a way of being misconstrued or misunderstood during conversations. Sentences you speak have another meaning than the one you originally intended.

It almost seems as if you are speaking a different language than the person you are conversing with. What you can truly depend on, during this time, is that you can't depend on anything running smoothly.

Language, in all its various constructs, can be a quite a challenge. This includes writing, programming, and foreign languages. Speak slower and listen harder.

And don't think your computer is exempt from this planetary influence either. After all, our PCs are the great purveyors of information to us through the web. It too will frustrate you with crashes, loss of data, and general orneriness. Backup your files!

When you are frustrated enough to pull the plug on your computer and your mouth, stand back for a moment, and stop. Reroute your activities. Edit reports, rework passages on essays or articles, reread computer manuals for troubleshooting. Reconcile and apologize. Or watch a comedy with friends. In short, go with the flow, not against it.

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