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Kim Kardashian, born October 21, 1980:

Romantic Forecast

Navigate Your Way to the Relationship of Your Dreams

Sometimes love seems to just fall into your lap, just as easy as saying hello; other times, no matter how much you want to connect with that special someone, you just can’t seem to make it happen. You’re too busy to make time for love at that point in your life, or they’re already involved with someone else -- and that’s the very definition of bad timing.

Ever wish you knew the right time to ask someone out, or to tell them you love them? If you could just pick the perfect moment to open that door and drop that bombshell -- if only you could have some kind of guarantee that the experience would go as smoothly as possible, with the exact outcome you were hoping for.
Well, astrology can’t offer any guarantees, but it can highlight the best times to reach out to someone new and cute, cement the deal with someone you love or break it off if you’re just not connecting.

And it can also highlight the days when you’re better off staying home, catching some me-time. Whatever your impulse might be, check your transits to see if the stars are behind you.
Hi, I’m Kelli Fox, a professional accredited astrologer and creator of this personalized Romantic Forecast report.

And I want to help you discover the most powerful windows of opportunity for romance.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to discover which days are the most opportune for romance?

And which days are probably not the best for a first date or important relationship discussions?
This Romantic Forecast gives you that exact information so you can have a far better chance of meeting your soulmate and beginning the relationship of your dreams or improving the relationship you are in.

What Does Your Future Hold for Love & Relationships?

Love, for many of us, is a tricky, yet ever so rewarding road. Who doesn’t love to be loved and adored? Discover what the Stars say for your Love Life in the near future, revealing the six most important categories when it comes to Love:

  • Your Heart-Soul Growth
  • How you Think & Talk Romantically
  • Your Love & Affection Forecast
  • Your Passionate Desires
  • Where and How you’re going to get Lucky in Love
  • What your Love Lessons are and your potential for Relationship Longevity!

An easy-to-read Bar Graph is a quick explainer showing which of these categories are more highlighted over this period, and the meatier, in-depth Romantic Forecast helps you explore all of these in great detail – letting you live your best (love) life!

Using Astrology to help guide your Love Life is an ancient practice in many old cultures, helping to determine the absolute best time to date, marry, start a family, and so much more! So why not use this insightful art to help you make the best of your love potential?

Astrology helps to make anxious times less stressful by knowing which areas can support and boost you and showing you a clear view of the future so you can relax and go with the flow. Using Astrology to enrich your romance is an empowering way to take control of your love life, and to help you and your sweetheart make the best of the best times and see you through the hard periods. And if you’re single, the Personal Romantic Forecast Calculators can be helpful to see if love is about to come into your life!

So, go ahead and dive deep and enjoy your Romantic Forecast Calculators, letting the Stars and Planets be your guiding lights when it comes to Love and Romance!

Your Heart-Soul Growth - The Sun Influences

The Sun in Astrology is about the core of who you are. It’s your personality including your outlook and the opportunities you will attract during this time period. When you are at your best you can attract just about anything or anyone. Just as the Sun is the center of our solar system, it’s also the center of you, that inner fire and the vital energy that runs through you your whole life.... Read more

8-10 You're manifesting like magic
4-7 Focus on your goals - almost there
0-3 Keep smiling, there's more work to be done

Pillow Talk - Mercury Influences

This bar graph is based on how you’ll express yourself, be heard by others and how well you will listen during this time period. Mercury is the planet that is connected to your thought processes, your sense of logic, your intellectual ideas and the way you get those ideas, thoughts and feelings out into the world. If your Mercury bar graph is long then others will be receptive to... Read more

8-10 Your words are like music to someone's ears
4-7 Say what's on your mind as people are listening
0-3 Time for a brief pause while you gather your thoughts

Your Love and Attraction Factor - Venus Influences

This bar graph, based on the connections Venus is making to your natal planets at this time is all about love, attraction and romance. It shows how you will connect with others at a heart level and how attractive you are at this time. The energy of Venus is sweet, pleasurable and harmonious. This planet is not just connected to love and dating but friendships, partnerships... Read more

8-10 You're oozing with charm
4-7 Fun and flirtatious
0-3 Sweet as candy

Your Passionate Desires - Mars Influences

Your passionate desires, sex appeal and carnal appetites are based on Mars. This planet is all about your drive, energy and motivation. Mars rules passion and pleasure so your sex drive as well as your propensity to compete and succeed all fall with the realm of Mars. It affects your attitude towards dating, mating and relating and whether you’re going to be feeling revved up... Read more

