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Person 1, born January 30, 1971:

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The future -- that vast, unknown territory where anything can happen! Right? Not quite. Though events in your life may seem completely random, there is still at least some pattern to the order of events -- one set in motion in part by you, and in part by the planets and stars in the sky and their influence on your life here on Earth.

The part that’s all about you is related to your free will: how you behave, what your goals and ambitions are, and how you work toward them or avoid them.
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What Do The Planets Say About Your Future Person 1?

Looking to the future can be both exciting and scary, triggering feelings of anxiety or excitement – emotions that are often hard to distinguish!

Your Personal Astrology Forecast Calculators reveal what you can expect in the most important areas of your life using six key categories – your Soul Direction, Communication Style, Love & Money Potential, Career Prospects, Luck and Lessons, via handy bar graphs to help you see your future at a glance!

The future doesn’t have to be quite as scary when you’re well-prepared, does itPerson 1? Astrology is an insightful and ancient yet modern tool to empower you to live your best life, giving you a heads up when you most need it!

Your Personal Astrological Forecast Calculators shine a spotlight on which areas contain the most growth for you, which areas hold important lessons, or where opportunities will appear for you!

Your easy-to-read bar graphs reveal the time period ahead in quick detail giving you that extra nod to trust yourself and make informed decisions!

If you want in-depth guidance on what to expect for the future, then Your Personal Astrology Forecast Calculators are the perfect friend to turn to, helping you to be extra-prepared for what life throws at you!

Discover where your Soul yearns to go, how you’re thinking and communicating, what your love life holds for you and what exciting career prospects are coming up! Get to know when you’re going to get lucky, and where you’re going to learn your biggest lessons.

All this and so much more is in your detailed, rich and in-depth Personal Astrology Forecast! Empower yourself with the wisdom of the stars and planets and take control of your life!

Your Conscious Mind – Person 1's Sun Influences

The Sun in Astrology describes your personality. When you are at your best you do your best. Just as the Sun is the center of our solar system, it’s also the center of you; the inner flame is that essence that runs through your being. When the conscious mind is sharp, anything is possible. These bar graphs will indicate how well... Read more

8-10 You are perfectly existing in the world
4-7 Life is right-on for you at the moment
0-3 Hang in there; opportunities will come to you soon

The Chatty Factor – Person 1's Mercury Influences

Mercury in Astrology represents the expression of self. How you listen and how you are heard, your thought process, your logic, and intellectual ideas. Are all representations of you expressing yourself. These bar graphs indicate how well you are communicating with the world around you... Read more

8-10 Expressions flow effortlessly
4-7 People will listen to you
0-3 It’s harder to articulate yourself

The Love Meter – Person 1's Venus Influences

Venus in Astrology is connected to your heart. How you give and receive love in your existing and future relationships are determined by this planet. Sweetness, pleasure and harmony are the energies of Venus. These bar graphs can give insight to how your relationships and social gatherings will go... Read more

8-10 Feeling and expressing love comes naturally
4-7 There may be some tough love in your life
0-3 Love is not a priority for you right now

Your Assertive Energy – Person 1's Mars Influences

Mars in Astrology rules the physical, assertive energy as well as desires, sex appeal, and carnal appetites are representations. Your drive and prosperity depend on this planet! Dating, mating, & relating are fueled by Mars. Are you feeling revved up & aroused or feeling more submissive? These bar graphs will indicate where your aggressive energy is at during this time.... Read more

8-10 You’re sharp and ready to take on the world
4-7 Declare your desires
0-3 Keep putting in effort, don’t lose sight of what you want

Personal Growth Element – Person 1's Jupiter Influences

Jupiter in Astrology represents expansion. Luck, advantages, and opportunities are governed by our solar system’s largest planet. The energy of Jupiter is hopeful, optimistic, and friendly! Are you feeling more positive or pessimistic? These bar graphs will give clarity to how you think and feel about the world and your personal growth.... Read more

