An astrological report prepared for

Person 1, born May 11, 1977:

Romantic Personality Profile

What Astrology Reveals About How You Love

Discovering exactly what YOU need in a relationship is an essential step on your path to the beautiful and fulfilling relationship you’ve always dreamed of having.

When you know your specific romantic needs, you can make far better choices in how you approach your relationship, helping it evolve and transform into the joyous LOVE you so deeply desire and deserve

Without this important information, you might waste years arguing and crying with your partner, wondering why you just can’t make it seem to work.
But there is no need to go through all that when you don’t have to! Astrology is a powerful tool that can reveal a LOT about your romantic nature

Everyone has different needs when it comes to intimacy and romance in relationships and it’s crucial to learn yours...
  • Do you crave space and freedom or are you happiest when you have a close, intimate connection with your romantic partner?
  • Do you prefer a chatty, flirty lover who will make you laugh and keep your mind occupied or are you attracted to quiet, brooding types who make you work for their attention?
This Romantic Personality Profile will reveal some of the hidden secrets of your romantic nature. By looking at the specific location of the planets on the day you were born, this insightful report will show you exactly what you need in a lover.
Hi, I’m Kelli Fox, a professional accredited astrologer and creator of this personalized Romantic Personality Profile report.

And I want to help you discover how to have much better relationships going forward in your life!

I’ve prepared this powerful tool for you that will help you do exactly that!

Wouldn’t you love to discover hidden parts of your romantic nature that have a profound influence on what YOU bring to the table when you’re involved in a romantic relationship? 
And what particular challenges YOU present as a partner (and how to address those challenges so they don’t hold you back from having the love and happiness you deserve)? 

Your Love Nature

The Romance and Passion Meters read the placement of planets on the day of your birth and reveal the levels of romance and passion you have been gifted with in this lifetime. Now you'll know at a glance whether things will be smooth sailing or an uphill battle when it comes to matters of the heart.

Before you jump in... there's a trick to reading the meters. You might think you want a lot of sweet stuff with the Romance meter, but what you really want is balance.

Just imagine... with ONLY good feelings, pleasant times and nothing to break up the monotony, things would get pretty dull (yawn). And TOO much passion can also ruin a relationship.

Without a little breathing room between fights and lusty encounters, you'd tire your lover out fast! A healthy dose of passion means strong physical attraction plus a good argument every now and then.

One more word of caution before you get started…

Remember, no relationship or person is perfect. Even with what seems like the ideal balance of romance and passion, an affair could turn out to be a total flop. It all truly boils down to our free will.


Nature = 7

7-10 Over-the-top: diamonds and heartfelt declarations

4-6 Indulgent: flowers, chocolates, back rubs

0-3 Thrify: the occasional rose

Nature = 7

7-10: Revved and ready, morning and night.

4-6: Up for it almost anytime

0-3: A bit shy and reserved

Person 1, this Romantic Personality Profile Report WILL SHOW YOU HOW THE FOLLOWING PLANETARY ENERGIES AFFECT YOUR Love Life:


governs your true authentic self and your soul’s journey
reveals the undeniable traits that make you who you are
gives a sense of your individuality, self-dependence, and consciousness


influences how you communicate - both verbally and nonverbally with lovers (and everyone else)
governs how you think and your thought processes
shows how you interact with others, including colleagues, family, and romantic partners


represents how you love yourself and others
reveals the intimate depths of your romantic life
signifies traits you’re attracted to and what attracts others to you


determines your deepest ambitions (including in love)
reveals what truly motivates you in every area of your life
explains your drive and willpower


shapes your most strongly-held beliefs
shows your non-negotiable values in relationships and in life
guides your on your path


teaches you life lessons you came here to learn
illuminates your deepest romantic and life challenges
signifies limitations you must overcome in life and in love
reveals your life and relationship karma


unveils your rebellious side
shows where you want to break the rules
highlights the boundaries you’ll want to push in life and in your relationships


rules your higher-self
signifies your spiritual path
reveals your subconscious mind that’s dying to break through to the surface


reveals your greatest fears
gifts you with the opportunity for massive change
highlights the transformation you’re meant to undergo this lifetime
Keep reading to discover how the placement of the planets on May 11, 1977 has shaped your romantic nature and guided your love life so far…

