An astrological report prepared for

Jennifer Lopez, born July 24, 1969 and Alex Rodriguez, Born July 27, 1975:

Romantic Forecast for Couples


All of a sudden, you've got the energy and confidence you need to get things done. 

Or, the opposite occurs: You tackle your day with energy and focus, all the while looking forward to the date you have planned with your sweetie. But as soon as you two get together, the mood changes. Suddenly you're both irritable, snappish, going at each other like a couple of Siamese fighting fish

What happened?
Relationships progress in phases; they rarely stay static. In both the above cases, it's likely that the current transits, or planetary movements, are influencing your relationship in ways that neither of you is aware of.

When things change between you and your significant other -- say, you notice that you've been arguing more than usual (or less) -- it often relates directly to the current transits and their effect on your bond.

A composite chart blends two astrological charts -- yours and your sweetie's -- into one, creating a new chart that provides an in-depth view of the relationship itself. This chart represents your connection as its own entity, one greater than just the sum of its two parts.

This report is for you and your partner. It focuses on teamwork and mutual understanding as it details the influences of current planetary transits on your relationship. This knowledge can help you to anticipate good times ahead, to circumvent problems before they arise and, when you’re navigating rough waters together, remember that this, too, shall pass.
Hi, I’m Kelli Fox, a professional accredited astrologer and creator of this personalized Romantic Forecast for Couples report.

And I want to help you discover the most powerful windows of opportunity for romance so you can make your relationship even better.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to discover which days are the most opportune to add more sizzle to your relationship?

And which days are probably not the best to focus on romance and maybe give your partner some space instead?
This Romantic Forecast for Couples report gives you that exact information so you can have a far better chance of improving your relationship and helping it become even better than you ever imagined it could be!

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What Do The Stars Hold For Improving Your Relationship in The Future?

No one ever said Love was simple, right?

When your relationship is going well, you can feel like you’re walking on clouds, and when things are hard – well – we can come back to the ground with a bump! Every Relationship has its challenges – even the best ones – and this is where Astrology can be a wonderful tool for guidance!

Your Personal Relationship Forecast Calculators are a glance into the future, revealing which areas of your relationship are likely to experience sweet, sweet harmony and which areas hold dynamic change and excitement!

The handy and easy-to-read Bar Graphs show you the six major categories of your relationship:

  • Your Shared Direction
  • Your Communication Bond
  • Shared Love & Values
  • Your Relationship’s Passion Prognosis
  • The Luck Forecast for your Relationship
  • Relationship Lessons – and how these areas could unfold over this period of time!

With Astrology, we can empower ourselves to prepare better for rocky times ahead, or enjoy the ride if things are effortless and easy – and learn to appreciate the areas in our relationship that are going well!

Perhaps there are a few obstacles when it comes to Communication right now, but your Love & Values are in perfect harmony with your partner, making these strengths you can to turn to in times of stress! And the best thing about Astrology is that you learn that “this too shall pass”, helping you and your sweetheart gain a bit of perspective when the going gets tough. And who wants things to be too easy anyway? Growth can never happen when a Relationship is too harmonious, so embracing excitement and dynamism is a perfect way to ramp up any stagnant energy!

So, go ahead and empower yourself and your Relationship with these Personalized Relationship Forecast Calculators and let the energy of the Stars and Planets be your guide when it comes to Love and Romance!

Your Connection To Each Other – The Sun Influences

The Sun in Astrology is a huge influence on how well you get along in a relationship. Just as the Sun is the center of the Universe; it is also the center of your relationship. It is the core of you, your partner and your relationship. If two people clash, this is the first place to look when it comes to Astrology. The bar graph will indicate how well each of you is connected to each other... Read more

8-10 You are bonded to your partner
4-7 There is a decent connection
0-3 You might feel disconnected to your partner

Communication and Conversations – Mercury Influences

Mercury in Astrology is linked to expression - intellectual, witty, and repartee describe the energy of this little planet. It influences how you communicate in your relationship - verbal and non-verbal. Are you being heard and understood by your partner right now? How about listening, really listening to each other at this time? When the bar graph is long, this indicates the communication... Read more

8-10 Communication is clear and conversation flows
4-7 Interactions are bumpy but manageable
0-3 Potential for miscommunication

YoLove and Romance – Venus Influences

Venus in Astrology is the love planet. Love, friendship, affection and romance are elements of this planet. It influences how you give and receive love and what you are attracted to at this time. When the bar graph is long, this indicates romance is top priority in the relationship right now. If the bar graph line is medium in length, the love and attraction you have for... Read more

8-10 Romance is rockin’
4-7 There’s affection but it’s not a priority
0-3 There’s not much time for romance right now

The Passion Principle – Mars Influences

Mars in Astrology is the planet representing our physical urges. Passion, sex, and aggression are all expressions this planet’s energy. Mars influences your sex-appeal, seduction and sizzle. Fighting and frustration also fall within this planet’s realm. When the bar graph is long, this indicates your passions are ignited with lots of excitement – both positive and negative.... Read more

8-10 Never a dull moment, at the moment
4-7 Your sizzle could use a little spark
0-3 It’s time to focus on the bedroom

Relationship Growth – Jupiter Influences

Jupiter in Astrology signifies expansiveness. The elements of Jupiter are growth, expansion, and forthcomings. It’s also the planet of hope, optimism and luck. These elements influence your ability to grow with your partner and to broaden your relationship horizons together. Do you feel you’re growing together or growing apart, right now? This graph will tell if the relationship is in... Read more

8-10 Life is good, and your relationship feels expansive
4-7 Relationship growth is steady
0-3 Reconnect with your partner. Make plans for the future.