8-10 Life is full-on - the glass is overflowing!
4-7 Step out of your comfort zone to reap rewards
0-3 Focus on the world in front of you

Lessons Learned – Person 1's Saturn Influences

In Astrology, Saturn governs karma. Life lessons, obligations, and responsibilities are influenced by this planet. The energy of Saturn requires stillness and meditation. Your unconscious mind is dictated by the energy of this planet. Are you doing a lot of work and not seeing the results? These bar graphs will help you understand your next move and as well as your long term plans.... Read more

8-10 You’re in a personal growth cycle.
4-7 Remember to breathe and take care of business.
0-3 You’re off the karmic hook right now. Enjoy this time!

Person 1, In this Monthly Astrology Forecast report, you will get life-transforming insight into these planetary energies:


governs your true authentic self and your soul’s journey
reveals the undeniable traits that make you who you are
gives a sense of your individuality, self-dependence, and consciousness


influences how you communicate - both verbally and nonverbally
governs how you think and your thought processes
shows how you interact with others, including colleagues, family, and romantic partners


represents how you love yourself and others
reveals the intimate depths of your private life
signifies traits you’re attracted to and what attracts others to you


determines your deepest ambitions
reveals what truly motivates you in all areas of your life
explains your drive and willpower


shapes your most strongly-held beliefs
shows your non-negotiable values
guides you on your path


teaches you life lessons you came here to learn
illuminates your deepest challenges
signifies limitations you must overcome in life
reveals your karma


unveils your rebellious side
shows where you want to break the rules
highlights the boundaries you’ll want to push


rules your higher-self
signifies your spiritual path
reveals your subconscious mind that’s dying to break through to the surface


reveals your greatest fears
gifts you with the opportunity for massive change
highlights the transformation you’re meant to undergo this lifetime
Person 1, read below to find out how a few of the current planetary transits are affecting you

Person 1's Strengths

13Saturn sextile Saturn

Solution Oriented

You are in a building period now, when projects and efforts you began earlier reach important milestones and you are able to measure your progress. You may not even be near completion of this endeavor, but as long as you can see the benchmarks, you are satisfied. Quality of work is more important to you now than quantity. Work, accomplishment and the fulfilling of responsibilities will be the focus for your year. If everything is on track, you'll be able to move forward swiftly. You're also able to identify any problems and to devise workable solutions. If no solutions are available, you can let the project go, salvaging anything useful for another time. Maturity and authority come naturally to you as a result of your hard work and diligence; you climb gracefully up the ladder to your success. Teamwork is another area where you excel, because your invaluable contributions blend with others' to create a group that is greater than the sum of its parts. All in all, this is a year when you'll take advantage of your endurance and strength to accomplish a great deal in your life, without working yourself to exhaustion. You practice moderation in all things.

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14Pluto sextile Neptune

Spirituality, Romance and Escape

During this influence, you'll focus on your spiritual life and your relationship ideals. If you've cultivated ways to regularly escape the mundane realities of the real world, the long-term effects of these methods may catch up with you now. However, the most likely effects will show up in your spiritual or religious beliefs and your romantic relationships. This is an excellent period for developing the more refined, nonphysical aspects of your life, for deepening your spiritual practices and investigating alternative forms of spirituality if you don't find satisfaction in your current spiritual life. In terms of romance, ideals that you've long cherished but rarely examined will come to the surface now. Whether or not you're in a relationship, it's a great time to consider these ideals and what they mean to you. Questioning whether you're satisfied with your love life may lead you to visit a therapist, to help you sort out these issues. But whether you ask for outside help or pursue this quest on your own, both your spirituality and your romantic ideals can deepen and become more significant during this two-to-three-year period, if you take the time to develop them.

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15Pluto sextile Jupiter

Lead On, Leader!

