Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

The retrograde Mercury in Virgo may generate some frustration for you as you charitably give your support and assistance to others in need. Although you may see a lot of obvious solutions that could elude other minds, your insistence to help save the day may be misinterpreted and resented by your recipients.

You could also be resentful of others who try to help you, insisting on solving a problem that you feel only you have the brainpower to solve. During this planetary period, expect to expend a great deal more time deciphering technical issues. Things are not always what they seem.

There tends to be a close-minded response to mental challenges that arise during this time when creativity and openness could actually be of benefit. A stubborn, narrow desire to tackle it all yourself is what makes this planetary influence especially daunting. An effective use of this time would be to revisit old projects that have been on the back burner for a while.

If you've left a software manual half unread, now is the time to wade through remaining chapters. Organize and systematize the clutter off your desk. Be careful with investments, and avoid any new projects.