The Commitment Component – Saturn Influences

Saturn in Astrology represents karma, challenges and conformity. This planet is all about reality, discipline and commitment. It’s the glue that holds your relationship in place, but it requires us to face those sticky issues and work through them together as a couple. It’s also about boundaries. Are you being respectful of your partner's boundaries; is your partner respecting yours? When the bar graph is long, this... Read more

8-10 Stick with it. Work through your relationship issues together.
4-7 You’re committed, and you can see where your relationship is headed.
0-3 Enjoy this karmic-free relationship period

Jennifer Lopez, in this Romantic Forecast for Couples report, YOU WILL GET Love INSIGHT FROM THE FOLLOWING PLANETARY ENERGIES:


illustrates your basic commonalities
tells your basic differences
indicates how well you get along with one another
shows what each of you brings to the relationship


shows how you communicate with each other
reveals who is the thinker & who is the feeler
helps you understand each other’s communication style


reveals your connection to each other
indicates how each other prefers to receive love
highlights how both of you express love


represents the physical bond you share
reveals each other’s desires and impulses
shows how each person expresses frustration


highlights the non-negotiable values held by each of you
shows what is important to each person
indicates whether the relationship will grow


challenges the relationship
unveils each other's shortcomings
demonstrates where extra effort is needed in the relationship


uncovers each other’s rebellious side
points out the unique qualities each person brings to the relationship
shows how the two of you have fun


rules the psychic connection you have to each other
reveals how you help each other grow
indicates if a relationship is a spiritual one


reveals each person’s greatest fears
indicates opportunities for change
demonstrates the self-transformation the relationship brings to both of you
Keep reading to discover how the current planetary transits are affecting you, your partner, and your relationship.

Your Strengths

Mercury trine Uranus

Do Something Different

This ten-day period, you should take the opportunity to break out of your routine. When you two get together this week, you're both in the mood to do something new and unusual. You're feeling sparked up, and the same ol', same ol' just won't cut it. So why not liven things up a little? Instead of spending the evening at home, cuddling on the couch in front of the TV, you should get out on the town. Take a salsa class, or go see a foreign film and go out for dessert afterward, so that you can discuss your impressions. New ideas excite you both now; you feel stimulated by anything that's outside the bounds of what you normally think or talk about. This is a great time to bring up ideas with each other that you might normally keep under wraps because they're a little too 'out-there' or risque; at the moment, anything goes! This is also a great time to put your heads together and come up with a truly creative solution to anything that's been bothering you lately. You might dream up an invention to fix that broken table leg in the kitchen, or you might decide to paint the walls of the bedroom a bold, bright shade of green! Whatever you do, just make sure it's different.

Venus sextile Mercury

A Warm, Easy Connection

You could just have a really good time together this week, chatting over romantic dinners and reconnecting with exactly why it is that you adore each other; or you could actually make some progress through any relationship issues that may have been bothering you lately. This week would be good for either or both, as it's a time to reaffirm your romantic connection and let each other know just how you feel about each other. You could even take care of a little business as a team this week, in a fun way. This period is perfect for networking in a social sphere, such as taking one of your bosses out to dinner or attending a fundraiser for a cause you both believe in. When you're together, conversation will flow not only with each other but with everyone you come into contact with. Basically, you two can charm anyone now, starting with one another! So use the current energy as a gift that's to your advantage. Talk over an issue if there's anything that's been upsetting you lately; make a good impression on your boss or an associate. You're projecting a wonderful image now, that of a couple who's warm and loving, vibrant and appealing.

Venus sextile Sun

A Romantic Week

Clear your schedules, call your florist, make dinner reservations for two at the most romantic restaurant you know -- because you two are really getting in touch with the sweetness of your bond this week, and you're going to want to spend a lot of time together, looking deeply into each other's eyes while cooing sweet nothings! You're both feeling very much in love this week, and you want to show it. You want nothing more than to touch your honey -- to stroke their hair, to run your fingers over the planes of their face, to hold on to them and never let go. And they're feeling the same about you. When you two go out on a date during this period, the only thing you'll argue over is who's going to pick up the tab, because you both want to treat each other. Shopping together will be especially fun now, even if it's just window shopping -- but you'll really want to drop some cash and buy tangible tokens of your affections for your sweetie. If there have been any tensions between you of late, this period will do wonders toward dispelling them, because you'll both get back in touch with the reasons why you're together in the first place.

