Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

The retrograde Mercury in Capricorn doesn't provide much inspiration if you're searching for lovely lyrical luminous words that poetically reveals your heart and mind.

In fact, language seems to be somewhat stilted in general. It is not as if you're incapable of communicating a point, it's more as if the words you select don't come off quite as you planned.

What you consider as direct verbiage may be misconstrued as an accusation or command. Even a simple request that you regularly make may be heard as an aggressive order. This planetary period is not conducive to flowery expressive language, so creative writing and song lyrics aren't to be attempted just now.

Your tolerance for idle chatter is also at an all-time low. You would rather get straight to the point, which leaves you little patience for Grandma Betty's long-winded explanation of her quilting strategy.

Make sure to say 'please' and 'thank you' often, however. Avoid controversial subjects and certainly don't initiate new projects. Use this time to check on your financial health. Do home repairs, and reassess career goals you made five years ago. This is a fine time to take catch up on piles of old work.