For this two-to-three-year period, you'll have a fine blend of confidence and ability, effort and success, power and promotion. Your faith will increase as you open up to previously hidden aspects of the universe. Your curiosity is highlighted, and you can learn a lot about yourself and the natural world. You're optimistic about your future now; you feel certain that your hard work and intelligent approach will ensure your future success. Faith and ambition merge with effort to create a plan that utilizes all of your resources to their best effect, squandering nothing in your purposeful forward motion. You're unstoppable now! You're able to see clearly if any areas of your life need improvement or changes, and you can more easily make and incorporate these changes during this influence. This is a time of remarkable vision and flexibility for you, an excellent time to promote yourself and your endeavors. Your skills will be noticed by those around you; you may find yourself in a position of leadership, because this influence supports an elevation of your status, and you're well suited to lead. Just try not to let pride interfere with effective leadership.

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16Venus trine Venus

Making Money and Connections

You're in luck this week! Money is flowing and romance is in the air, and something wonderful could happen in either or both of these arenas. Best of all, anything positive that happens in your finances or your love life will have good effects that ripple outward like a pebble thrown into a pond. Now is the perfect time to connect with someone at work or in your social life that you've been thinking about a lot lately. Money matters and social events should go even more smoothly than usual, as will contract negotiations and other projects at work. Your career could really jump up a level or two now, but at the very least, your boss or your clients will be impressed with the charm and ease with which you facilitate meetings or negotiations, and they'll remember these qualities later. Hard work isn't really on your agenda now, but that's fine -- you're contributing something else that's valuable. And besides, all work and no play...well, you know the saying! Now's the time for good feelings, and spreading them around. Get together with friends for dinner, a shopping trip or a night out on the town. A mood like this is too good to waste.

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17Mars trine Neptune

Take Some Down Time

These few weeks offer the perfect opportunity to reach out to someone you love, whether it's a friend, a family member or someone cute and special. Your ego has taken a back seat to your sympathetic side, and you're all ears for others' concerns, problems and thoughts in general. Also, you just want to connect and have fun with the people you love best. You're not too worried about being the center of attention now, and you're all about enjoying the people around you, so you'll be a favorite at work, parties and other get-togethers, because you're such a great audience! You're listening and tuning in well, and you're really demonstrating how much you appreciate your friends and coworkers. You're feeling much more helpful than usual, too; you might stay late at work to finish things up or do some extra housework to make it that much nicer for everyone. Just make sure that you don't start patting yourself on the back too much for your newfound compassion and helpful energy! This transit is relatively short, after all. Just do your good works and don't expect anyone's admiration or thanks -- especially not your own -- and you'll be fine.

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18Mars trine Jupiter

Creating Your Own Good Luck

Your physical and mental energies are strong and lively during this three-week period, and what you do isn't nearly as important as the fact that you're doing something positive. Translation: This is no time to park yourself in front of the TV for some zone-out time! These few weeks are for activity, socializing and boosting your personal growth. You'll enjoy exercising, sports and sex even more than usual, so get out on the court with your coworkers for a pickup game, or behind closed doors with your honey for a little one-on-one action! Just putting in the effort will reap amazing results -- opportunities that you'll think are lucky breaks, when really they're the result of you getting out there and making life happen instead of letting it pass you by. For example, at work, you'll put in even more work than usual, which will impress your boss -- who just might turn around and offer you a raise or a promotion. Out on the softball field or the basketball court, you'll pull more than your weight, helping secure a victory -- and all your friends will cheer you on, making you feel great! This period is all about high energy and good times, so enjoy yourself.

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19Mars trine Mars

Assertive But Not Overbearing

Physical energy and initiative run high at this time. You can use this enterprising spirit to accomplish a great deal of hard work, either individually or in a team effort. A project that allows you to display your leadership abilities is a great idea now, because you're naturally charismatic and you know just what needs to be done -- and you can easily impress your boss and your coworkers by being proactive about your work. It would also be a good idea to step up your exercise routine during these weeks, because you can really use the outlet for this currently dynamic energy. And after all, using energy on the treadmill or the basketball court actually creates more, so you'll be able to prolong all the wonderful effects of this period if you stay physically active. And feel free to get creative about it. Switch things up in your daily routine; take a gym break in the middle of the day to break up your work, or ask a friend to take a fast-paced walk with you in the morning. If you're partnered, now's the perfect time to steer them into the bedroom for a long, fun romp! You're vigorous and untiring during this period, so don't waste this valuable energy.