Jupiter trine Sun

Keep All Eyes Open

Your relationship is blessed for the next few months with a sweet, expansive and adventurous energy, one that prompts you to get out of the house and mingle with the world around you. You're both in the mood for parties and get-togethers with friends, but you're also interested in meeting new people in brand-new venues. This would be the perfect time for a vacation to someplace neither of you has ever been before. Both of you will soak up the new experience like sponges soak up water. But if you can't afford the time or the cost, there are still plenty of ways to bring that energy into your lives at home. You're both interested in learning and teaching now, so taking an interactive class together in a subject that's new to you would be a wonderful way to combine these urges. You could even take a foreign language class that will be useful sometime in the future, when you can afford to take that trip! Whatever you do together now should turn out successful, because the current energy brings with it opportunities you can't even anticipate until they're right in front of you. So keep your eyes open. Wonderful things could happen in the near future.

Venus sextile Venus

Soft Sighs and Tender Thrills

You two want nothing more than to spend time with each other this week, whether it's one-on-one or with friends -- as long as you're together. You're both experiencing a renewal of your attraction and adoration for each other. It's as if you're back in the first bloom of romance again -- all tender thrills, soft sighs and murmured words of affection. You'll both feel amazed anew at your bond. 'How did we get so lucky as to find each other?' you'll ask one another, as you stare deeply into each other's eyes. What a nice feeling! You may not get a lot done around the house this week, because you just want to have an easy, relaxed and romantic time. Of course, if there have been any issues between you of late, they won't get dealt with now either. Neither one of you wants to rock the boat at the moment; you just want to get along and revel in the sweet harmony between you. There's nothing wrong with that; just know that if there are problems simmering between you, putting them on the back burner will only delay the inevitable. On the other hand, this week is so sweet that it could go a long way toward alleviating tensions.

Mars sextile Mars

Teamwork and Physical Activity

You make a great team during this period. When you're together, you're both infused with energy. You feel motivated, strong, confident and determined to get things accomplished. Your sexual energies are running higher than usual now, so that's one fun way to express your connection and burn off some energy; but the next couple of weeks are also the perfect time to tackle physical tasks around the house or get more serious and dedicated about your fitness routine. Use that excess vigor and stamina to clean out the storage shed or wash your cars, or go for a jog together to get your blood pumping. You could also have a lot of fun playing sports together, whether it's on the same team or opposing ones. You're working together well now, and the mildly competitive edge you're operating under at the moment will only help your chances of winning -- and whatever mild, good-natured heckling you might toss each other's way will only make the game more fun! Whatever you do together over the next couple of weeks should focus on teamwork and physical activity, so get outside and start moving.

Mercury trine Mars

Honest and Straightforward

Any issues that have come between you of late can get sorted out now, because at the moment, you're both being honest and straightforward about your needs, desires and opinions. Neither one of you is afraid to speak up to the other, because you both feel as if the relationship is an open, equal forum -- a place for both of you to loosen up, let down your hair and let it all hang out, so to speak! While debates are possible between you at the moment, things probably won't spiral into an actual argument. You're both feeling too tuned in and levelheaded for that. You want to cooperate, not fight. You both recognize that speaking clearly and calmly is much more effective than yelling, pouting or whatever other silly behaviors you two might indulge in from time to time, which means that right now, you can really get things done! This is also a great time to work together on things outside the relationship, such as running errands or getting work done as a team. You'll get a lot more done if you work together now than if you try to work alone. Getting some exercise together would also be a great idea now. Go for a walk or a light jog, so that you can talk along the way!

Venus trine Uranus

Vary Your Routine

If you go out together this week, don't make it your usual restaurant, and skip the usual dinner-and-a-movie get-together for something more unique and unusual. An interesting energy is created whenever you're together now, and you could really have some eye-opening experiences as a couple if you commit to varying the routine. If you live together, this is a great time to redecorate, but again, don't do things in the usual way. Your focus as a couple now should be on anything that's different -- anything that gives you that sense of being alive, that feeling that the universe is limitless, and you've only uncovered a tiny corner of it yet. There's so far to go! This is always true, of course, but normally we get too caught up in the day-to-day minutiae of life to remember that the world holds far more than we've ever dreamed of or imagined. Now, you can get back in touch with that feeling of newness, as a couple. Take an impromptu weekend trip, or play hooky together from work. Buy a piece of abstract art and display it proudly in the living room. Do something -- anything -- that's outside your usual beat. You'll discover amazing things if you do.