8-10 You're too hot to handle
4-7 Tension breeds attraction
0-3 Spooning is sexy

Lucky in Love - Jupiter Influences

In this bar graph, how lucky you are in love is influenced by the planet Jupiter. This is a planet that brings luck, advantages and opportunities in all areas of your life. Sometimes, it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time to meet that special someone or if you’re coupled, it’s all about feeling hopeful and optimistic about where your relationship is headed... Read more

8-10 Luck is on your side
4-7 Your positive attitude makes a difference
0-3 Focus on what's right in front of you

Your Love Lessons - Saturn Influences

Saturn is the planet of karma. This bar graph indicates your life lessons, obligations and responsibilities you have during this time period. Saturn is linked to your conscience and commitments but it’s also linked to rewards and accolades. It’s about reaping what you sew and if you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves and to do the hard work then the benefits will manifest.... Read more

8-10 Keep going and stay focused on the end goal
4-7 You're headed in the right direction
0-3 Enjoy this time of reprieve

Kim Kardashian, here is your Romantic Forecast report


governs your true authentic self and your soul’s journey
reveals the undeniable traits that make you who you are
gives a sense of your individuality, self-dependence, and consciousness


influences how you communicate - both verbally and nonverbally
governs how you think and your thought processes
shows how you interact with others, including colleagues, family, and romantic partners


represents how you love yourself and others
reveals the intimate depths of your private life
signifies traits you’re attracted to and what attracts others to you


determines your deepest ambitions
reveals what truly motivates you in all areas of your life
explains your drive and willpower


shapes your most strongly-held beliefs
shows your non-negotiable values
guides you on your path


teaches you life lessons you came here to learn
illuminates your deepest challenges
signifies limitations you must overcome in life
reveals your karma


unveils your rebellious side
shows where you want to break the rules
highlights the boundaries you’ll want to push


rules your higher-self
signifies your spiritual path
reveals your subconscious mind that’s dying to break through to the surface


reveals your greatest fears
gifts you with the opportunity for massive change
highlights the transformation you’re meant to undergo this lifetime
Keep reading to see how the current planetary transits are affecting your love life and the best times begin (or rekindle) romance...

Your Strengths

Neptune trine Uranus

Love in unusual places

Keep your eye out for love in unusual places during this two-year transit. You're very interested in humanitarian efforts now, and could meet someone special while volunteering at a homeless shelter or helping to build houses for people in need. These will be the kind of concerns that dominate your mind during this period, as well as larger questions of life, the universe and a greater spirituality. You'll be drawn to anyone who seems to be on the same path as you, and the perfect date during this time could involve staying up late, talking about everything that comes into your heads and brainstorming ideas for making the world a better place to live in. Anyone you fall for at this time will be someone who increases your sense of hope for the world, your determination to do something meaningful in your life. Your best partner in love will also be a partner in life -- someone whose larger, deeper, more spiritual interests coincide with yours. That makes this transit an optimal time for finding true love, especially if other concurrent transits focus on romance and commitment. A meaningful connection is waiting for you.

Mercury trine Saturn

Looking for love in all the right places

You could make a good, solid romantic connection during this period. Not a wild and exciting one, no; but solid and stable are more important for the long-term than excitement, which comes and goes in fits and starts. During this two-week period, you're focused on what's good for you and what you're looking for in love, and you're practical enough about it that you won't waste time looking for love in any of the wrong places. Sure, your dates during this time might feel more like interviews in certain moments, when you're asking a potential sweetie serious questions about their values, their needs and their expectations; but what better way to get at the truth? If you're attracted to someone special during this period, chances are good that they're worth your time. You'll come across to them as maybe a bit quiet or reserved, but intelligent and focused, disciplined and well-organized. If you go out with someone who doesn't fit your idea of your usual 'type,' do give them a chance. You're not exactly open to anything new and unusual now, and it would be a shame to pass someone up just because they didn't look or behave quite how you thought they should.

Mercury trine Jupiter

Enjoy yourself

You've got a great attitude during this transit for dating and finding love. You're feeling optimistic about the future, and confident in your abilities to attract someone special -- as well you should. You're charming and funny now, talkative and expressive, and your natural intelligence is easily conveyed. You might even be feeling so on a high that you'll feel a bit intellectually superior to the people around you -- but don't let yourself fall into that trap. This is too nice of an influence to waste it on feelings of superiority. After all, you're smart, but you don't know all there is to know about the world. Getting to know someone special will take you a step closer to that knowledge, however! Reach out to someone who seems unique and unusual; your mind will be blown by their perspective on life. You're very communicative at this time, able to reach people at a deep level, so you'll be able to make this person feel seen and heard in a way that's pleasurable to both of you. Most of all, during this period, have fun! You're tuned in to the best parts of life, so enjoy yourself.