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20Sun trine Mercury

A Clear Mind

Your mind is perfectly clear this week, and you observe with unusual depth and clarity. Your words flow with precision and ease, from both your mouth and your hand, and you are able to absorb and relay information with incredible speed and fluidity. Your mind is working at subtle levels now, and you're able to grasp concepts that would normally elude you. Your intuitions are also humming; no matter who you come into contact with, you're able to read them accurately and figure out their needs, or their agenda, as the case may be. Doesn't it feel great to connect so easily? You can get your ideas across with such little effort, and you can understand your friends and coworkers so well, without even trying. Take advantage of this smooth flow of ideas; creativity is encouraged and listening is enhanced, and this can mean great things both in your personal relationships and at work. If you involved with any type of research or intensive study program, you'll find that your work goes exceptionally well this week, as you have a good grasp not only of details, but of the overall plan. Your timing's just right during this week or two, so take good advantage of it!

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21Mercury trine Venus

Favorable Connections

You may find yourself feeling very affectionate this week, and particularly keen on expressing your feelings of warmth to the object of your affection. It's very likely that your declaration of love will be welcome and that it will lead to a good outcome, so be imaginative and creative when you communicate your warm feelings. Fortunately, your ability to express yourself is not limited to romantic gestures and proclamations. You thrive in all social situations, easily connecting with friends old and new, so this is an excellent time to throw a party and to accept all invitations that come your way. Lectures, discussions and music and art events are all highly interesting under this influence. Even business contacts are favored now, because not only are you thinking clearly, you have everyone's best interests in mind. Your selfless attitude enables you to create agreements and contracts that end up being favorable for all parties involved. You notice your immediate environment more than usual now and you can make quick, minor adjustments that improve the energy flow and appearance of your home and workplace.

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22Saturn sextile Mercury

Say What You Mean, and Mean What You Say

Communication, thought processes, logic and learning are all favorably highlighted for the coming year. Opportunities to improve in all these areas will come your way; your job is to be alert and capitalize on them. You're capable of learning a lot, so this would be an excellent time to take a class or undertake any type of structured learning program, because you respond favorably to a step-by-step logical process, especially if it includes a degree or certificate at the end of the program. You have the discipline and concentration needed for success in learning; even self-directed learning is beneficial for you now. If you want to improve your writing skills, now would be a good time to do that; ask for help from someone more experienced than you, who can give you good advice. And remember: The most important step you can take in improving in these areas is practice! Set aside time every day to work toward your new goal. Your ability to communicate also improves under this influence, so make it a point to speak clearly. Take a moment to make sure others have understood you and that you understand them. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

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23Mars sextile Sun

Picking Up the Pace

This should be an excellent couple of weeks, a time when you can accomplish a great deal of work on a personal level. You're feeling great -- strong, centered, motivated -- so this is your time to get out there and make it happen! You've got plenty of energy now, so step up the pace on your exercise program -- or get started on a new one -- and tackle some physical chores. You have much more stamina than usual, and you'll surprise yourself with how much you can take! Hey, no pain, no gain, right? Except right now, you won't feel much pain; you're strong and capable. It's the perfect time to push your body to the max, for you'll build both strength and endurance. You can take this wonderful energy beyond the physical, however. You're uniquely in touch with your goals now, so if you haven't already, take a few hours to write out a plan for yourself -- for the next five years, say, with all your career and personal ambitions listed. Working out a game plan to get where you want to go will go really well now, because you know exactly how to get the things you want most. Your energy and confidence will definitely impress your boss, and that special someone as well!

