An astrological report prepared for

Person 1, born November 16, 1970:

Romantic Personality Profile

What Astrology Reveals About How You Love

Discovering exactly what YOU need in a relationship is an essential step on your path to the beautiful and fulfilling relationship you’ve always dreamed of having.

When you know your specific romantic needs, you can make far better choices in how you approach your relationship, helping it evolve and transform into the joyous LOVE you so deeply desire and deserve

Without this important information, you might waste years arguing and crying with your partner, wondering why you just can’t make it seem to work.
But there is no need to go through all that when you don’t have to! Astrology is a powerful tool that can reveal a LOT about your romantic nature

Everyone has different needs when it comes to intimacy and romance in relationships and it’s crucial to learn yours...
  • Do you crave space and freedom or are you happiest when you have a close, intimate connection with your romantic partner?
  • Do you prefer a chatty, flirty lover who will make you laugh and keep your mind occupied or are you attracted to quiet, brooding types who make you work for their attention?
This Romantic Personality Profile will reveal some of the hidden secrets of your romantic nature. By looking at the specific location of the planets on the day you were born, this insightful report will show you exactly what you need in a lover.
Hi, I’m Kelli Fox, a professional accredited astrologer and creator of this personalized Romantic Personality Profile report.

And I want to help you discover how to have much better relationships going forward in your life!

I’ve prepared this powerful tool for you that will help you do exactly that!

Wouldn’t you love to discover hidden parts of your romantic nature that have a profound influence on what YOU bring to the table when you’re involved in a romantic relationship? 
And what particular challenges YOU present as a partner (and how to address those challenges so they don’t hold you back from having the love and happiness you deserve)? 

Your Love Nature

The Romance and Passion Meters read the placement of planets on the day of your birth and reveal the levels of romance and passion you have been gifted with in this lifetime. Now you'll know at a glance whether things will be smooth sailing or an uphill battle when it comes to matters of the heart.

Before you jump in... there's a trick to reading the meters. You might think you want a lot of sweet stuff with the Romance meter, but what you really want is balance.

Just imagine... with ONLY good feelings, pleasant times and nothing to break up the monotony, things would get pretty dull (yawn). And TOO much passion can also ruin a relationship.

Without a little breathing room between fights and lusty encounters, you'd tire your lover out fast! A healthy dose of passion means strong physical attraction plus a good argument every now and then.

One more word of caution before you get started…

Remember, no relationship or person is perfect. Even with what seems like the ideal balance of romance and passion, an affair could turn out to be a total flop. It all truly boils down to our free will.


Nature = 4

7-10 Over-the-top: diamonds and heartfelt declarations

4-6 Indulgent: flowers, chocolates, back rubs

0-3 Thrify: the occasional rose

Nature = 4

7-10: Revved and ready, morning and night.

4-6: Up for it almost anytime

0-3: A bit shy and reserved

Person 1, this Romantic Personality Profile Report WILL SHOW YOU HOW THE FOLLOWING PLANETARY ENERGIES AFFECT YOUR Love Life:


governs your true authentic self and your soul’s journey
reveals the undeniable traits that make you who you are
gives a sense of your individuality, self-dependence, and consciousness


influences how you communicate - both verbally and nonverbally with lovers (and everyone else)
governs how you think and your thought processes
shows how you interact with others, including colleagues, family, and romantic partners


represents how you love yourself and others
reveals the intimate depths of your romantic life
signifies traits you’re attracted to and what attracts others to you


determines your deepest ambitions (including in love)
reveals what truly motivates you in every area of your life
explains your drive and willpower


shapes your most strongly-held beliefs
shows your non-negotiable values in relationships and in life
guides your on your path


teaches you life lessons you came here to learn
illuminates your deepest romantic and life challenges
signifies limitations you must overcome in life and in love
reveals your life and relationship karma


unveils your rebellious side
shows where you want to break the rules
highlights the boundaries you’ll want to push in life and in your relationships


rules your higher-self
signifies your spiritual path
reveals your subconscious mind that’s dying to break through to the surface


reveals your greatest fears
gifts you with the opportunity for massive change
highlights the transformation you’re meant to undergo this lifetime
Keep reading to discover how the placement of the planets on November 16, 1970 has shaped your romantic nature and guided your love life so far…