Pluto trine Jupiter

A really good time

You should have a really good time with dating lots of different, interesting people during this two-to-three-year transit. You'll find that your potential sweeties treat you with generosity, and you'll do the same; you want everyone around you to have as much fun as you're having, so you'll treat them to dinner, dancing, sweet and spontaneous gifts and more. Best of all, you'll make changes in your love life to get your romantic interactions more in line with your ideals. For one thing, now you can make your love life more exciting. Forget traditional dates like dinner, chitchat, maybe a romantic comedy followed by coffee and more conversation... You want to switch it up in a big way! You're in the mood for excitement, and you know just how to find it. You won't want to stay long with anyone who can't match your taste for fun, but you won't break off the relationship in an upsetting way. While you're in the mood for fun, you're still able to be sensitive to others' feelings and needs, and you're not likely to make anyone feel bad at this time. In fact, you're much more likely to coax someone out of their shell than you are to drop them as soon as you find out how shy they really are.

Sun trine Saturn

Being yourself, naturally

Anyone you get involved with at this time will give you a lot of respect, because right now, you command it. Not in a forceful or overbearing way, either; you're just being yourself, and you're coming across to the world as a mature, authoritative and sophisticated person, someone to be reckoned with. Obviously, if you get to know someone new at this time, they'll be very impressed with you! Even the smallest details will make a great impression: You'll show up on time to meet your date; you won't interrupt them during conversation or try too hard to wow them with how smart or cool or attractive you are. You won't need to; you'll just be yourself, natural and confident, and that will be plenty. You're also good at setting boundaries during this transit, so if someone is coming on too strong or making you uncomfortable, you'll be able to get out of the situation easily and gracefully. You might look at this period of a couple of weeks as a great time to get your dating life in order. Make contact with new people, and don't bother to push a connection if it doesn't feel like a sure thing. Your instincts are well-focused now, and you can trust them.

Mars trine Mars

Going for the gold

You're willing to go after the object of your desires in a focused and assertive way, but you won't get too aggressive and push away that special someone. During this three-week transit, you're feeling energetic, in tune with what you want and who you're attracted to, but you're still mindful of boundaries and limits. You're not going to come on too strong -- just strong enough! If you want to let someone know you're into them, that's great, because it will probably have a good outcome. Even if nothing happens between you and this person immediately, you can rest easy knowing that you've laid a great foundation for a relationship in the future. After all, timing is a big part of successful relationships, and just because you're in the right frame of mind to get something going, it doesn't mean your potential sweetie is equally ready and willing. But who knows? You could express your attraction now and they'll take you up on the offer sometime in the near future. You just never know, and right now, that's fine with you. But chances are good that if you go for someone now, they'll go for you too. So make it happen.

Sun trine Pluto

Fresh eyes

If you make contact with someone new during this period or go out on a date, you can feel reasonably certain that this person is worth your time. You're in a frame of mind now to attract intense, honest, deep people and experiences, and you won't settle for light chitchat when getting to know someone. You'll want to dig deep and talk about the things that really matter to you -- life, death, anxiety, love, pain. You'll really impress your potential partner with your intelligence, your perceptiveness and your ability to get real, fast. You're in the mood to transform yourself -- to move to a higher level of personhood -- and you can do it through intense conversation: with yourself, via a journal; with that special someone, through emails, phone calls or a date; or even with a therapist, if you choose to take that route. You'll be drawn to intense conversations with anyone who will go down into the depths with you. Even if you don't end up making a lasting romantic connection, you'll still come through this week-or-two-long period feeling rejuvenated at a soul level and ready to continue looking for love with fresh eyes.

Jupiter trine Mars

Be proactive -- reach out to someone new

If you normally lack in self-confidence, you should enjoy the boost brought by this four-month transit! It won't make you overconfident, either; it will give you just enough of a push to get things moving in your love life. This is the perfect time to reach out and get to know someone new, as you're in touch with yourself in a new way. If you feel like you need an extra boost, this transit will give you the energy required to start a new exercise regimen or to join a singles' dance group. Anything active that will get your heart rate up while increasing your confidence and your sense of your own attractiveness is a very good idea! You could even ask that special someone to go jogging with you, or to attend a salsa lesson. Getting physical together in that way will put you both in mind of what it would be like to get physical in a completely different way... What fun it is to fantasize about someone new and cute! During this transit, you can make your fantasies become a reality, or at least make the first steps toward realizing them. Being proactive is definitely the way to go now.