The Sun: Your Radiant Self

Sun in Taurus

A sensual lover

You're quite a sensual beast, and an affectionate and generous one with the people that you love and trust. After all, you're not indiscriminately generous, but when you know someone truly needs or deserves it, you can be incredibly indulgent. In love, you go all-out to make sure that your sweetie feels pampered and adored. You love to cook for your honey and give them foot rubs, back massages, tasty little sweet treats -- anything to indulge their senses. They're attracted to you for this mile-wide sensual streak; you're a lot of fun both in the kitchen and in the bedroom! And you're rather set in your ways, so you're made for commitment. Once you fall in love, you're in it for the long haul, and you're both strong and practical enough to realize that every relationship will hit some bumps along the road. You're fine with that; so fine, in fact, that you might end up staying in a relationship past its expiration date, purely because you really don't like change -- even good, beneficial change. You're better at perseverance than initiative, so you'll work best with a partner who can provide the energetic boost to the relationship, but lean on you for comfort and support.

Sun opposite Juno

Change your tune

When you're involved with someone special, no matter how well the affair might be going, you're still conscious in the back of your mind of the potential for failure. When you think of two people trying to make a life together, all you can see are the difficulties -- the impossible compromises that have to be made for two people to be able to blend their lives, work as a team and create happiness. At least, it looks impossible from the outside; and you've mostly been on the outside of that equation, no matter how many times you've gotten close or thought you've found the real thing. If you ever wonder why your love affairs never seem to work out the way you want them to, take a look at your own attitudes about love. It's likely that you're getting in your own way, declaring a relationship a failure before you've really put in any time or effort to see if it could be something worth fighting for. If you really want to find a love that lasts, you're going to have to change your tune. Deep down, you're worried that true love will somehow inhibit your independence. But once you do give love a chance, you'll probably find that it's a freeing experience, not a hindrance.

Mercury: Speak from the Heart

Mercury in Taurus

A realistic point of view

You're a practical thinker, more attuned to common sense than flights of fancy. Your down-to-earth nature also influences your decision-making, and in love, that may mean you're more realistic than romantic. Your sweetie might declare their undying devotion to you, but you'll still want to know how they plan to make a living before you're willing to pledge your own devotion in return. Money is a primary concern of yours. It's not so much that you want to have it simply to have it, but more that you're concerned with security, and financial security is right at the top of your list. You don't like to have to worry about where your next bag of groceries is going to come from, so your best life partner will be someone who has a steady, reliable income -- and who won't take advantage of your hardworking nature. You're also attracted to people who think as patiently and practically as you do. People who run off at the mouth, their ideas zinging around and bouncing off each other in a mad mess of vivid chaos, just give you a headache! You'd gladly trade in a bit of excitement for intellectual stability and reliability. You like a lover who can focus on the topic at hand, the way you do.

Mercury opposite Uranus

Swinging like a pendulum

Your close friends know just how strange a conversation with you can be, and your dates and admirers will find out the same thing! You tend to swing back and forth in your perceptions; you have a very fluid and unusual view of the world, and you see no problem with changing your opinion without warning. Except you're also really stubborn, so it can be frustrating to talk to you because whatever your idea du jour might be, you'll stand behind it and defend it as if it were your very personality -- even if, yesterday, you said the exact opposite thing. In romance, your sweetie may not know how to take the things you say, or whether to take you seriously. You're attracted to people who are similar to you, however, in the sense that they have strong ideas. But since you have this tendency to swing back and forth in your own thinking, you may be overly influenced by your sweetie's point of view, at least until someone else comes along with a newer and even more attractive idea! Some stability in your thinking is definitely called for. While flexibility, passion and originality are wonderful traits, they should be tempered with balance.