The Sun: Your Radiant Self

Sun in Scorpio

A seductive lover

Your sense of your own power is strong, and you definitely know how to use it! You're incredibly charismatic, and you draw lots of admirers into your orbit just by being your intense self. You can be quite seductive when you want to, but you're not just about the physical release of sex; you want your physical connection with your lover to be mind-blowing -- to reach down into the depths of your soul and somehow transform you. You can be very emotionally intense as well, sometimes verging toward the jealous or even vindictive side of things, because when your feelings get hurt, it's strong, and your first thought is strike back. As you get older, you'll learn to keep this impulse in check more and more, but you'll always be strongly emotionally driven, and your primary concern in relationships will always be to make that heart-to-heart connection. A funny thing about you: You want nothing more than to be understood by your sweetie, but you tend to be secretive, preventing them from knowing the real you. Your task, then, is to learn to open up with your intimate partner. Set those secrets free and then bask in the glory of being thoroughly known by your lover.

Sun conjunct Jupiter

Boundless enthusiasm

You're really enthusiastic about everything you do, including dating. This can be a great quality when it comes to your love life, because romantic disappointments don't tend to get you down; after a breakup, you're uniquely able to pick yourself right back up again, dust yourself off and get back into the saddle of love. But on the other hand, you're so enthusiastic, optimistic and excessive in your energies that you can take things too far. You might go out with someone you've never even met before, and end up staying out all night -- and at the end of your epic date, you'll declare yourself head over heels in love, even though in reality, you don't actually know them much better than you did when the night began. Your generosity also might push you to spend way too much just to make your date happy. This irrepressible energy of yours probably gets you into as many scrapes as it helps you out of, and balance is definitely needed. Of course, these qualities make you a really fun date! You want to gobble up life, to experience everything as fully and thoroughly as possible; and if you have a fun, cute companion along for the wild ride, so much the better.

Sun conjunct Neptune

Dreamy visions of love

You're a dreamer and an idealist, and you've got a rosy ideal of the perfect love you're looking for. Poetry and creativity are important aspects of your experience of falling for someone new; for you, it's all about the sense of romance and magic that two people create together. You sense things at a deeper and sweeter level than others, and you connect intuitively with your lovers. Of course, you have a bit of a tendency to wear rose-colored glasses, in love as well as in life; you see what you want to see, which can make things a little sticky in your dating affairs. In a sense, you're not living in the same reality that the rest of us are a part of! But the mundane, day-to-day experience of life can feel like a disappointment to you. You're constantly seeking something higher, some experience that is more profound than the ordinary. For this reason, a real-life, long-term relationship might be difficult for you to achieve, because when you deal with the same person, day in, day out -- even a person you adore -- difficulties and dull days are bound to come up. Things won't always be hearts and flowers. Good thing you're so good at creating a sense of magic!

Sun opposite Juno

Change your tune

When you're involved with someone special, no matter how well the affair might be going, you're still conscious in the back of your mind of the potential for failure. When you think of two people trying to make a life together, all you can see are the difficulties -- the impossible compromises that have to be made for two people to be able to blend their lives, work as a team and create happiness. At least, it looks impossible from the outside; and you've mostly been on the outside of that equation, no matter how many times you've gotten close or thought you've found the real thing. If you ever wonder why your love affairs never seem to work out the way you want them to, take a look at your own attitudes about love. It's likely that you're getting in your own way, declaring a relationship a failure before you've really put in any time or effort to see if it could be something worth fighting for. If you really want to find a love that lasts, you're going to have to change your tune. Deep down, you're worried that true love will somehow inhibit your independence. But once you do give love a chance, you'll probably find that it's a freeing experience, not a hindrance.