Pluto sextile Uranus

Revamp your love life

This transit offers you the perfect opportunity to take a look at your love life and see what needs sprucing up. You can completely revamp your methods if you want to, because if something hasn't been working, now you know what it is and how to change it. Maybe you've tried to get too serious too fast with past lovers; if so, now you'll learn to relax and just enjoy yourself while you get to know someone new, and find out whether you even want to get serious or not. Or maybe you haven't been serious enough about love, in which case this is a great time to take a close look at yourself and start figuring out why. Your close friends might give you some really good advice in this regard, and help you make an important self-discovery; if so, pay attention. You'll feel a sense of optimism now, even if you've had trouble with relationships in the past. You're looking at your romantic future with fresh eyes; now you know what you want, and you've got some pretty creative ideas about how to make it happen. You can even resolve an old heartbreak, because now you realize that it did serve a purpose -- it helped make you the loving and hopeful person you are today.

Mercury trine Saturn

Looking for love in all the right places

You could make a good, solid romantic connection during this period. Not a wild and exciting one, no; but solid and stable are more important for the long-term than excitement, which comes and goes in fits and starts. During this two-week period, you're focused on what's good for you and what you're looking for in love, and you're practical enough about it that you won't waste time looking for love in any of the wrong places. Sure, your dates during this time might feel more like interviews in certain moments, when you're asking a potential sweetie serious questions about their values, their needs and their expectations; but what better way to get at the truth? If you're attracted to someone special during this period, chances are good that they're worth your time. You'll come across to them as maybe a bit quiet or reserved, but intelligent and focused, disciplined and well-organized. If you go out with someone who doesn't fit your idea of your usual 'type,' do give them a chance. You're not exactly open to anything new and unusual now, and it would be a shame to pass someone up just because they didn't look or behave quite how you thought they should.

Venus trine Venus

Instant infatuation

Some lucky incident or unexpected occurrence could happen during this transit that will set the wheels in motion in your romantic life in a way that will affect you for some time. What could it be?? Hmm...maybe you should reach out and make contact with that potential sweetie you've had your eye on! You're definitely in the mood for good times and making a great, affectionate connection with someone you're really attracted to. You're not really in the mood to do hard work or anything that's dull or repetitive, and that's okay. This is a time for fun and flirtation. You could find out that that special someone is actually good for you and your life in a way that you couldn't have anticipated -- maybe they'll introduce you to someone who will help your career along, or maybe they've been someplace or done something that you're interested in for your own life. But whatever it is, it will seem like a cherry on top of this two-week-long cake. You create warmth and good times and harmony wherever you go. Love at first sight isn't out of the question, or at least instant attraction and infatuation!

Mars trine Neptune

Meeting your potential sweetie's needs

You'll have a calm, sweet few weeks with this transit. You might not feel like doing much, and that's okay. You don't have to be active to have a good time; you'll be perfectly satisfied with some good food, good company, maybe a good movie or two and some good naps! That's just the kind of mood you're in -- watching romantic movies on TV and falling asleep during the credits. If you have a special someone to join you, then so much the better. You're intuitive now, and you'll be able to tune right in to a potential sweetie. You're not overly concerned with yourself, your own ego or your own needs and desires at this time, so you'll spend more time listening to that special someone than talking about yourself. And that's fine too. The only warning for this transit is, try not to get on some kind of ego trip where you start to think of yourself as just oh-so-selfless, basically martyring yourself because of a momentary lack of ego! Remember, this period will pass soon and then you'll be a big needy mess again, just like the rest of the world. So use this period to have a nice time with someone special, and don't trip out on yourself.

Sun trine Sun

Potential for something special

This is a great time to connect with others, because you're feeling open, friendly and accessible, and ready to bond with someone special. If anyone has caught your eye lately, feel free to contact them or even ask them out, and then take it relatively slowly. After all, friendship is the best foundation for a romantic relationship, and that's what's in the air with this transit. You're in a supportive, encouraging and communicative frame of mind, and your date will really appreciate that energy; they'll want to come back for more! They'll also want to return the favor, so you should find your potential sweetie to be affectionate and supportive as well. You're feeling very much yourself during this week-long period, and as a result, you're able to give other people the space to be themselves as well. You won't be offended if you make contact with someone and then don't hear from them for a few days, because you're feeling secure enough not to get paranoid about whether they like you or not. Of course they like you! You're great, and you know it; and you also know that you have a lot to offer.

Venus trine Jupiter

Lucky in love

Too bad this transit is so short -- its intensity will only last a few days -- because it's such a pleasant and fun one. During this week-long period, you feel great: content with yourself, attractive, happy with your life. There's no better position from which to start a new relationship than from a feeling of contentment. In fact, you could get lucky during this period. No, not in that way! Although, it is a possibility. But luck in general will find its way to you, and you could meet someone you're very taken with during this time. You'll spread the wealth, bringing your confidence and good mood to any party, date or get-together and making everyone around you feel great as well. Even if no one special has caught your eye, you could go out with friends, and you'll be so fun and witty that you'll catch someone's eye without even meaning or trying to. In itself, the energy of this transit isn't enough to bring on The One or True Love; but you'll have a great time anyway, and those things are certainly a possibility. This is definitely a good time to make contact with that special someone.