Mercury square Saturn

A little too serious-minded

You have a strong mind, even unusually so, but it can actually be a hindrance in your romantic relationships. For one thing, you tend to get lost in your ideas. You have incredible powers of focus and concentration, which means hours can go by during which you're immersed in an idea or a pursuit, and completely heedless of the passage of time! You might be late for a date, annoying your sweetie because you didn't keep an eye on the clock; or you might just not make much time in general in your life for dating, because the projects you're pursuing are never-ending. With a mind like yours, you're especially well-suited to a career that involves deep thought and analysis, but those careers -- research, science, academia -- are the very ones that tend to take up your whole life, not leaving a lot of time or room for anything so frivolous as dating. You also might turn off a potential sweetie if you go on and on about your work, not realizing that most of it is going over their head and losing their interest. And you have a way of taking others' stories with a major grain of salt that can make your honey feel as if you're discounting their ideas and experiences.

Venus: The Law of Attraction

Venus in Aries

The difference between love and lust

Love at first sight is more than a possibility for you -- that's the way it happens for you, every single time! For you, there's no limbo period when you wonder how much you really like someone. Instead, it's all or nothing. You can go from feeling tepid about someone to being head-over-heels in love (or is it lust?), in five seconds flat. Your sexual energy runs high as well, and you can be quite aggressive in going after the object of your desires. This is all very exciting, but there's also a downside to this planetary placement. You have the tendency to 'fall in love' before you really know someone -- and definitely before you know what you're getting yourself into. Plenty of times, you'll jump into a relationship headfirst (or heart-first), and then come to hours, days, weeks or months later, wondering, What have I gotten myself into, and who is this person I'm involved with? That accounts for the fact that you fall out of love almost as fast as you fall in. Your affections can seem to turn on and off like a faucet. Some balance would be nice, for both you and your sweetie. Try to recognize the difference between infatuation and real love.

Venus conjunct Mars

In love with love

It's probably rare that you're single, because you live and breathe love and romance. Relationships are second nature to you; you adore all the ins and outs of love. You even appreciate the bittersweet end of an affair! Of course, the exciting, heady rush of the beginning of a new one is way better. This aspect in itself doesn't determine whether your relationships will be happy or troubled ones; it simply denotes a bone-deep interest in love, and an innate passion that will burn within you your whole life. You don't like to stay home alone very often; you're a social creature and you have lots of friends and admirers. You're very popular, the life of the party; anywhere you go, people gather around, wanting to talk and bask in your warm energy! You're very affectionate and charming, and you know how to put people at ease. You also know how to make someone feel like the only other person in the room -- no matter how many attractive people you intend to chat up throughout the evening! Yes, you can be a bit of a player, but it's all in good fun, right? You don't like to get bogged down in love; you like it best when things are new, fresh and exciting.

Venus trine Saturn

Quiet devotion

You express your affections for your sweetie in a quiet way, but a way that is real and devoted. When you're in love, you'll do anything for your honey. You're tremendously devoted to your loved ones in general, friends, family and romantic partners alike. It may take you awhile to get to the point where you really trust someone enough to open up to them romantically, but once you do, you'll put everything you have into the relationship. Now, that being said, you're not one to go overboard in love; you'll commit yourself completely to a lover, but you wouldn't go down with a sinking ship. You know enough to leave a relationship that isn't working out, even if it breaks your heart. But you don't tend to be attracted to unstable people in the first place, so if you get to the point of commitment with someone, it has a great chance of working out long-term. You serve as the rock in your love affairs -- the stable, loyal rock that your lover comes to for strength and comfort. You're grounded and you help to ground your sweetie. You treat them well, with sensitivity and respect, and you expect the same kind of treatment in return.