Venus trine Mars

Turned On and Tuned In

You two are feeling really in love now. All the good things that come with it -- attraction, passion, excitement, warmth -- are in high gear this week. You've both got a renewed sense of just what it is that connects you, and keeps that connection going through the dull days and the difficult ones. Ah, it's days like these that are the real gold of a relationship! You only have to look at each other this week to feel turned on and tuned in. Getting together with friends would be great now, if you can spare the one-on-one time -- you might just want to stay in together, with the bedroom door firmly shut! But you are both feeling social, and you should get out and have a good time with good friends. At home, you can give this new sensual energy running between you a boost by cooking together or doing something fun and hedonistic like taking a candlelit bath or giving each other massages. Whatever your desires might be this week, you should voice them, or otherwise make them known. You're both in the mood to pleasure each other, as much as you want to seek your own; you're both even more open than usual to fun, sexy, passionate play.

Mercury sextile Pluto

Keen and Probing

A good date for you two this week might be to rent a bunch of Hitchcock films and have a private screening party, with just the two of you in attendance -- because your minds are sharp now and you're both in the mood for a little mental sleuthing. You both want to know what's going on under the surface of things, including your relationship and each other, so you may also have some interesting discussions this week, ones that dig deeply into who you both are as people and what makes your relationship tick in the way that it does. Neither one of you is satisfied now with easy, glib answers, so your conversations will be long, multifaceted and far-reaching -- but in a fun way. Neither one of you is out to make the other feel defensive; instead, you're both feeling rather open and vulnerable in a good way. Furthermore, you're quite observant as a couple now. Getting together with friends could be extra interesting, because you'll both want to go home afterwards and discuss everything you saw, heard and sensed. Yep, even your close friends are fodder now for your keen and probing minds!

Mars sextile Jupiter

Social Activity

The next couple of weeks could be a hectic period of social activity, high energy and exuberance for you two. You might receive an invitation to a party for the same evening that your sweetie's set aside for dinner with friends, and you'll probably try to do both -- which could leave you feeling tired out at work the next morning. But what fun you'll have in the meantime! Any slow mornings are probably worth it. You've got extra energy to burn anyway, and getting out of the house together will be more than just simple fun. It could lead you to greater understanding of where your lives are headed, or even to opportunities that you would have missed out on if you'd decided to stay home and play it safe. This is definitely not the time to stay home or keep quiet. So you've got four get-togethers to go to in one weekend -- so what? Put on your snazziest shoes and head on out the door! You might also have a lot of business to take care of together during these few weeks. If so, don't be intimidated about speaking up and asking for the terms you want. People are responding favorably to the two of you, and your greatest gift is bravery.

Sun sextile Pluto

Honesty and Intensity

Whatever unpleasantness you've been dealing with together, whether its source is within your relationship itself or outside of it, now you've got a little window of time and energy to deal with it once and for all. This ten-day period is about facing down your issues as a team and tackling them together with the sudden, creative determination that both of you feel inside yourselves. New solutions to old problems seem to pop up out of nowhere whenever you're together. You inspire each other now to be creative and proactive, and the results could be truly amazing! This is a great time to transform whatever needs it -- your home, your outlook on life, your relationship itself. Any problems can be pulled out by the roots like a weed, because your understanding is deep right now and your mutual perceptions are keen. It's like that old saying, 'Two heads are better than one' -- that's really the truth about you two at the moment. This is only a ten-day period, so take advantage. Put your heads together to fix whatever needs fixing, whether it's physical, such as something around the house, or emotional, such as the way the two of you communicate.

Mercury trine Neptune

Mutual Sympathy and Support

When you two open up to each other about your feelings this week, you'll both tune in and listen with more than just your ears. You're feeling softer than usual toward each other now; you want to know what's going on with your sweetie, and your most sensitive feelers -- your instincts and intuition -- are working to give you a subtle view of what's in their mind and their heart. And they're returning the favor. If either of you encounters problems at work or otherwise in your daily life, you know that you can bring them home this week and receive a lot of sympathy and support from your sweetie for your travails. A wonderful date for you two now might be a long walk out in nature, during which you can talk together or simply commune silently with each other and with the world around you. At night, before you go to sleep, take a few minutes to read aloud to each other -- a bit of poetry would be perfect -- to prepare each other and yourselves for the dream world you're about to enter. You'll put each other in a highly imaginative and receptive frame of mind, and you could end up having some incredible dreams -- maybe even about each other!

Sun trine Neptune

Connecting Intimately

This ten-day period would be a great time to plan something on the sly for your sweetie. A surprise party could be fun, but you're probably both more in the mood for a romantic date just for the two of you. Set up the candles, the flowers and the meal and then lead in your honey, blindfolded, for a sweet surprise! Because secrets and mysteries are especially fun for the two of you right now. You're more tuned in to each other than usual; any signals you're picking up on are probably correct, and definitely merit being taken seriously. When you spend time together this week, take it easy. This is a period for relaxing together; you might even end up taking a nap and dreaming of each other! Isn't it nice to get some low-key, low-energy time to just revel in each other's company? You can talk things over if you need to, if there's anything going on in either of your lives that's been troublesome lately; but it's even more likely that you won't need to talk at all. You both just know what's going on in each other's minds, and you're there to help. Finally, you can also stimulate each other's creative sides now, so get artistic or make that date a trip to the museum.