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24Venus trine Mercury

A Silver Tongue

If you can arrange a vacation this week, by all means, do so! You're feeling great and you just want to relax with people you love. Hanging out with friends is highlighted for you now; the conversation will flow and you'll easily make new connections wherever you go. You're able to express your feelings and your affection, as well as to articulate more intellectual concepts. You can also use your grace and tact in negotiations at work or between friends, appealing eloquently to both sides when people differ. Whatever your aim might be, you can bring it about just by being calm and persuasive. If you recently hit a dead end on a project that involved reaching out to someone -- a potential client, maybe, or someone special you've had your eye on -- give it another try this week. You're charming and appealing in the extreme now, and you'll likely get a better response. At any rate, enjoy this week, whatever you end up doing. Getting together in groups, going to places where the conversation can flow, is a great idea. Don't be surprised if you end up staying out late with someone interesting, tossing ideas and witticisms back and forth to your mutual delight!

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25Jupiter trine Pluto

Beyond the Self

Your knowledge, personal power and resources will increase with little effort from you during this rare and powerful influence. The big test will be, who benefits from this increase? You will, certainly, but for the best results, it's time to broadcast your good fortune and skill to a wider audience. Although you may prefer to work alone during this period, group efforts are the way to go. That way, not only will your talents and skill be available to more people, but others may also have input and ideas that are a valuable addition to what you can offer by yourself. It's important that your work extends beyond your personal life. All in all, you feel quite good at this time, confident in your future and able to make needed changes in your life to ensure success for yourself. This will then ripple out to those near and dear to you. Your thirst for knowledge will likely increase at this time; you'll soak up information rapidly and you'll quickly reframe it so that it's useful to you. You are also able to teach effectively at this time, so if someone comes to you for your wisdom and advice, take this seriously and do your best to guide them.

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26Sun trine Pluto

Dig Deep

This is a good time to grab a task by the horns and get it done. You're not in the mood for any nonsense, and you're ready to clean up and clean out any long-standing problems you've been dealing with. Rededicate yourself to physical exercise now. You can easily see beneath the surface this week -- below the surface of the task, your relationships or any other aspect of your life. You require honesty now in all your interactions; you're looking for authenticity of emotion and experience, even if you're just buying groceries! Whether it's with someone you've loved a long time or someone you just met, someone in your personal life or related to your work, you want to connect at a deep and human level. This intensity will probably impress them; they'll appreciate how real you are, and how accessible. This is also a great time to get in touch with yourself as well as with other people. You'll learn more than you might think possible, just by writing in a journal or having a deep conversation with a friend; and these are lessons you'll take with you into your future. And whatever it is that you learn, it will help you to meet life with renewed vigor and determination.

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27Venus trine Pluto

Creating a Deep Connection

If you're in a relationship, don't hesitate to intensify and deepen it this week, because you'll be richly rewarded. You're feeling the intensity of your love for all the special people in your life in a brand-new way. You might even feel utterly overwhelmed by the power of your emotions! And so will they. You can easily sweep someone off their feet now, if you so desire. You can also express your love for that special someone through the physical act of love, which will be overwhelmingly intense for both of you. And if there's no one special on the horizon, that's okay too -- you'll revel just as deeply and happily in the emotional bonds that you share with your good friends and close family members. You might want to keep a journal now, because you're full of great insights into yourself, your own heart and your relationships. You might figure out something complex about yourself and the way you work with the people you love, or about your bond with your honey; or you might just start doodling and end up sketching out an amazing drawing! Your creativity is stimulated now, so give it an outlet. The same goes for the love you feel for other people.

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Person 1's Intensities

Sun conjunct Saturn

Higher Standards

This is a serious week, one in which you'll instinctively review your life, your goals and your past actions. You want to make sure everything is up to your high standards, so you will tend to be critical, looking for the negative instead of the positive. Although you may lack your usual physical energy, keep up your exercise routine. You're more focused now than usual, and will readily tackle mundane tasks that you ordinarily avoid, like balancing your checkbook or tying up loose ends on your projects at work. More than anything, you're concerned about the quality of your work. You hate to squander your energy, so you make a point to work hard and do a good job, and the results of your labor will be practical, high-quality and long-lasting. Working by yourself is more effective than trying to work with others. Business meetings are fine, because you're able to articulate goals and formulate a plan for achieving them, but social calls might be out for the time being, until you're more in the mood for fun and relaxation again. For now, it's good to buckle down, work hard and make sure you are still on the right path. You can have fun next week!