Venus trine Neptune

Such tender love

In romance, you lead with your heart. That may seem obvious, but not everyone experiences love the way you do -- with such openness and sensitivity, such joy and compassion, or such vulnerability. While other people try to build up walls around their hearts, you're trying to open yours, to experience things even more fully and sweetly. You may believe in destiny, in true love, in fate bringing you together with your sweetie. For that reason, you also lead with your gut; you believe that you'll know it, the moment that you meet the person you're destined to love for the rest of your life. And that may be true. At any rate, such romanticism heightens the sweetness of your love affairs! Just make sure that you don't naively buy into someone's line that's less than heartfelt. As loving and compassionate as you are, you have to make sure that you surround yourself only with people who deserve such tender goodwill -- in short, people who are as spiritually attuned, as loving and generous as you are. Sometimes you can be a little too tolerant of mistreatment, in the name of being sweet and letting your sweetie off the hook.

Venus sextile Jupiter

A favorite among your friends and admirers

You're outgoing, generous and sympathetic, a favorite among your friends and admirers. You always seem to know just what to say, and when; you have an innate sense of how to make someone feel better just when they need a little boost. Your optimism and generosity are infectious, and you know how to brighten the day of almost anyone you come into contact with. For you, a love affair is an opportunity to grow, to learn, to change in a positive way. Even your relationships that have ended were a welcome learning experience for you. You understand that the more you love, the more love comes into your life; that's an important equation, and one that many people seem to miss out on. But you're never miserly with your emotions. You're able to give your friends great advice and support when their relationships end, too, because you have such a philosophical and optimistic view of the human heart. You know that the experience of love enriches you, even if it changes, fizzles or ends badly. When you find a love that lasts, you'll do a lot to keep the relationship running smoothly and happily, and always forward.

Venus opposite Pluto

Don't be threatened by independence

Your love life may have been dissatisfying in the past. You have a big appetite for love, sex and all that comes with those experiences, but somehow, your affairs have either left you wanting or have actually ended badly, with broken hearts and hurt feelings on both sides. You tend to fixate on your lover, erotically as well as emotionally; you obsess over them and their influence on you, and this can be too big a burden for many people to bear. Your lover might pull away from you just to get a break from all that need and desire and possessiveness; just to breathe freely for a little bit! And when your lover pulls away, you become vindictive in response. One way to create more balance in your love life is to learn to let your lover pull away from time to time. This will be a difficult lesson for you, since you feel threatened by the idea that you don't possess or control your sweetie; but you shouldn't possess or control them. Each of us can only control ourselves, and that's something you'll have to learn. But you're certainly up to the task. Love has always been a growth experience for you, even when it's been painful instead of uplifting.

Mars: Lighting Your Fire

Mars in Aries

The direct approach

It's safe to say that you're not generally one for a lot of foreplay -- or, more precisely, your brand of foreplay is of the heady, aggressive variety. Instead of taking the slow approach, easing yourself and your sweetie into things, you go straight for the gold. For you, sex and sensuality are like a game -- one that you really, really want to win! And generally, the object of your desires doesn't stand a chance once you set your sights on them. You see someone you want and you move in on them, like a hunter stalking its prey. This kind of confidence is incredibly attractive to lots of people -- who can resist that kind of charisma? But when your charms fail to work -- when someone holds you off, and you don't get the release you crave -- you can get pretty ticked off about it. When it comes to sex, you would do well to take things down just a notch, at least in the beginning stages. You know the saying, 'You draw more flies with honey than with vinegar'? Well, trying to draw them by stomping your feet and demanding their presence doesn't work too well either! Take a cooler approach, and save all that passion, heat and energy for the act itself. Ooh, la la!