Venus trine Saturn

Serious and straightforward

You'll put that special someone at ease during this time, because you're not making any unrealistic demands on anyone, including yourself. You're very realistic about what you can put into a love affair, and about what you can reasonably expect to get out of it. You're not looking for a hero, someone who's larger than life and who will move the earth for you; you're just looking for someone you can rely on, someone who will deliver what they say they will. If they're honest with you about who they are and what their intentions are, then so much the better. You'll take them at their word and there will be no problems between you. You're very grounded during this transit, and practical about love. You're not expecting to be swept off your feet, which is a good thing...just don't expect to get overly infatuated with anyone at this time. If you start an affair, it will be serious and straightforward. You'll move slowly together, getting to know each other really well before making a commitment. You'll be open and honest, with yourself and with your potential lover, about what to expect from your connection.

Your Challenges

Neptune square Neptune

Bide your time

This two-year transit wouldn't be a good time to make a commitment to anyone, even if they're really special to you. Bide your time, because the relationship could turn out to be quite different from what you expected. You've just entered your forties, and you're probably questioning lots of things in your life, first and foremost, whether you're on the right path. Your love life is a huge part of that path, because you don't want to grow old alone. But at the same time, you're misreading people and situations during this period, so you're not in the best space for finding the love of your life and committing to them. So why not just try to have a good time meeting different people and getting to know them, and see what unfolds? That would be a much better idea than making a bad decision or suddenly deciding that you need to make big changes in your love life, not realizing that really, things are fine; you're just in a period of insecurity. Things will come clear to you later, and your path will crystallize. For now, all you're supposed to do is take a closer look at yourself, your needs and your goals in love; but don't try to come to any particular conclusion.

Saturn square Uranus

Banish your insecurities

This could be a difficult period for you, especially if you've been living under conditions that you're not happy with. This transit lasts about ten months, which is a long time to feel the kind of tension that this will create. Ultimately it's a productive tension, though, because if nothing else, it will encourage you to break free of the restrictions in your life. What has been holding you back when it comes to finding the love you're looking for? Common problems that people have with opening themselves up to romance are internal, such as a sense of insecurity, low self-esteem or your parents' voices in the back of your mind, telling you you're doing something wrong. Do any of these apply to you? If so, this transit is offering you the impetus and opportunity to shove back at these conditions that are making it hard for you to reach out and find the love you seek. Now you'll recognize that, while you do need to be responsible in your love life, you don't have to be so rigid about it that you don't have any fun. Everyone needs some excitement in their life from time to time! While it might not come about during this transit, it's definitely on your horizon. Don't worry; you'll make great strides during this tough time.

Jupiter opposite Saturn

Wait it out

Your self-confidence could suffer during this transit. You might be thrown into a quandary of feeling like you haven't exactly done the right things in your dating life, but you're not sure where you went wrong or why you are where you are today. Your optimism about finding that special someone could wane, and you might think you should be more cautious about going out on dates with new people. Just try not to make any firm decisions at this time, regardless of what you're thinking, because your judgment isn't at its best now. You might think you should go in one direction when really you should go in another, and it won't be clear until later. This transit lasts about four months, which is a long period to feel so indecisive; but you'll just have to wait it out. If you've been getting involved with someone special, you could start to feel some tension about the responsibility you feel toward this person; your feelings for them might start to cool at this time, but that doesn't mean you have to give up the relationship. It just means this is a trying time that's meant for self-reflection.

Jupiter opposite Jupiter

Practice some self-restraint

You're feeling very confident during this four-month transit -- possibly overconfident. You've got an increased sense of your own attractive powers, which is great when you're trying to get a date, but you might go overboard. You might be going out with more than one person, and overcommitting yourself socially; this possibility is likely, because you're feeling restless and you might not want to tie yourself down to just one romantic possibility. If you do make a fun romantic connection and then your potential sweetie gets a little too attached, you're likely to rebel against it. You just want freedom now; you don't want to be held down by anyone, even someone you find attractive. Another possibility is that you could come on a little too strong, and make that special someone think you're arrogant instead of just sure of yourself. Either way, this period is likely to be both a lot of fun and a potential headache. Exercising a little restraint would be good, but might be easier said than done. If you can keep a handle on yourself and your appetites, you could emerge from this period rich in love and self-knowledge.