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Venus conjunct Saturn

Grounded With Love and Money

You feel practical this week in terms of love and money. This transit inspires a realistic outlook and an acceptance of the way things actually are. Finances might be on your mind, and relationships might too; whatever it is that you're thinking about, you're considering it in a serious way. This isn't a period for daydreams; it's more about taking stock of your life, and figuring things out for the future. You might draw up a new budget if you decide that your old one isn't working how you want it to, or you'll consider whether a personal relationship is going the way you'd like. You tend toward pessimism now, though, so before you make any rash decisions -- like taking on a second job, or breaking up with that sweet person you've recently been seeing -- ask someone for advice, and preferably someone older and more experienced than you are. They might have some good ideas for you that you never thought of, about how to manage your money, your time or your love life. Of course, you shouldn't take their word as the gospel, either! This period should be more about fact-gathering and hard work than about making actual changes or decisions.

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Person 1's Challenges

Neptune opposite Pluto

Loss and Renewal

This transit can have quite a dramatic influence on your life and that of your friends around your age, as it dissolves the power structures you've known in your life up to this time. People, situations and possessions that you're accustomed to may be lost now. Because you're so familiar with and most likely attached to these things, this influence can be quite disturbing, even to the point of affecting your health. There is often a sense of sadness and melancholy as the old forms pass away; unfortunately, the more you cling to these structures, the more difficult this experience will be. Sometimes, parts of yourself that you've long kept hidden will creep to the surface. This may be quite uncomfortable for you, because these qualities or interests are hidden because you felt they were improper, shameful, even evil -- although whatever it is, it's probably not nearly as bad as you think it is! The most straightforward path through this difficult period is to accept things that are coming to the surface now, and make every attempt to expand your world view to include a broader vision in which you play an important, if unrecognized, part.

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Mars square Venus

Coming on Too Strong

Chances are good that you'll meet with frustration and denial during this three-week period. You may feel as if your needs aren't being met, and you'll argue with your sweetie about whether the two of you are holding up your ends of the relationship. If you're single, this could come out simply in a sense of frustration -- a strong yearning to be with someone, but an equally strong feeling that it just can't happen right now. Maybe you've got way too much going on in your life to make room for a relationship, or maybe you're doing your darnedest to make something happen, and you just get thwarted at every turn. It can be really frustrating to go out on date after date and have nothing come of it, or to lie in bed at night, alone, really wishing there were someone special by your side. But just remember that this, too, shall pass. This period is over in a few short weeks, and things will ease up again; so until then, just try to stay calm! Avoid coming on too strong with a potential lover, because that will only turn them off and make them not want to come back for more -- exactly the opposite of what you want to happen.

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Mars opposite Pluto

Thwarted Ambitions

Your ambitions and goals are likely to be thwarted during this short-lived but difficult time -- or at least, you'll feel as if that's what's happening. You'll feel stopped short at every turn, as if the universe is against you and everything you're trying to make happen. But it's not that the universe is against you; in fact, it's a whole lot more likely that you're getting in your own way. You're seeing sources of conflict where they don't exist, and you're behaving aggressively with your friends and coworkers without even realizing it. You could really tick someone off at work if you take an unnecessary stand on a project, or out and about if you succumb to road rage or annoyance in the grocery checkout line. Furthermore, you're more obsessive now than usual; you could turn a certain idea or suspicion over and over in your mind, convincing yourself that it's true and a way bigger deal than it really is. Or, you might become obsessed with a certain person -- that special someone, perhaps -- and that's never a good thing! You could end up pushing them away, either by attending them too closely or by starting unnecessary arguments. Try to tone it down.