Mercury sextile Uranus

A Fun and Unique Connection

Your conversations go places neither of you expects this week -- fun places, ones that make you both laugh and tune in for more. Your imaginations are sparked when you're together now, and you want to have fun. This is definitely a good week to forego the usual dinner-and-a-movie type of date in favor of something more unique and intellectual. If you do see a movie together, make it something challenging -- a documentary or a foreign film, maybe, something thought-provoking that will spur conversation between you when the film ends. This is the kind of period that renews your interest in the relationship itself, because you're both suddenly reminded that things are a lot more interesting and unusual than you ordinarily realize. The longer you're together, the more you might slip into a pattern of discussing mainly trivial, mundane subjects, like the minutiae of your days at work or what you need to pick up at the grocery store. That's why times like these are so fun: They remind you of what it was like in the beginning, when your minds ranged far and wide and you turned each other on just through conversation and mental exploration of the unknown.

Your Intensities

Mercury conjunct Saturn

Getting Things Done

The two of you have some tasks to work on together over the next week or so, and the current energy gives you a lot of focus and the determination you need to get the job done. This may not be the most fun or romantic period of your relationship, but it's only a week or so long, and you can get a lot done if you put your heads together and get to it. This period is great for paying bills; finalizing legal or monetary matters; cleaning the house top to bottom; taking the cars in for tune-ups or inspections -- anything that falls under the category of taking care of the mundane pieces of business that you normally try to avoid because they aren't very fun or interesting. Make sure that you work as a team now; you should be sharing roughly equal responsibility for the tasks that are before you, so that neither one of you ends up feeling like you've got way more to do and not enough appreciation for your efforts. Speaking of which, tell each other often how much you appreciate everything you're both doing! There's nothing wrong with putting it into words, so that no one feels taken for granted. More romantic, lighthearted times are ahead; now is just for getting things done.

Saturn conjunct Mars

Feeling Frustrated

You're both feeling a bit frustrated with the relationship during this period, which will extend for close to a year. It seems like every fun, spontaneous thing you try to do runs up against a brick wall of restriction. You want to run off for an impromptu weekend vacation, but funds or your honey's work schedule won't permit it. Your sweetie wants to get the house clean, but you're sacked out on the couch, exhausted after a long workday. You're feeling frisky and you want to get it on, but your honey isn't in the mood. Whatever one of you is interested in doing, it seems like the other isn't -- like you just can't get your energies in sync. Turning your frustration toward each other isn't the answer; neither one of you is at fault, not really. This restrictive influence might also manifest itself as an outside force that throws challenges in the way of a project you two are working on together. In any of these cases, trying to blast through the barrier like a bulldozer is not advised. You'll probably just end up hurting yourself. Instead, be flexible. Use your powers of diplomacy and compromise to ease things through.

Sun conjunct Jupiter

An Injection of Fun

Be sure to get out of the house and do something fun during this ten-day transit, because when you're together, you just feel great -- energetic, optimistic, as if anything is possible. And hey, under the current energy, it just might be! If you've been having any trouble getting along of late, or even just if things have been a little on the mundane side, this period will surely give your relationship the injection of fun that it needs. This is the kind of energy that could encourage you to start making big plans for the future together -- a vacation, maybe, or even a move or a house purchase. Do take care that you don't get too expansive, or plan something that's really outside your budget or the amount of time that you can spare. But as long as at least one of you keeps things grounded in what's actually possible, what's wrong with dreaming the dream? Aside from making plans for the future, you should also focus on your bond in the here and now. You'll probably both be in the mood for some fun, varied, jam-packed days, full of activities that allow you to use both your minds and your bodies. So get out there and make it happen!

Venus conjunct Saturn

Make an Effort to Keep it Light

Whatever you two have to accomplish this week as a team -- paying bills, cleaning the house, making plans for the future and so on -- make sure that it involves at least a bit of pleasure. If you're busy setting the house to rights, turn on the stereo and dance your way through the ordinarily tedious chore. If you're paying bills, take each other out for dinner or a sweet treat when you're finished -- keeping it economical, of course! If you're having a planning session about something in the future, like a project or a trip, bake some cookies or muffins together first and have some tea while you talk. You'll both benefit from keeping things pleasant and fun, even when you've got business to attend to. And in general, you will have something that needs your attention this week, whether it's something mundane like the above-mentioned chores or something more personal -- like thinking or making a decision about the relationship itself. You're both concerned with serious matters at the moment, and you might even feel a bit detached from each other; all the more reason to make that extra effort to connect in a sweet way. Keeping it light will help you both get through it.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Time to Plan

If you two have been thinking about doing anything together that's related to business, legal or monetary concerns, such as starting a business together, getting married or buying a house or other property, this ten-day period is a great time to brainstorm and finalize your plans. When you put your heads together, you're able to come up with far more now than you would on your own, and you can help each other to see all the wonderful possibilities that exist on the horizon of your relationship. This is also a great time to plan a vacation together to an exotic locale, because you've both got faraway places on your minds -- anywhere that's different from home. And you want to experience this broadening of the mind together, not alone. This period is more about talk than it is about action, but that's okay -- it's a great time to plan things that you'll put into effect in the future. The only thing to watch out for is that you might talk each other up so much that you get into areas that are beyond planning, and are just pure fantasy! But even that's okay; you'll come down to earth together soon enough, so why not enjoy the mental trip now?