Pluto square Sun

Seeking balance in love

This could be an interesting two-to-three-year period for you. This transit will intensify your ego energies, and what that will mean for your love life will depend on a few different factors. If you're not careful, you might become very aggressive about dating. It's good to be confident and assertive, but the energy of this transit could manifest in a ruthlessness about getting your needs met. You could make demands of that special someone that are outside the realm of what's reasonable to expect from anyone, much less someone you don't know well yet. If you go out to parties or nightclubs, be careful of power games with someone who's got their eye on the same hottie you're interested in! On the other hand, if you're not in touch with your needs in love, this period will challenge you to get in touch. If your dating experiences start to feel unpleasantly overwhelming, take it as a sign that you're not being assertive enough. During this time, you run the risk of either steamrolling someone else, or being steamrolled yourself. Neither one is very great; you should ultimately strive for balance in love, in getting your own needs met but also meeting those of your sweetie.

Mars opposite Saturn

A short fuse

Don't spend time with someone who doesn't already know you, because they could get the wrong impression. You've got a short fuse now; you're irritable, often for good reason, and ready to react against any slight, imagined or real. If you go out on a date, your honey might pick up on your mood and start antagonizing you on purpose! Even if this doesn't happen, you're short on patience; flirtation and romance aren't really your cup of tea right now. Someone might push your buttons -- it could be that special someone, or just someone at work or in your daily life -- and you won't know how to stand up for yourself, so you'll just bottle up the resentment inside. Even if your date isn't the one who set you off in the first place, they might receive the brunt of your irritation or at least pick up on the vibe, which they could easily take personally since they won't know where it's coming from or why you're suddenly so angry and dogmatic. In general it seems like others conspire to block your forward progress, in romance and every other arena of your life as well. The good news? This frustration will last about three weeks, and then life will get back to normal. Whew!

Mars opposite Jupiter

Avoid taking foolish risks

How will you use the energy of this transit? Chances are, you'll let it affect you by making you feel resentful of limitations. If there's someone special that you've been getting to know, you could push them away during these three weeks, because all of a sudden, their attention -- and any understanding between you, spoken or unspoken -- will feel like a burden to you. You just want to be free to go out into the world and meet people, mingle with the hotties and take your time in finding that special someone! There's nothing wrong with that, either, as long as you're tactful about it and don't step on anyone's toes. Another possibility during this time is that you'll be generally overbearing and difficult to take for anyone that you're around, be they your potential sweetie or your longtime best friend. You're feeling aggressive, especially about your beliefs; you'll take issue with anyone that you think opposes you, and you might not take the time to stop, listen to them and figure out what they're really trying to say. Foolish risks are a real possibility now, and would obviously be best avoided -- easier said than done.

Neptune opposite Venus

Castles in the sand

During this period, many of your social interactions will leave you feeling empty and uncomfortable, like you've eaten too much cotton candy at the fair! This will result from your unrealistic expectations of your friends, dates and so on. You won't have a clear view of the possibilities in your relationships, or the limitations; your sense of idealism will be stimulated, which basically amounts to building castles on a decidedly shaky foundation of dreams. In general, this will be a period of laziness and extravagance; you won't feel like buckling down at work or really focusing on much of anything. You will want to go out and have fun with cute and interesting people, but don't be surprised if you're let down again and again. The letdown could come belatedly; you'll think a date went great, only to find later that you've been misleading yourself -- you didn't really connect that well at all with that particular person, and if you'd just been in a clearer frame of mind, the weak spots in the relationship would have been obvious from the start. This is also a period when romantic deceptions can happen, because you're not terribly alert, but you are highly gullible.

Sun opposite Mars

A challenging energy

If you're attracted to a certain someone and you want to make that first contact, it's best to hold off a bit. Wait a week or two until the current energy wears off, because you won't make your best impression during this time. It's not that it's impossible to make a good connection with someone now, but it definitely won't be easy. Your energies are running just a little too high, and you could come across as confrontational when you think you're just stating your opinion. You could also come on too strong, because you'll think you're being assertive when really you're being aggressive and making the other person uncomfortable. Another possibility during this period is that you'll contact or go out with someone you like, but then you'll spend the whole conversation in defense mode, because you'll think they're challenging you -- when they're not. You could find it hard not to get your feathers ruffled during this time, and you'll almost definitely rub other people the wrong way. But hey -- this period only lasts a couple of weeks, so why not wait to ask out that certain someone? You've waited this long for a good thing; a couple more weeks won't hurt you.

Venus opposite Sun

Feeling lazy

Let's hope you don't have anything important to do during this two-week transit, like, say, work; because you're not in the mood to apply yourself to anything that's difficult or that requires a lot of mind power, and it will be really hard to motivate yourself to tend to the mundane details of daily life. Instead, you want to have fun. You want to go out every night, on dates, to parties or out with friends, and you're likely to make that happen. You'll be the life of the party, and you'll just have such a good time making contacts with all those attractive people... Just take care not to overindulge, though that caution will probably be lost on you. Also, you run the risk of feeling so amorous that you're indiscriminate in your affections. You might get involved with someone at this time who really isn't worth your time, when all's said and done. If you go on a date with more than one person during this transit, make sure you don't lie to anyone about what you're up to! You might think a little white lie is best to avoid hurting someone's feelings, but it will have a way of coming back later to bite you in the you-know-what.