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Sun square Sun

Temporary Challenges

Your physical vitality and energy sinks now, and you don't feel as positive and easygoing as usual. You're on edge, irritable and sensitive to the least challenges or obstacles. You just feel thwarted, at work, at home and within yourself. Every effort you make seems to meet up with a brick wall, and whatever it is that you're working on -- a project, a relationship -- is being tested. This isn't the best time to start new projects, and especially not with a new team. They won't see things the way you do, and you'll probably end up doing more arguing than making any actual progress. You're much more likely than usual to butt heads with someone and to reject their good ideas just because they're different from what you came up with. You're also suffering from foot-in-mouth disease right now; your defenses are up and you're taking things much more personally than you should, which makes you lash out and say things you'll probably really regret later. Fortunately this transit is only temporary, so what appears bleak now should look a lot rosier in a week or so. Just be patient; soon things will be back on track.

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Mercury square Mercury

Bite Your Tongue

Well! Your (fill in the blank -- boss, lover, friend, complete stranger) has a lot of nerve to contradict you! Just who do they think they are, anyway? They picked the wrong day to pick an argument with you, because you're not backing down; no way. And those very sensible facts and figures they're throwing in your face to prove you wrong -- all hogwash! You fold your arms over your chest and jut your chin out, rolling your eyes at the ceiling. You're right, and that's that. Except when you're wrong! And that can be the trouble when you're stubbornly clinging to your ideas, even in the face of facts that clearly show you seriously need an update. Forewarned is forearmed, in this case, so now you know not to stick to your guns when your guns are stuck! Instead of turning off your ears, turn off your mouth. Listen, no matter how much of a struggle it is. Take down those facts and figures and check them out for yourself. There's no disgrace in not knowing something -- the disgrace lies in refusing to admit you've been wrong.

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Venus square Sun

Judgment Call

This week, you're concerned with gaining other people's love and approval. You want everyone to get along and to look at you as the most attractive person in the room. That urge doesn't come from self-centeredness, either; you're actually feeling somewhat insecure. It's more important to you now that everyone likes you than anything else, and you could become a pushover as a result. Good thing this transit is relatively short and you'll return to your normal self in a week or two, because for now, your main concern is getting along; but honesty and authenticity could easily fall by the wayside. At work, you may push too hard for a project to go through that's not really a viable plan, or to make a connection with a potential client that's not really a match for the company, because you just want things to go well, and you want everyone -- your boss, your honey -- to smile upon you with approval. Try to be more realistic about things. You might also want to leave your credit card at home; you'll be sorely tempted to overspend on your appearance during this transit. Beware signs of self indulgence, and you'll be fine. Give a hug to someone you love.

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Mars opposite Uranus

Erratic Energy

This could be a difficult few weeks, and you may not make any new friends. You're irritable and touchy, and your energy is the type where everyone around you is setting you off. Suddenly, you're taking stands on the silliest things -- and even in the moment, when you're spouting off to your coworker, your lover, your best friend, you're thinking, 'Why am I doing this?' But you won't be able to stop yourself, and you could really do some damage to your relationships, which that will have to be fixed later. At base, you're rebelling against any perceived restraints on your precious freedom. Suddenly, even simple things like instructions from your boss bring out your inner two-year-old -- on the inside, and maybe even on the outside, you're saying, 'But I don't want to!' Most of your attempts toward freedom will be met with some opposition, but the good news is, this can actually help you clarify and refine your position. You don't have to be aggressive about it. After all, it's not a bad time to strike out on your own, especially if you've already done some planning for it. Your physical energy will be erratic, however, so exercise within reason, and use more caution than usual.