Sun sextile Pluto

Intense affairs

You want to gain knowledge through life and experience, to grow to understand yourself better and better throughout the course of your life. That urge within you can influence your romantic relationships in some really positive ways. Your lovers and admirers look up to you as a source of inspiration. They see the way that you live in the world, with such energy and will and proactive power, and they want to incorporate that energy into their own life. To them, you're like a strong, clean light, a natural force of positive change -- a true example to follow! You hold a magnetic attraction for them; they see you as a spot of intensity in an otherwise mundane and confusing world. You also tend to have incredibly intense sexual connections with your lovers, as sex is yet another way for you to connect with another being and begin to heal and transform yourself. For all of these reasons, your romantic relationships will be powerful and life-changing for both you and your partner. It's unlikely that you'll stay in a purely frivolous, superficial affair for long, because if you don't feel like you're getting anything out of the relationship, it will feel like a waste of time.

Sun opposite Saturn

Bearing a heavy burden

Finding lasting love may be difficult because you feel like the structure of your life won't allow it. You just have so many responsibilities, at work and at home; you may feel like you work really hard for not much gain. You may truly be working under adverse conditions; taking care of your family can sometimes be a tough job, for example, as can the long, slow process of working your way up the ladder in your field, trying to reach success. But part of your problem with reaching success lies in your innate dislike and distrust of authority figures. You really don't like being told what to do or how to do it, so you may have slowed down your own career path by being needlessly confrontational with higher-ups. These pressures in themselves can negatively affect your love life; if you're putting all your energy into taking care of things at home or trying to get ahead at work, you don't have much left over for dating. But you also may come across to your dates as reserved, aloof or even unfriendly. Your need to always be right can also turn off that special someone before they get to know your better qualities.

Mercury: Speak from the Heart

Mercury in Sagittarius

A big-picture view

You're honest, direct and generally fair-minded -- which means that while your intentions are good, you can sometimes hurt your sweetie's feelings without meaning to. Your dedication to the truth, after all, can translate to being a bit tactless. Your honey probably doesn't need to know that no, that outfit isn't the most flattering one they own; they just need to know that you love them no matter what they're wearing! You also could get into arguments with your sweetie that mystify you: They'll be upset that you don't understand them, and you'll be confused, because you thought you understood them very well. If this happens repeatedly, take it as a sign that you're not seeing the whole picture that they're trying to show you, because you do have a tendency to skip over details in favor of the big picture. You're often most interested in the principle of the thing, and that can apply to your lover. You know they're an intelligent person, a strong and sweet person, and that's enough for you. But if they start to get annoyed with you for failing to look deeper into the nuances of their character, perhaps it's time to take a more considered look.

Mercury conjunct Neptune

A true romantic

In love, you're one to write romantic poetry for the object of your affections, because you're better with abstract, artistic communication than you are with straightforward declarations of your feelings or your needs. And where's the fun in being straightforward? Love itself is abstract, and so is romance; and you love playing around with both, with all the creative possibilities therein. You treat your sweetie to the real deal -- love vibes that run deep and strong. You tend to connect psychically with a lover; you'll think of them and just then they'll call, or you'll intuit their feelings before they even tell you what's on their mind. These are wonderful gifts to bring to a relationship, but make sure that you're reading the signals correctly. Even thought verbal communication isn't always your strong point, you should ask your sweetie what they're thinking or feeling instead of making assumptions. Plenty of times, your perceptions aren't clear, and you can jump to the wrong conclusion about a situation. Furthermore, you can be overly idealistic when in love, which makes you overlook details that you might otherwise have picked up on.

Venus: The Law of Attraction

Venus in Scorpio

Magnetically seductive

Your passions run strong and deep in love. You're the type who can love your sweetie down to the depths of your soul, but if they hurt you or break your heart, you'll hate them just as passionately as you adored them. You rarely do things halfway in love affairs, and you always lead with your heart. This can get you into trouble, for example, when your sweetie inadvertently steps on your toes and you lash out at them, wanting only to hurt them back -- in that moment. But a moment later, when you've calmed down enough to see that they didn't mean whatever it was that so got under your skin in the first place, you have to soothe their now-hurt feelings and make things better again. Good thing you're so magnetic! A relationship with you can be a bit like an emotional roller coaster ride -- up, down, always intense -- but you live for those addictive highs and lows. A strong emotional connection is extremely important to you, as is an equally strong sexual one. In fact, you tend to use your sexuality to both form and test that emotional connection. When it comes to arguments with your sweetie, you really like the part where you get to kiss and make up.