Mercury opposite Uranus

Just for shock value

Maybe you're ordinarily more thoughtful and considered in your behavior, but this transit will stimulate some strange impulses in you that could cause you to act quite out of character. It's almost as if there's something just beneath the surface of who you are that's clawing to get out. It's pushing you to do and say the strangest things! You'll speak without thinking, and you could definitely put your foot in your mouth at this time. Or you could do it deliberately -- trying to shock your date if you go out with someone who just seems too straight and narrow for your tastes. You definitely won't have patience for anything or anyone mundane during this time. The truth is, you might be better off hanging out with old friends -- but you won't want to do that, either, because you want newness, stimulation, excitement. If you go out with someone new during this period, just don't expect it to last long. You might have some great conversations with them, if you're not too busy offending them with your strange perspective; but once this period is over and you settle back into your normal self, whatever flirtation you struck up is likely to fade as quickly as it arose.

Sun opposite Neptune

Getting the wrong idea

If you make contact during this time with someone who seems like they could be The One, put on the brakes, fast. This is not to say that they won't turn out to be someone really special in your life, but your judgment is clouded at this time, so you shouldn't make any snap decisions about anyone, one way or the other. You could look at your potential sweetie and see everything you've been looking for -- all the qualities you want in a lover, everything you've ever dreamed of. In a week or two, you could wake up from this pleasant dream with the distinctly unpleasant realization that this person is nothing like you thought they were. You're likely to be confused or even deluded by people you don't know well during this transit. You just won't get a clear read on them or their intentions; you could even unconsciously attract people who aren't on the up-and-up. You'll probably fill in any gaps with your own inventions regarding who this person is and who they're going to be to you. Because of this, you probably should wait to make contact until you're in a more rational and clear-headed frame of mind. Otherwise, you could get the wrong idea.

Sun square Venus

The pursuit of pleasure

You're looking for romance and connection at this time, and you might go a little further in your search than is strictly wise. Under the current influence, you could have a little too much fun; you're in no mood to hold yourself back from pleasure, and you'll have no problem putting off your work -- even important, pressing tasks -- in favor of having a good time. You just want to be around people, and the cuter and more fun they are, the better! For that reason, you might start a new relationship during this period. If so, it'll be a good time all around; you're not interested in anything but getting along and enjoying yourself. You might spend a little too much money when you're out with that hottie, or drink or eat too much and then feel the effects the next day. But in general, the negative effects of this influence won't be strong. Just don't take on any new, big projects at work, because for the week of this transit, your progress will be slow indeed! Your mind is focused on togetherness, fun, connection and attraction, and as long as your schedule and your bank account can accommodate that, you'll probably have a good time.

Venus opposite Mercury

Clearing the air

If you've been getting to know someone special, this transit offers you a good opportunity to talk with them about the relationship and where you both see yourselves going, either as a couple or as individuals. If there's been any tension between you, or if you haven't felt as though you know this person as well as you'd like to, this is a good time to clear the air and get to the bottom of things. The energy of this period won't ensure that you'll make a great connection or come to a happy conclusion, like a commitment or a declaration of your mutual affection; it just lends itself to bringing events to a head. If there's something that needs to be talked out and dealt with, you'll talk about it now. Obviously, staying calm when you talk about sensitive issues is always a good idea, to make sure the situation doesn't get out of hand. On a different note, if there's no one special in your life just yet, do be careful if you make contact with someone new during this transit, because you're likely to put your foot in your mouth. Though you're willing to talk about emotional matters, you're not terribly sensitive during this transit, and could step on someone's toes.

Venus opposite Uranus

A lack of balance

The energy of this transit could make itself known in a variety of ways and venues, but however it comes out, it's all about changing the normal, usual course of your day. You might be attracted to someone really unusual during this time, someone who wouldn't normally catch your eye -- or who would usually actually turn you off. You might feel easily upset during this period, ready to react against even imagined slights; and you might use these made-up tensions as an excuse to break off contact with someone you've been getting to know. Or, you might just do something new and different, like calling in sick at work and going to a movie. You're restless, and your emotions are also changeable during this period. You might say things you'll later regret or make impulsive decisions that will make you wonder later what in the world you were thinking. You might have a hard time focusing on just one potential romantic partner, too. There could be several people who catch your eye, each for a different reason, and you'll want it all! Go ahead and pursue whomever catches your eye; just don't make any promises you can't keep.