Mercury conjunct Venus

Express Your Love

Take this ten-day period to really let each other know how you feel about each other. You're both feeling amorous, and you both want to express it in words. Write your sweetie a love poem; leave a sweet message on their voice mail; whisper sweet somethings in their ear. You could even compose a song about the love you share! However you do it, just make sure you get it out there, because sometimes we forget to make our feelings clear, when the chaotic rush of life takes over. Now, this period will probably be a fast-paced one, too, but it will be fast-paced in terms of frequent conversations, phone calls, emails and IMs. This is a great time to have a heart-to-heart about anything that's been bugging either of you about the relationship. You're both a little more tactful now than usual, because getting along with each other is at the forefront of your minds. You're both able to put things in a softer and more eloquent way now, so put this new (and temporary!) skill to use to air out any grievances or issues that either of you has. And have fun! This is a great time to spend time together, or to go out with friends.

Sun conjunct Venus


Ooh, la la -- the two of you should make a point of enjoying this fun, lovey-dovey period, because it lasts less than two weeks. The attraction between you is warm and strong now; you just really like each other. Affectionate smiles and touches feel spontaneous and perfectly natural. You want to hang out together and enjoy each other's company, and you should do it. Set aside time to be alone together, but also know that this is a great time to get together with other couples and friends; you'll both enjoy the social activity and the energy it creates. If you've been feeling at all distant or overworked lately, this is the perfect time to relax together and revel in the closeness your relationship brings you. And it's a great time for some lovemaking. Long, sensual massages are just the ticket; so is playful fun in the bedroom! You may not get a lot done together now in terms of mundane, day-to-day things like cleaning the house and paying the bills -- and in fact, a shopping spree together is much more likely. But that's okay; you need little periods like this sometimes, to rejuvenate your positive feelings for each other.

Sun conjunct Mercury

A Chatty Period

The focus during this period is on the way you communicate with each other -- both in overt ways, like conversation, flirtation, trading jokes and even jabs; and in more subtle ways, like your intuitive bond. This week-long period should give a real boost to your communication. You'll find yourselves laughing together more than usual and chatting till late into the night about your days, your thoughts, just whatever comes into your heads. This is the perfect time to do something cerebral or intellectual together, like working a crossword or logic puzzle or making a date to go to a debate or a poetry reading. Little love notes will have a big impact now, and you'll both find yourselves wanting to call each other at odd moments throughout the day -- ostensibly to ask some question or relay something you forgot to tell each other earlier, but really, just to hear each other's voices one more time and have that little bit of contact. Short trips would also be a wonderful way to connect now. Take a day trip out of town; bring CDs for the road so you can both sing along, and take a picnic basket so you can linger awhile, drawing out the conversation.

Mercury conjunct Mercury

Mental Stimulation

Don't expect to get a lot of rest when you're together this week, because you two are about to get back in touch with everything that drew you together in the first place: a feeling of excitement when you're together, a sense of intellectual stimulation and the fun that comes with lots of chatting and tossing ideas around. If there's something regarding your relationship that you've been needing to discuss but haven't found a good moment for it, now would be a great time. You're communicating with each other better than usual because you're both listening up, tuning in and speaking clearly. But this period needn't be all about serious matters or tackling previously unaired relationship issues; it should also be about having a great time together. Get out of the house together; in fact, a spontaneous little day trip or weekend away would be perfect. Don't forget to bring along a journal, or something to use when great ideas come to you and you just have to write them down! The current energy is the kind that could lead to some great, spontaneous brainstorming sessions where you both spark ideas off each other and come up with something amazing.

Mercury conjunct Sun

In the Mood to Chat

You're both in the mood to chat now. Suddenly, communication is big between you; whenever you get together during this ten-day transit, the ideas and discussions will flow. And when you're not together, you'll be calling each other on the phone, sending emails and IMs and generally keeping in touch. Arguments are possible, but debates are more likely, as anger shouldn't really become a part of things. Right now, you're both more concerned with getting your opinions across with clarity and finesse than you are about hammering them home by yelling or being insistent. Dates should focus on conversation; go to dinner together so you can talk, or if you do see a movie, go out afterward for coffee and a chat about what you both saw. Day trips are also a great idea now; getting away from your usual environment for a few hours will really spark you two up. In fact, the more spontaneous your activities are, the better. Don't try to schedule things down to a T; instead, just plan to get together and then leave the rest of it open. You won't have any trouble figuring out what to do; you'll both have plenty ideas for what you're in the mood to go see, experience and talk about!