Mars trine Saturn

Calm, focused and confident

You're very accepting in a love affair, and that's one of your gifts that you bring to a relationship. You don't expect your sweetie to be any more or less mature or stable than they are. You tend not to fall for unreliable or moody types, because you're so responsible yourself, but you're also enduring. If you're committed to a lover, you'll do what it takes to make the relationship work, including working around their foibles, whatever they might be. For your part, you're a loyal and dedicated lover who will rarely give your honey any reason to doubt you or your commitment to the bond. You're the rock, the stabilizing influence and the source of motivation to keep things wonderful between you. You have plenty of energy, so when your relationship needs a boost, you're more than willing to take your honey out on the town for a good time. In your search for love, you're optimistic and tireless. Setbacks won't set you back for long, because as long as you have your eyes on the goal -- a long-term, stable, intimate relationship with someone special -- nothing will hold you back. Best of all, you're practical in your pursuit of love; you know that it'll happen when it happens.

Mars trine Neptune

Your self-sacrificing nature

Your friends come to you for advice and sympathy on a regular basis, because you're a wonderful listener who intuits what your loved ones need to hear in order to feel better and live a better life. And your lovers are no different: They appreciate you for your kindness, your compassion, your willingness to jump in and lend them a hand with whatever problem they might be experiencing. And this isn't posturing on your part; you truly do have the inside line into human experience, because of your deep powers of understanding. You understand your own deeper urges, and you know how to control them. In relationships, you're able to be temperate about your anger as well as your sexual passions, and you have an innate sense of both timing and tact when it comes to any type of strong feeling or desire. You enjoy putting your energy to use in helping other people who might not have the optimism and stamina that you have, or the opportunities; just make sure that you channel this interest into a positive arena. Getting involved with someone who has too many emotional problems and trying to 'fix' them with your love wouldn't be a good use of your energy.

Mars sextile Jupiter

Seeking a mind-body connection

Your natural self-confidence is one of your greatest assets in the game of love. You have the feeling that whatever you desire, you can make it happen; and most of the time, you're exactly right. You're appealing to your admirers because of your energy, your good humor and your exuberance. You're compelling to them, like a bright light is to a moth; they want to go bask in your glow! You'll make the best love connection with someone whom you're both physically and intellectually attracted to. If both of those components aren't in place, the relationship will probably fizzle fast, because you have both a strong sex drive and perhaps an even stronger mind. You need to exercise both regularly, and the best way to do that is to let your mind lead your body. In other words, don't get physically involved until you know you've got something to talk about when your pulse rate slows down again! If you can find this kind of partner and settle in for the long haul, you'll find that your love affair is an incredible growth experience. Any life experience that requires you to learn, to expand your mind, to stretch your boundaries, will be a positive one for you.

Mars opposite Pluto

The urge to overpower

You should focus on learning to compromise in relationships, because otherwise you'll have a hard time creating the stable, long-lasting love that you seek. You have such strong passions, both sexual and temperamental, and sometimes you feel utterly in the sway of your urges. When your honey turns you on, you become like a tidal wave of desire, one that overwhelms both of you and creates an intensely passionate experience. But when your honey upsets you, you might lash out at them, berate them, attempt to intimidate them -- any trick or tactic that will put you in a position of power. Relationships aren't supposed to be power plays; they're supposed to be about two equals, working together toward harmony, understanding and sweetness. But you have a hard time remembering that in the heat of the moment, when all you can focus on is the urge to eviscerate your sweetie -- that special person you're supposed to be treating like the loved and cherished influence that they are in your life. Your urges to manipulate and control your honey could ultimately push them away, if you don't learn to tone it down and work with them instead of against them.