Venus retrograde

Wait for what you want

You have a hard time with silly, meaningless pursuits like small talk on a date or flirtation at the grocery checkout counter. While other people seem to derive a lot of pleasure out of interactions like these, for you, they're annoying time-fillers, and there are a lot of other, deeper matters you'd prefer to talk about. This sense of yours -- that flirting, coyness, murmured sweet nothings and so on are basically a waste of time -- may have set you apart in the dating scene, because what is dating if not a coquettish dance of attraction that's basically surface-level? But you know there's something deeper and more important than that -- you can just feel it. And if you don't mind waiting (and probably going through periods of loneliness and celibacy as a result), you'll find the love you're looking for, with someone as serious and deeply focused as you are. When that happens, you can skip all the small talk and the meaningless flirtation and get to the good stuff, the important matters underneath: Who are you, how do you see the world and what are you all about? But until then, you could be rather lonely and alone.

Venus conjunct Jupiter

An incurable romantic

You're a true romantic. You have an enormous heart, and you see no reason to hold back from enthusiastically heaping love and adoration on anyone you deem deserving -- which can include your friends, your family, your date, your dog, the stray kitty down the street... You have a heart that's brimming and even overflowing with love and generosity, and your main challenge in life is figuring out what to do with it all! You're an incurable optimist as well, and you infect everyone around you with your sense of the world as a benevolent place. You're very popular and well-loved; everyone likes to be around someone as positive and generous as you are. When you're out on a date with someone special, you're likely to treat them to an excellent, lavish meal and anything else they want -- all on your tab -- because you so want them to enjoy themselves, and your company. Just remember, you don't have to buy anyone's affection. Some restraint is often in order, especially if you're lavishing your generosity on someone you don't know well, who may turn out later not to be worthy. But telling you to hold back is like telling the sun not to shine -- impossible!

Venus opposite Juno

Finding a balance in love

You have a hard time making love last, even though you want it to -- you even yearn for it. But every time you get into a relationship that even nears commitment, either you or they misbehave, and suddenly, it doesn't seem worth the trouble anymore. Why is it that you can't seem to make it happen? Something in the way you treat your lovers makes commitment impossible, even though you certainly don't mean it to be that way. You just want to give and receive affection and kindness, but it never seems to stay that simple. Part of the problem is that, without realizing it, you tend to be selfish in your love affairs. You have so many needs and desires waiting to be filled that you get pretty insistent about them, and you might completely ignore your sweetie in your drive to have your own needs met. Another of your misbehaviors that tends to preclude a lasting commitment is possessiveness; you may cling to your lover too tightly, trying to control their every move -- and making them just want to get away. You'll have to bring your actions more closely in line with your desire for love if you want to make it last long-term.

Venus opposite Saturn

You deserve love

You crave intimacy, but you just don't know how to make it happen. Looking back over your past romantic experiences, it may look like one bad decision after another; you left good relationships, stayed in bad ones for too long and never quite figured out how to make love happen in a natural, spontaneous and satisfying way. It might be that you've never had a good model of functional, stable love in your life, but whatever the reason, the experience of love is, for you, a complicated and even painful one. Your tendency is to get involved with people who criticize you and try to control your feelings and actions. A little help from your friends might be helpful; when your closest pals have reservations about the new person you're getting involved with, heed their misgivings. Your friends won't always be right, but they're more objective about your relationships than you are, and they want to help you head off romantic disaster before it occurs. Another method is to try to be less scared of failure. Making mistakes in love is okay, as long as you can learn from them, sooner or later. Remember that you deserve to be loved, thoroughly and unconditionally.

Mars: Lighting Your Fire

Mars in Libra

In it for the romance

You're definitely happiest in a relationship. When you're alone, you might feel as if you just can't get things done or express yourself in the way you'd like; you work best when you have someone there with you, to bounce ideas off of and to help you find your direction. And everything you get out of this kind of mutually dependent relationship, you give back in spades. In the bedroom, you're a tender, attentive lover. You're not happy unless your sweetie is satisfied, and you'll go to great lengths to make sure they feel pampered like royalty. You tend to be more about the romance of the moment than the sexual act itself, so you're big on foreplay -- including sensual massages, long gazes deep into each other's eyes, tender kisses and whispered words of affection. You can't stand a harsh touch in bed; you much prefer a lover who is as tender and refined as you are, and who leans way more toward the romantic than the crass or animalistic side of things. You love receiving pleasure almost as much as you love giving it, so seek a lover who is as indulgent as you are. And then turn off the phones and lock the doors, because you'll probably be busy for quite a while!