Venus conjunct Jupiter

Mutually Satisfying

You two are feeling incredibly affectionate and indulgent toward each other this week. When you get together, you don't want to focus on work or mundane tasks like cleaning, bill-paying and so on; you want to indulge in sensual pleasures together, and explore all the good feelings you're both experiencing. Now is not the time to try to stick to any diets you've been adhering to, because you're both in the mood to go out to dinner and have whatever looks like the richest, most delicious treat on the menu -- calories be darned! Shopping trips will also be fun now; you want to treat each other to whatever your sweetie's heart desires, and you could end up spending more than you planned, and maybe even more than you can strictly afford. But what can you do? Just try not to go too far overboard now, and accept that this period of indulgence will mean a bit of scrimping and saving later, or being especially strict about your diet and exercise routine. But that's for next week. This week is simply for having a good time together and reconnecting with that pleasurable urge to satisfy and fulfill one another's every wish, whim and desire.

Your Challenges

Neptune opposite Pluto

Every Ending Is a New Beginning

The power dynamic between you may be shifting during this period, or it could be that as a result of getting more deeply involved in this relationship, the foundations of your own lives are changing. Perhaps you'll go from dating to living together during this two-year transit, or from living together to a formal, long-term commitment. These graduations are supposed to be good things (and they are), but they can come along with a certain sense of melancholy as you realize that every gain comes hand-in-hand with a loss. You may lose touch with old friends who no longer fit into your lifestyle, or the transformations of this period could occur on a more personal, deep level. Perhaps being in this relationship means you have to give up parts of yourselves -- old, habitual behaviors or fantasies of some idealized love that will never come true. If these shifts make you feel sad or vulnerable, talk them out together, and give support to your sweetie. And remember that life is all about change, and growth, and progress from one thing to another. With every loss comes a gain; every ending marks a new beginning.

Venus opposite Neptune

Seeing Each Other Through Fog

When you two get together this week, you won't exactly be dealing with each other. You'll both be more interested in your own, personal perception of the person you see in front of you, rather than the one that's actually there. The truth is, neither one of you is seeing yourself clearly at the moment, either. You're both in a strange, nebulous cloud of romanticism, loneliness, sentimentality, mixed signals... Lots of contradictions there, right? And that exactly describes you both, at the moment. You'll have a hard time connecting with each other because you can hardly even connect with yourself -- with your own needs or desires. It's highly possible that you'll each misread each other or your relationship this week. A sense of unreality abounds now; whatever read you're getting on your partner, it's probably off. If you're feeling idealistic about the love that you share, you can expect a comedown in a week or two, when reality (read: flaws) comes crashing back in. Take special care now not to mislead each other in any way -- even if you're trying to be sweet or romantic. It's not worth the feelings of disillusionment that will come later.

Pluto opposite Venus

The Process of Letting Go

It's time to take a long, honest look at the ways you're each behaving in this relationship, and at the ways that each of you views love affairs in general. You've both been unconsciously acting out old feelings from your past -- traumas you lived through and encoded into your own psyches without even realizing it. Those old traumas are coming up again, asking to be processed and set free. But that process won't be an easy one, and this period of several years could be difficult for your relationship. Be careful how you treat each other; remember that honesty is always best in the end, as keeping secrets from your intimate partner is hurtful in the long run. Being aboveboard will be harder now than usual; you might both develop obsessive attractions toward other people, because your sexual natures are stimulated now and your potential for obsession is high. Focus on treating each other with respect, first and foremost. It's possible that by the end of this transit, you'll both decide that it's time to let go of each other, but it's more likely that this process of letting go will apply to feelings, behaviors and attitudes that are no longer useful to you.

Sun square Uranus

Expect the Unexpected

You two should expect the unexpected now, because that's what you're most likely to get. Any plans you make as a couple could be suddenly set off-course by something unexpected that comes up, much to your surprise -- and it may not be a welcome surprise. If you make a date to get together, one of you could get stuck in traffic and show up thirty minutes late; if you decide to cook dinner at home, the oven could malfunction and your meal gets overcooked. And since things feel suddenly tense, you'll both have a hard time taking these little changes in plans in stride. But it doesn't have to be the stability of the relationship itself that's undermined, even if that's what it feels like is happening. Think of it more as the universe reminding you who's in charge. It's certainly not the two of you! Just because normally things run nicely along tracks that you can understand doesn't mean that a bit of spontaneity and unexpectedness shouldn't shake things up every now and again. So try not to get into silly little fights whenever things don't go as planned. Instead, loosen up a little, allow for mistakes and get ready to go with the flow for a week or so.