Jupiter: Lucky in Love

Jupiter in Gemini

A broad philosophy

You've got a fast-moving mind, one that likes to cover a wide variety of subjects and theories. You can really keep your lover guessing as to where your mind will turn next! You're most attracted to people who don't try to curtail your thought processes -- people who can actually help you expand your theories and take things even further than you could on your own. You tend to get caught up in details, so someone who can bring your ideas out into the open will really blow you away. You can sometimes slip into 'clever mode,' when you're trying a little too hard to impress someone with your sharp wit and intelligence. On a first date, try to tone it down just a little --it would be a shame to turn someone off when what you really wanted to do was gain their admiration! Similarly, you can annoy your friends and loved ones by being a little too liberal with your advice, even the unsolicited variety. On the other hand, your best opportunities in love will be related to knowledge and mental sharpness. You might meet your true love at school, a poetry reading or a bookstore, or in some other venue that encourages freedom of thought.

Jupiter trine Pluto

A deep-level urge for understanding

One of the biggest gifts that you bring to a love affair is your power of inspiration. You're a natural philosopher, a lifelong learner and an optimist at your core, and you inspire everyone around you with your zest for life. You have a deep-level urge to understand yourself, and you can inspire your honey to search their own psyche and become more self-aware. In love, you also want to understand your sweetie as well as yourself, and the inner dynamics of the relationship. You're not one to let problems just simmer at length; you aren't afraid of a little darkness or conflict, and you want to bring your own and your honey's insecurities and other issues to the light, to eradicate them forever. Your relationships can get kind of intense for this reason. Every love affair you've ever had has been a growth experience, and this will remain true for the rest of your life. Whether you go through a series of short, intense affairs or longer, more intimate connections, you'll always take something valuable away with you. And because you're such an optimist, even your larger romantic setbacks won't wound you for long, because you're always looking forward, into the future.

Jupiter sextile Saturn

Putting your back into it

In terms of your career, you've got it down: You're a hard worker; you're practical, serious and industrious; but you've also got the inspiration and creativity it takes to bring something special to your work. But best of all, you can bring all of these strengths to your love life. You're able to be serious about commitment and to treat your lover with the respect they deserve because responsibility is important to you. You don't mind putting hard work into upholding your end of the relationship, because you recognize that your efforts strengthen your bond with that special someone. And you're optimistic about love. Relationships are a learning experience for you; you're not afraid of bumps in the road, because to you, they don't automatically mean the long, slow and painful death of the affair. You're happy to learn a new way of relating with your sweetie, if the way that you're used to relating doesn't work with them. You're confident in your abilities as a long-term partner, because you know the strengths you have to bring to a relationship: your optimism; your discipline; your sense of commitment and responsibility.

Jupiter opposite Neptune

Eyes too big for your heart

You're both kind and generous, but often to a fault. You were probably the type of kid who brought home every stray dog and cat you found, despite the fact that you already had too many at home, needing more individual and focused care than they were getting. That's the way you are in love, too: You have a habit of promising more than you can actually deliver. You jump into relationships heart-first, with high hopes for your future with this new, incredibly special person who sets your heart a-beating and your libido a-jumping. This one, you think, might really be the one! Your optimism is humming on high and everything looks rosy. But then, sooner or later, reality comes crashing in. Lots of times, it's the reality of what you're bringing to the relationship -- or failing to bring -- that ultimately causes the end of things. Maybe you're spending too many evenings per week out partying with friends, and not enough at home, giving your honey a little TLC. Maybe you're actually dating more than one person, when they want a commitment. You tend to overdo it in love; you need to learn to keep your promises to yourself until you're sure that you can keep them.

Saturn: Love's Lessons

Saturn in Leo

Serious about romance

When you're involved in a long-term, romantic affair, you take your duties seriously. You offer your lover loyalty, respect and a healthy dose of romance, and you demand the same in return. You're very happy in a committed love affair as long as you're getting the admiration and appreciation that you want -- but when your lover isn't forthcoming with plenty of props and affection, you can grow quite grumpy. Don't they know what you're putting into the relationship? Don't they realize the lengths that you go to in order to honor your relationship and put it up on a pedestal? They may know, and they may not -- but it also may be true that you're setting a bit too high of a standard. Not everyone has the energy that you do when it comes to romance. Not everyone needs the same reassurances that you do, either, so it's possible that you're putting everything into a relationship when really, that much effort is unnecessary. Seek a lover who understands you, who can read your signals and respond when you're starting to feel underappreciated. A lover who indulges you in this way will help to maintain the balance of your warm and vital bond.