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Sun opposite Neptune

Cloudy Judgment

Even if you get a strong feeling about someone or something this week, you're better off holding back and taking your time to investigate before making any moves or decisions. That could be a tall order for you, especially if you're used to being decisive or to following your instincts, but the problem is, your instincts are sending you mixed messages, and you might follow the wrong one. You might think you're seeing things as they are, but later you'll realize that things are really different from what you thought they were. For this reason, don't quit your job or take a new one, make a commitment to a lover or break things off, or make any other big, life-changing decision until you're sure you really know what's going on. The good news is, this confusion is going to clear up in a week or so, and you'll be able to make the assessment you need. But for now, you're not operating on all your cylinders, which means you shouldn't be operating at all. Take a break from business and other projects, and get a little alone time. Reading, naps and movies are all great ways to stimulate your imagination while passing the time until you're more clear-headed.

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Sun opposite Jupiter

Don't Overdo It

Situations can quickly escalate and get out of hand if you aren't at least a little bit careful this week. Usually this is not a bad thing, exactly; it's more just a matter of 'too much of a good thing.' You probably don't feel as self-confident as usual, which could convince you that your performance at work is lacking. Still, meetings and appointments could work out fine, because your intelligence and competence are still coming across to others -- even if you don't realize it. But your self-doubt could still be hard for you to handle, and forcing yourself out into the world isn't a great idea. Your standards are too high right now, both for yourself and your own performance as well as that of the people around you. You may come across as a self-righteous know-it-all, just because you're trying not to seem like an idiot! It might be smarter just to delegate your projects at work to other people so that you can get a little much-needed downtime. Connect with an old friend, someone who makes you feel good about yourself and reminds you that the world is a special place, and you're a very special part of it. That renewed sense of optimism will quickly be radiated back out to the world.

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Mercury square Sun

Explain Yourself

You'll be challenged to explain yourself during the few days that this transit is in effect. You may not be speaking and writing with the clarity you usually have. You may think you're communicating clearly, but then others come back with lots of questions, comments and suggestions. Rather than getting defensive, force yourself to listen carefully to their questions and complaints. There's a lot to learn here about effective delivery, about saying things in a way that other people can understand, and about listening to what others are saying. This is a great time for writing rough drafts, proposals and things that you'll have the opportunity to correct and update later, after you've had some feedback. If that feedback isn't as good as you expected, don't be discouraged. Use it as a learning experience to improve your writing and speaking, as a tool to refine your communication skills. If you're feeling nervous or edgy, take yourself out for some good exercise, and you'll return more clearheaded and motivated.

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Mars square Mercury

Heated Disagreements

Is it possible to put off your important meetings at work for a few weeks? Because you might really be better off doing so. This three-week transit is all about frustrating communications and you're just not likely to get your ideas across in a positive way; not without a lot of effort, anyway. You might even get into arguments with your coworkers, your boss or other business associates, and while you'll be telling yourself that they're the one that started it -- they challenged you first, you'll think; you were just standing up for yourself and your ideas! -- really, it's you that will cast the first stone. You're not nearly as tactful now as you usually are; it's as if the filter between your thoughts and your mouth is missing, and criticisms and other rudenesses come tumbling out before you can stop them. You'll put the people around you on the defense without even meaning to, and that's no way to get good, solid work done. Even with your friends, you'll notice that conversations are tense; but it's better to stick to the people who know you best during this transit, instead of trying to make a good impression on someone new, and failing.

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Sun opposite Mars

Is It Them, or Is It You?

This could be a difficult week, when it feels like everyone -- and especially people with power -- is determined to stop you in your tracks. You seem to face one obstacle after another as you try to make your way through your week. The funny thing is, it seems like everyone around you is the problem, but really, it's you. You may not make your best impression on others during this time. You're a bit more on edge than usual; whenever you perceive a challenge, your fists go up, so to speak, and you're ready to jump into the fray instead of taking a more philosophical perspective. Confrontations are likely at this time; you're in an aggressive frame of mind and you won't back down easily from any fight. And though you'll hate to admit it, you're hypersensitive now, so you switch into defense mode fast, even when there's nothing that you need to defend yourself against. You could find it hard stay calm and easygoing, and annoying other people is almost a given! Promise yourself that you'll count to ten before you lash out verbally or physically at anyone. Try to take the high road, even though it's extremely difficult.

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