Mars conjunct Uranus

Always the iconoclast

Anyone who goes out on a date with you is in for a surprise; the only question is, what kind! You're nothing if not unexpected, in your behavior, your opinions, your tastes and so on. In fact, sometimes you take the opposing viewpoint just to be different. On dates with someone new, this can make the wrong impression if you accidentally come across as argumentative. You're going for iconoclastic, but you like playing the devil's advocate, and sometimes you can push things too far and really get under other people's skin. Some people will be turned off by this tendency of yours, but others will find it very exciting. You just have an electric air of energy around you, as if anything could happen. And with you, it often does. Your relationships may not last long; you insist on freedom, and that put together with your tendency to provoke your sweetie can bring things to a premature end. If you do want to find a stable, lasting love, it will have to be with someone who can handle everything you dish out -- and who can keep things interesting by serving it back up to you; someone who gives you the independence you need to feel comfortable.

Jupiter: Lucky in Love

Jupiter in Scorpio

Black-and-white values

In terms of personal beliefs, your strength is the same as your weakness: You're very rigid about the things you believe in. For you, there's no such thing as a gray area; you live by your values. But intimate relationships depend on the ability to blend your life and beliefs with someone else's; to share and cooperate, and sometimes compromise or meet the other person halfway. Your inflexibility on the issues that matter to you can make you rather difficult to get along with in a love affair, especially if you and your sweetie are very different. One solution would be to find a lover who is similar to you on all the important points, but that wouldn't be stretching yourself much, now would it? And life is all about growth, expanding your horizons, putting yourself in uncomfortable situations and learning from the experience. So a better solution would be not to look for a lover who's similar to you. It's far more likely that you'll fall for someone who pushes all your buttons and challenges all your boundaries. Love has a funny way of doing that to us. When it happens to you, embrace it. You'll surely learn a thing or two, and that's a good thing!

Jupiter opposite Juno

Let go of your fear

You want to find true, lasting love -- the stable, committed relationship you've always dreamed of. But you also want to 'sow your wild oats,' or maybe it isn't even that straightforward. Perhaps whatever it is that holds you back from a comfortable commitment with someone special is more abstract than that; maybe, deep down in your soul, you want some kind of intellectual freedom that you're afraid you can't have in a relationship. Your theories on life, after all, are very important to you -- as is your right and ability to philosophize. If you've ever been romantically involved with someone who wasn't interested in your theorizing, the experience might have left a bad taste in your mouth. You may think that falling in love for the long term will necessarily mean an end to all your spiritual questing, but it doesn't have to be that way. You could find a partner who was interested in traveling those paths with you -- even if it meant that, at times, you weren't together in the same place. But that's easier said than done, of course; and your first step toward finding that expansive love is letting go of your own fear that commitment will curb your freedom.

Jupiter opposite Saturn

Swinging back and forth

You have a hard time reaching goals that you set for yourself, because you swing back and forth between grand visions of the future and a pessimistic sense of your own limitations. In terms of love, this can make dating and relationships difficult. For one thing, you have a hard time keeping a commitment to a lover, because though you have all kinds of good intentions in the beginning of the affair that you feel just certain you'll be able to keep, you inevitably end up feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of what you've taken on. You lack a balanced sense of perspective, so thinking about your future or your goals is either a confidence-boosting experience or one that makes you feel depressed. Thus, you have issues with dependence; you'll send out all the right signals to get closer with that special someone, but then at the last minute, you'll pull away, suddenly feeling restless and put-upon. You have a hard time choosing whether to be cautious in your affections or as open and free as you sometimes feel. Needless to say, some sense of balance would really help! You should strive to incorporate the two extremes instead of swinging back and forth between them.