Saturn trine Neptune

Balancing compassion with realism

You bring to your partners a strong, compassionate shoulder to lean on. You have a healthy balance between fantasy and reality, sympathy and self-sufficiency, and that's a real benefit to your relationships. You'll offer your sweetheart both commiseration and advice when times get rough, and you're able to hold a romantic ideal in mind and work hard toward achieving it, while not going overboard -- such as thinking that perfection is actually attainable in love, or that it would even be preferable to the wonderful ups and downs that reality brings. Similarly, you won't be taken in by someone feeding you a line; you can sniff out insincerity a mile away. But when it's the real deal -- when you've found the person you've been looking for all this time, and you've worked hard to create the kind of love you can be proud of -- then you'll let yourself indulge in all the gooey sweetness of romance! It's good to work toward achieving an ideal, as long as you realize that it won't be attainable except in moments; and you do. You recognize the need for hard work and commitment in love, and you'll find a partner who's worth your time and efforts.

Saturn sextile Pluto

Playing for keeps

You're not one to stay in a relationship that isn't going anywhere, or one in which you're being mistreated; you've got too much strength of purpose to do that. Your ideals in love are strong and defined, but you also have a healthy sense of the reality of relationships. You won't allow yourself to be walked all over like a doormat, but you've got the discipline and strength needed to weather through difficult times with your lover. And those hard times will inevitably come, because you're not one to cut and run when the going gets tough. When the time and the person are right, you're willing to make a commitment, and you'll stick with your honey through thick and thin. You do tend to be somewhat cautious in love, which is generally a good thing; it's better to take your time when you're trying to figure out if someone is the right person for you. Once you've gotten to know them well enough to make your choice and your commitment, you're in it for keeps. This quality will really help in your long-term relationships, even if it does make you come across as a bit emotionally reserved -- something a sweet and sympathetic lover can coax you out of.

Saturn square Uranus

Upsetting that apple cart

Your love affairs go in fits and starts, because you're waging an internal battle between respecting the status quo and following the inner urge to upset the apple cart -- just for the sake of, well, upsetting the apple cart! You tend to lack long-lasting discipline in your relationships. You might go along for a while, toeing the line -- and then, all of a sudden, you'll do something to disturb the stability of the affair, because as much as you want a solid love that you can depend on, you also crave freedom. You might start a silly, unnecessary fight, knowing that it will lead to a breakup, or you might suddenly freeze your lover out with disinterest. You might even get involved with someone new, simply to break free of the chafing bonds of commitment. As a result, you may have a series of affairs behind you that ended badly, and no real sense of how to change this pattern in the future. This is, however, something that you can control. You must recognize this urge for freedom, and force yourself to make measured moves, not impulsive ones -- no matter how much you want to shove that apple cart until it falls on its side, apples tumbling everywhere!

Uranus: Your Unique Attraction

Uranus in Scorpio

Intensely sexual

As odd or counterintuitive as it may sound, your intense sexuality could be the undoing of your relationship. But you have deep, strong desires, and you're not one to repress them. When they take hold of you, you want to act on them -- even if you have to do so in a secretive way. And sometimes, acting on your desires, especially secretively, may not be in the best interest of your blossoming or committed love affair. On the other hand, you're very sexually compelling to your lover. You have an innovative mind about new positions to try and new feelings to explore; you like nothing more than to get down and dirty with another person, and find out what it truly is to be human! But this urge to explore 'the dark side' and plumb the depths of your psyche via sexual encounters that lay your soul bare...well, it can get a little too intense at times, for your sweetheart and even for you. On the other hand, intensity, even the disturbing kind, is what you live for, and your strong will can get you through even the darkest moments. And you'll almost certainly come out on the other side with greater self-knowledge of your own truth.