Mercury opposite Mars

Hold your own counsel

You're probably familiar with the idea that each of us dislikes in other people the qualities that we least like in ourselves. Well, that could really apply to you at this time. You might go through this two-week period feeling like you keep reaching out to people you're interested in, and they keep turning out to be, well, less than you expected! The likelihood is high that you're actually reacting to qualities in them that you possess yourself. You're basically spoiling for a fight with everyone you come into contact with, and that will include romantic interests and people you don't even know. You're irritable, and anyone's fair game. You're much more impulsive than usual at this time, and you'll say things you don't mean before you're able to catch yourself. At the very least, if you don't pick fights, you'll suffer from foot-in-mouth disease. The best course at this time is to hold your own counsel until this troubling energy blows over. If you do make contact with someone special during this period, try your hardest to stay even-tempered with them. Remind yourself that if they're coming across badly, it's probably just you.

Sun square Jupiter

A little too self-confident

You might want to wait a week or two before making contact with someone new or going out on a date, because you run the risk of coming across as overly confident or even arrogant during this time. Thank goodness this transit only comes around twice a year! If you do go out with someone new, watch for telltale signs that you're boring or even annoying them. If they keep giving you one-word answers and looking around the room at everyone but you, it could mean that they're actually offended by your attitude, because the usual filter that helps you be socially graceful just isn't in place at this time. You'll think you're just being opinionated, but you may come across as a self-righteous know-it-all. And it will be entirely unintentional on your part. You'll just have the urge to let everyone know your opinion on the matter, and you won't know when enough is enough -- when it's time to be quiet and let the other person talk and assert their opinions. It would definitely be best during this period to hang out with people who already know you well, because they'll know you're just going through a phase that will pass soon.

Mars opposite Pluto

Potential for obsession

Whatever you're trying to get going on a dating or romantic level may or may not work out in the end; during this transit, all you can expect is that any flirtation with a potential sweetie isn't likely to flow smoothly. The best you can do is to bear with the troublesome energy and try not to struggle against it. If you do struggle, you're likely to get into arguments, including with that special someone that you may not know very well yet. You also run the risk at this time of becoming obsessed with someone you're attracted to, and you might try to manipulate the situation in the name of getting something going with them. Remember, though -- obsession isn't the same as a real connection; it's one-sided at best. Manipulation never works for long; it could end up really ticking off that special person, and they won't want to get to know you any further. So stick to aboveboard tactics in your dating life, despite any urges you may have to manipulate things behind the scenes. Your best course for this transit is to stay active and social, but don't fixate too closely on any one person. Put your energy into yourself. You have a chance to better yourself now.

Sun square Saturn

Attracted to critical types

This isn't a great time to contact someone new. You'll take things too seriously, and you could actually unwittingly attract controlling types who would make you miserable if you were to get romantically involved with them. If you do go out with someone new, don't be surprised if both of you are frustrated with your interaction. It will be hard to get to know them as they are, because you'll be in self-defense mode without even realizing it. Chances are good that you'll need to defend yourself, for you'll find that you're getting involved with people who will criticize you, without knowing you or what's important to you! Instead of getting into an argument, you'd be much better off just calling a spade a spade. While you shouldn't be too judgmental of anyone during this period, since you're likely to get the wrong impression, you also shouldn't try to force a connection that's just not there. In fact, you'd be much better off waiting a week or two until this tricky influence passes. You've waited this long to find that special someone; you can stand to wait a few more days before contacting someone new.

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I hope you have enjoyed the valuable insight, wisdom and guidance of this astrology report. You might be a little curious about astrology and perhaps wondering how an astrologer can know so much about you!

Astrology is a mathematical system. It's all about applying meaning to numbers, or more specifically, finding meaning in the movements of the planets around the Sun, as viewed from our perspective here on earth. These planetary movements are easily captured and recorded with measurements, calculations, angles and so on.

That's why astrology works so well with computers, whose programs are also based on numbers and formulas. In 'the old days' -- thousands of years ago, when astrology was first recorded -- those early astrologers had to painstakingly observe the heavens and catalog their observations for the next generation of astrologers to build upon. Thank goodness for the computer age! Now we can simply use computers to make those calculations quickly and pull just the applicable pieces of information. Now, astrology is instant, based upon thousands of years of observations obtained through careful methodology.

Interpretations of planetary positions are based in part on ancient Greek and Roman mythology, but your astrological report is unique, describing you and you only. Even in the case of twin siblings, their birth charts differ from each other's in at least a few ways. And besides, no one amounts to just a simple interpretation of their birth chart; everyone's personality is complex. Your astrological report leaves plenty of room for variations based on your free will, personal growth and transformation over a lifetime.

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