Saturn: Love's Lessons

Saturn in Taurus

Commitment is your middle name

When it comes to love, you're either serious about it or you're not in the game. Casual affairs don't come naturally to you; you're much more about steady affection and quiet, rock-solid commitment. In relationships, you serve as that rock -- you provide support for your sweetie, sometimes financial, other times just emotional. You really want them to know that you're there for them no matter what happens. And that's both your strength in love and your occasional downfall, because your natural urge to commit, to stick grimly with it through thick and thin, can mean that you stay in a relationship long past when you should have just cut and run. Furthermore, while you're so steady and committed in your heart, you often forget to reassure your sweetie of that fact, or to back it up with simple affection. For you, love is a serious matter, not a playful one -- and because of this, you could inadvertently starve your honey of the adoration that they crave. You also open yourself up to heartbreak by being so serious about things. Not everyone has the steadfastness that you do, so choose carefully when you're seeking a long-term lover.

Saturn conjunct Juno

Attracted to stability

When it comes to relationships, you're interested in stability. Short-term flings may be fun in the meantime, but when you're looking for the real deal -- that love affair that's going to last for years, deepening into something you can lean on for strength and support -- you're attracted to a certain sober quality. You might fall for someone older than you, or more experienced -- someone who's been around enough to know how serious relationships are, and who knows how to treat you and the bond between you with the proper respect. You probably won't try to make things last long-term with someone who demonstrates too much instability. Someone who isn't careful with their money, for example, or whose idea of fun includes going out and painting the town all shades of red every night might be fun in the moment, but would probably be too much for you to handle in the long run. You're willing to trade in a little excitement for some good, solid dependability. Someone who calls when they say they'll call, who pays their bills in full on time, who has a serious and realistic view of life and love -- now, that's someone you could really fall in love with.

Uranus: Your Unique Attraction

Uranus in Libra

Commitment and independence

You can have a hard time with committed relationships. In your heart, you're singing, 'I just gotta be free' even as you're professing your love to your sweetheart. Now, your love is true; it's just the commitment thing that alarms you, and makes you want to run in the opposite direction. You're quite independent, and you might feel, deep down in your soul, that no one could ever understand or accept this about you. Finding that long-term relationship in which you can be comfortable might just be a matter of giving that special someone a chance, because freedom within a relationship probably isn't as difficult to attain as you might think. But knowing that logically is different from believing it down in your soul, so you may find yourself faced with the prospect of a committed relationship with a wonderful person that you love...and instead of feeling happy at the prospect, you're breaking out in hives at the idea that your freedom is about to be cut off like the split ends in your hair. Your best bet? Talk openly with your sweetie about your concerns. You'll probably find that they're a lot more amenable to your freedom and independence than you think they'll be.

Neptune: Your Rose-Colored Glasses

Neptune in Sagittarius

Strong intuitions

You have a strongly intuitive side, but you often misread your inner compass, and if you act according to your instincts, you might find yourself moving in the entirely wrong direction. When it comes to your instincts, you tend to miss the trees in favor of the forest. That means your 'inner eye' isn't attuned to the important little details, or the subtle variations of whatever feeling you're getting. In a romance, for example, you could get a strong sense that things are off with your partner -- but you'll ignore the specifics about your feeling and end up drawing the totally wrong conclusion about what's going on with your sweetie and why. You're seeking the truth, though, and that's the very reason why you so often misread your own signals -- because the truth is such a broadly varied and changeable concept. And it's wonderful that you shoot for the stars in your quest for the truth. But you should always incorporate all your senses, not just your sixth one. Rely on the combination of your inner feelings plus the facts as you can see and understand them, and you'll steer yourself along a straighter track.

Neptune opposite Juno

Lower your expectations

Spirituality and spiritual love are important to you, but it might feel like every time you think you've found someone to love, it turns out that they're actually standing in the way of your spiritual pursuits. You want to experience the magic and mystery of love, but instead, every time you come close, something happens to leave you feeling disillusioned. What's the deal? One strong possibility is that your fantasies and expectations of love are just unrealistic. Yes, love can and should be a transcendent experience -- in moments; but it can't be that way all the time. Plenty of times, in fact, it's just ordinary; mundane, everyday problems crop up and you have to deal with them... It's no wonder you escape to fantasy so often! But if you're misleading yourself about the possibilities of love, you're just setting yourself up for failure in the end. You would do better to accept the fact that love will uplift you from time to time, but in those in-between moments, it's up to you to push through to the next high. And if you think you've found wonderful, intense, lasting love but those highs never seem to come, it may be time to face the truth and move on.