Neptune: Your Rose-Colored Glasses

Neptune in Sagittarius

Strong intuitions

You have a strongly intuitive side, but you often misread your inner compass, and if you act according to your instincts, you might find yourself moving in the entirely wrong direction. When it comes to your instincts, you tend to miss the trees in favor of the forest. That means your 'inner eye' isn't attuned to the important little details, or the subtle variations of whatever feeling you're getting. In a romance, for example, you could get a strong sense that things are off with your partner -- but you'll ignore the specifics about your feeling and end up drawing the totally wrong conclusion about what's going on with your sweetie and why. You're seeking the truth, though, and that's the very reason why you so often misread your own signals -- because the truth is such a broadly varied and changeable concept. And it's wonderful that you shoot for the stars in your quest for the truth. But you should always incorporate all your senses, not just your sixth one. Rely on the combination of your inner feelings plus the facts as you can see and understand them, and you'll steer yourself along a straighter track.

Neptune sextile Pluto

The transcendent experience of love

While you may get involved in a few flings, you're more able than some to transcend your bodily needs for a higher ideal. Sex just for its own sake may not hold a lot of appeal for you unless other aspects indicate it; you'd much rather connect on a physical level with someone with whom you're emotionally bonded with, because that way, the experience is so much more transcendent and important. Sex without love is basically empty, but sex can be an important growth experience when paired up with true intimacy and emotional attachment. You've always understood that, so you tend to look for relationships that really mean something to you rather than pursuing someone who just appeals to you on a physical level. Love, also, is a spiritual experience for you, one that helps you grow hugely as a human being. If you look back over your life, you'll find that your romantic affairs corresponded with periods of intense personal growth and transformation, and it will always be this way for you. So when you're getting involved with someone new, use this truth about yourself as a barometer for whether the relationship is worth pursuing. If there's more there than simple attraction, it probably is.

Pluto: Taking it Deeper

Pluto in Libra

Personal growth through relationship

Love affairs have always been intense for you, because that is one arena that really lets you progress and transform yourself as a person. While other people might do their best internal work on their own, you're all about relationships and the lessons you can glean through being intimately involved with someone. Of course, 'relationship' can also mean the one you share with your therapist; that would be another wonderful way for you to connect more deeply with yourself and grow to understand and nurture yourself. But love affairs for you tend to be intense and symbiotic, and you rarely come out of them unchanged. A harmonious balance between you and your sweetie is one of your highest ideals, and you're willing to go to great lengths to bring that ideal into reality. You'll work hard on a relationship that's important to you, and you can be very introspective in your quest to make the bond the best that it can be. Just remember not to be too hard on yourself -- you're allowed at least a few flaws and idiosyncrasies! -- and not to subvert your own needs and desires in favor of maintaining harmony. With some effort, you should be able to have both.

Next Steps

I hope you have enjoyed the valuable insight, wisdom and guidance of this astrology report. You might be a little curious about astrology and perhaps wondering how an astrologer can know so much about you!

Astrology is a mathematical system. It's all about applying meaning to numbers, or more specifically, finding meaning in the movements of the planets around the Sun, as viewed from our perspective here on earth. These planetary movements are easily captured and recorded with measurements, calculations, angles and so on.

That's why astrology works so well with computers, whose programs are also based on numbers and formulas. In 'the old days' -- thousands of years ago, when astrology was first recorded -- those early astrologers had to painstakingly observe the heavens and catalog their observations for the next generation of astrologers to build upon. Thank goodness for the computer age! Now we can simply use computers to make those calculations quickly and pull just the applicable pieces of information. Now, astrology is instant, based upon thousands of years of observations obtained through careful methodology.

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