Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

The retrograde Mercury in Scorpio is a powerful influence that can throw your reasoning ability right out the door. Although your perceptions may be quite keen, the words that stream from your mouth indicate a less than rational mind.

You may find yourself more suspicious and insecure for some unfathomable reason. As a result, negative thinking or feelings can color the way you express yourself. You may be rather sharp tongued, lashing out words like a whip on your unsuspecting audience.

You could also be using more codependent language on those closest to you, striving to gain some control in a chaotic world. Conversations can be rather heated with resistance from the other party. This would not be a good time to debate a subject.

You should also be cautious about embarking on any financial dealings as well. A great use of this planetary influence would be to spend it in self reflection. Deal with old baggage and examine your knee-jerk reactions.

You could resolve issues that have been haunting you from childhood. What are the key compulsions in your life? How can you transform them? You will probably be able to answer these questions with some thought.