Mercury square Pluto

Strange Suspicions

You two could find yourselves walking on eggshells around each other before this ten-day period is over. Even if you're both feeling calm and centered when you're apart, as soon as you get around each other, strange little suspicions will start to pop into your minds. You'll treat each other with either subtle or overt distrust, which will lead to tense interactions, to say the least. After all, relationships are supposed to be based on a feeling of trust; ideally, you're both supposed to be able to relax around each other and 'let it all hang out,' so to speak. But at the moment, things aren't feeling so loose and carefree. You might take things your sweetie says the wrong way, or vice versa; you'll both treat each other with sarcasm, which will only get your backs up. Needless to say, arguments could result, and if they do occur, they'll probably be intense. You'll both want to go deep and figure out exactly what's going on under the surface of your relationship, and neither one of you will be satisfied with the answer that, well, what you see might really be what you get. Try to remember that trying to control each other is a waste of time. Things should calm down in a week or so.

Mars square Venus


You both feel off-kilter during this period, as if your needs aren't being met and there isn't any effective way to communicate about it and change things for the better. But instead of just staying calm and trying harder to make that connection, you'll both respond by getting more and more aggressive and insistent until you're embroiled in an argument, both pouting and lashing out like angry children. No fun! Though it may seem counterintuitive, what's going on here at base is that you're both feeling very turned on by your relationship and you're both really wanting to tune in; but the energy at hand is preventing you from making that connection, and you're both acting a little bit, well, immature about it. Overreactions are highly likely now, and it's even more likely that whatever you're feeling upset about exists more in your mind than in reality. It's also likely that you'll encounter mismatched energies again and again, such as one of you feeling randy when the other just wants to curl up and take a nap. Try not to get too upset about this kind of mismatched energy or blow things out of proportion. This period only lasts a few weeks; things will even out after that.

Mars square Mercury

Making Mountains Out of Molehills

Any issues that come up during this period will seem like major, full-blown problems needing your immediate and dramatic attention. It's safe to say that, when you two are together now, you'll collectively lack a sense of perspective. What would normally be a simple interaction about, say, which movie to go see or whose turn it is to take the trash out will turn into a major battle, one in which each of you is using whatever weapons you have in your verbal arsenal -- sarcasm, criticism, derision, downright rudeness -- to get beneath the other's armor. You'll both say things now that you'll regret later, things that just flew out of your mouth in the moment when you were trying to say something, anything, to put your sweetie in their place. If you can both watch your mouths, this period will be much smoother; but there's still a high chance of making bad decisions in haste or otherwise being a little too aggressive in your thinking. Exercise can help with managing this troublesome energy; when you two get together, do something active that uses your bodies even more than your minds. And do try to keep those snarky comments in check!

Mars square Sun

Play Nice

Even if you feel placid when you're on your own during this three-week period, you'll both get worked up whenever you get together. You'll circle each other like a couple of alley cats, backs up, teeth bared, ready for conflict. If you live together, this could be an especially rough period because there's no place where you can get away from each other, and territorial issues loom large now. You might get into silly arguments about who did the dishes last or which one of you needs to make the bed in the morning. Though these little spats are over minor things that wouldn't normally bother either one of you, they speak to a deeper issue: You two are working out some inner aggressions that usually lie dormant, which have to do with independence and standing up for your own perspective. When we get into relationships, we naturally tend to suppress parts of our own personalities in the name of togetherness and true romantic unity. But that can lead to some serious feelings of rebellion from time to time, and that's what you two are experiencing now. So play nice! But do use the energy of this period to get in touch with the real, inner you.

Mercury square Uranus

Driving Each Other Crazy

This is not the week to spend a lot of one-on-one time together at home, because you'll both feel restless together, which can easily turn into irritability. Get out of the house or spend time with other friends until next week, when this energy will pass. Because this week, you both run the risk of saying things you don't really mean and causing arguments. Yes, it's that old foot-in-mouth disease flaring up again. You'll annoy each other much more easily now than usual, especially if you haven't gotten enough exercise or mental stimulation. Needing a mental or physical workout can push you to seek stimulation wherever you can get it, even if it's negative stimulation, such as petty debates and disagreements. Also, be careful if you two are in any kind of legal or monetary negotiations together with a third party. In situations where you're supposed to keep certain things under your hat, so to speak, one or both of you will end up saying things you don't mean to reveal, which could lose you the advantage in the situation. Finally, expect the unexpected now. Even the most well-planned activities won't run according to schedule, and you'll both just have to roll with it.

Venus square Pluto

Feeling Insecure

You could get into some battles of wills this week, either overt ones, such as out-and-out arguments, or more subtle ones that stay under the surface and bother both of you, consuming your thoughts and energy but never coming fully to light. You're both feeling more than a little insecure about your bond at the moment, and this could manifest itself in jealousy, fights or controlling behavior. But instead of lashing out or getting into a heated discussion, you might want to probe your own mind first about whatever it is that you think is bothering you. Could it really be that you're feeling worried about your connection in general? It's likely that you're actually feeling a bit disconnected and insecure about the future of the relationship, so express those feelings rather than hurling accusations and trying to defend yourself against those of your honey. This period is actually a good one for getting down to the truth of things, so at least you've got that going for you -- although the discussions or arguments that ensue won't be much fun for either of you. Of course, you're both feeling extra passionate, so the kissing and making up could be truly inspirational!

Next Steps

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