Neptune sextile Pluto

The transcendent experience of love

While you may get involved in a few flings, you're more able than some to transcend your bodily needs for a higher ideal. Sex just for its own sake may not hold a lot of appeal for you unless other aspects indicate it; you'd much rather connect on a physical level with someone with whom you're emotionally bonded with, because that way, the experience is so much more transcendent and important. Sex without love is basically empty, but sex can be an important growth experience when paired up with true intimacy and emotional attachment. You've always understood that, so you tend to look for relationships that really mean something to you rather than pursuing someone who just appeals to you on a physical level. Love, also, is a spiritual experience for you, one that helps you grow hugely as a human being. If you look back over your life, you'll find that your romantic affairs corresponded with periods of intense personal growth and transformation, and it will always be this way for you. So when you're getting involved with someone new, use this truth about yourself as a barometer for whether the relationship is worth pursuing. If there's more there than simple attraction, it probably is.

Pluto: Taking it Deeper

Pluto in Virgo

Go easy on yourself

You're quite strict with yourself when it comes to physical and mental health -- or, if you're not, deep down you wish that you were. You firmly believe in self-analysis and you hold your mind and body to strict standards of functionality. In a love affair, you can't stand it when your lover fails to exercise on a regular basis, eats too much fast food or isn't as hygienic as you'd like. These things turn you off in a big way, because they represent something that you abhor: general slothfulness and the gradual decline of the body and mind. You know that these can be avoided with constant and rigorous upkeep, but do remember that not everyone has your discipline -- including, perhaps, you. You might hold everyone to strict standards but fail to live up to them yourself. Don't be so hard on everyone all the time! Let your lover be the person they are, whatever that may be; and give yourself a break from time to time, too. It's okay to skip a workout, indulge in a high-calorie treat from time to time, or lie around in front of the TV every now and again. And if you stop subjecting your every emotional response to intense scrutiny, you can actually build the authenticity of your emotions.

Next Steps

I hope you have enjoyed the valuable insight, wisdom and guidance of this astrology report. You might be a little curious about astrology and perhaps wondering how an astrologer can know so much about you!

Astrology is a mathematical system. It's all about applying meaning to numbers, or more specifically, finding meaning in the movements of the planets around the Sun, as viewed from our perspective here on earth. These planetary movements are easily captured and recorded with measurements, calculations, angles and so on.

That's why astrology works so well with computers, whose programs are also based on numbers and formulas. In 'the old days' -- thousands of years ago, when astrology was first recorded -- those early astrologers had to painstakingly observe the heavens and catalog their observations for the next generation of astrologers to build upon. Thank goodness for the computer age! Now we can simply use computers to make those calculations quickly and pull just the applicable pieces of information. Now, astrology is instant, based upon thousands of years of observations obtained through careful methodology.

Interpretations of planetary positions are based in part on ancient Greek and Roman mythology, but your astrological report is unique, describing you and you only. Even in the case of twin siblings, their birth charts differ from each other's in at least a few ways. And besides, no one amounts to just a simple interpretation of their birth chart; everyone's personality is complex. Your astrological report leaves plenty of room for variations based on your free will, personal growth and transformation over a lifetime.

Just like you, your astrological report is unique. It’s generated online in seconds and provides you with instant insight at your fingertips. Whether you have a pressing question about your future or you just want some guidance and direction, now you can have it all -- in a fast, focused, all-about-you format.

You can choose from several different types to find the report that's right for you and your needs. Your natal report is all about you -- your unique characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, potential and so on. Compatibility reports analyze the connections between two different people, to see how well and in what ways they get along. And a forecast is based on where the planets are today and how they're affecting you, uniquely. Be sure to try a free sample of another report to find out more about you!

Continue your personal evolution with another Kelli Fox Astrology report!

I’m so glad to be a part of your journey to self-discovery and alignment with your planetary destiny. Please let me know if you have any questions about this product or your next steps.

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