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Person 1, born July 19, 1978:

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The future -- that vast, unknown territory where anything can happen! Right? Not quite. Though events in your life may seem completely random, there is still at least some pattern to the order of events -- one set in motion in part by you, and in part by the planets and stars in the sky and their influence on your life here on Earth.

The part that’s all about you is related to your free will: how you behave, what your goals and ambitions are, and how you work toward them or avoid them.
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What Do The Planets Say About Your Future Person 1?

Looking to the future can be both exciting and scary, triggering feelings of anxiety or excitement – emotions that are often hard to distinguish!

Your Personal Astrology Forecast Calculators reveal what you can expect in the most important areas of your life using six key categories – your Soul Direction, Communication Style, Love & Money Potential, Career Prospects, Luck and Lessons, via handy bar graphs to help you see your future at a glance!

The future doesn’t have to be quite as scary when you’re well-prepared, does it Person 1? Astrology is an insightful and ancient yet modern tool to empower you to live your best life, giving you a heads up when you most need it!

Your Personal Astrological Forecast Calculators shine a spotlight on which areas contain the most growth for you, which areas hold important lessons, or where opportunities will appear for you!

Your easy-to-read bar graphs reveal the time period ahead in quick detail giving you that extra nod to trust yourself and make informed decisions!

If you want in-depth guidance on what to expect for the future, then Your Personal Astrology Forecast Calculators are the perfect friend to turn to, helping you to be extra-prepared for what life throws at you!

Discover where your Soul yearns to go, how you’re thinking and communicating, what your love life holds for you and what exciting career prospects are coming up! Get to know when you’re going to get lucky, and where you’re going to learn your biggest lessons.

All this and so much more is in your detailed, rich and in-depth Personal Astrology Forecast! Empower yourself with the wisdom of the stars and planets and take control of your life!

Your Conscious Mind – Person 1's Sun Influences

The Sun in Astrology describes your personality. When you are at your best you do your best. Just as the Sun is the center of our solar system, it’s also the center of you; the inner flame is that essence that runs through your being. When the conscious mind is sharp, anything is possible. These bar graphs will indicate how well... Read more

8-10 You are perfectly existing in the world
4-7 Life is right-on for you at the moment
0-3 Hang in there; opportunities will come to you soon

The Chatty Factor – Person 1's Mercury Influences

Mercury in Astrology represents the expression of self. How you listen and how you are heard, your thought process, your logic, and intellectual ideas. Are all representations of you expressing yourself. These bar graphs indicate how well you are communicating with the world around you... Read more

8-10 Expressions flow effortlessly
4-7 People will listen to you
0-3 It’s harder to articulate yourself

The Love Meter – Person 1's Venus Influences

Venus in Astrology is connected to your heart. How you give and receive love in your existing and future relationships are determined by this planet. Sweetness, pleasure and harmony are the energies of Venus. These bar graphs can give insight to how your relationships and social gatherings will go... Read more

8-10 Feeling and expressing love comes naturally
4-7 There may be some tough love in your life
0-3 Love is not a priority for you right now

Your Assertive Energy – Person 1's Mars Influences

Mars in Astrology rules the physical, assertive energy as well as desires, sex appeal, and carnal appetites are representations. Your drive and prosperity depend on this planet! Dating, mating, & relating are fueled by Mars. Are you feeling revved up & aroused or feeling more submissive? These bar graphs will indicate where your aggressive energy is at during this time.... Read more

8-10 You’re sharp and ready to take on the world
4-7 Declare your desires
0-3 Keep putting in effort, don’t lose sight of what you want

Personal Growth Element – Person 1's Jupiter Influences

Jupiter in Astrology represents expansion. Luck, advantages, and opportunities are governed by our solar system’s largest planet. The energy of Jupiter is hopeful, optimistic, and friendly! Are you feeling more positive or pessimistic? These bar graphs will give clarity to how you think and feel about the world and your personal growth.... Read more

8-10 Life is full-on - the glass is overflowing!
4-7 Step out of your comfort zone to reap rewards
0-3 Focus on the world in front of you

Lessons Learned – Person 1's Saturn Influences

In Astrology, Saturn governs karma. Life lessons, obligations, and responsibilities are influenced by this planet. The energy of Saturn requires stillness and meditation. Your unconscious mind is dictated by the energy of this planet. Are you doing a lot of work and not seeing the results? These bar graphs will help you understand your next move and as well as your long term plans.... Read more

8-10 You’re in a personal growth cycle.
4-7 Remember to breathe and take care of business.
0-3 You’re off the karmic hook right now. Enjoy this time!

Person 1, In this Monthly Astrology Forecast report, you will get life-transforming insight into these planetary energies:


governs your true authentic self and your soul’s journey
reveals the undeniable traits that make you who you are
gives a sense of your individuality, self-dependence, and consciousness


influences how you communicate - both verbally and nonverbally
governs how you think and your thought processes
shows how you interact with others, including colleagues, family, and romantic partners


represents how you love yourself and others
reveals the intimate depths of your private life
signifies traits you’re attracted to and what attracts others to you


determines your deepest ambitions
reveals what truly motivates you in all areas of your life
explains your drive and willpower


shapes your most strongly-held beliefs
shows your non-negotiable values
guides you on your path


teaches you life lessons you came here to learn
illuminates your deepest challenges
signifies limitations you must overcome in life
reveals your karma


unveils your rebellious side
shows where you want to break the rules
highlights the boundaries you’ll want to push


rules your higher-self
signifies your spiritual path
reveals your subconscious mind that’s dying to break through to the surface


reveals your greatest fears
gifts you with the opportunity for massive change
highlights the transformation you’re meant to undergo this lifetime
Person 1, read below to find out how a few of the current planetary transits are affecting you

Person 1's Strengths

1Neptune trine Sun

Amazing Grace

During this two-year period you'll feel highly sensitive, both personally and toward others. On a physical level, you may notice that odors and sounds bother you more than usual, or you'll have a lower tolerance for alcohol or medicines. Your intuition is also strong during this time; you can amaze others by seeing things in them that they haven't recognized or revealed to the world. Pay close attention to your body during this time, and don't wear yourself out with work. Do make it a point to get your exercise, though. Gentle movements such as walking, yoga and stretching are very beneficial for you now. Rest when and as much as you need it, and you'll be rewarded with amazing and powerful dreams. Compassion is highlighted during this time, and you're moved to serve others. Your warmth and caring will make those less fortunate than you feel worthwhile and important. You may feel a renewed interest in your spiritual life, especially if you've been ignoring that side for a while. The spirit world somehow seems more accessible now, more inviting. Feeding your soul is just as important now as feeding your body.

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2Mars sextile Mercury

Communicate Freely

Your energy is high but not erratic during this three-week transit, and your mind is moving forward, attuned to communication with the people around you -- and even those people who aren't nearby. This is a great time to write a letter and actually send it off, or to start up an email correspondence with someone (could it be someone special that you'd like to get to know better?). At work, you can strike up a new business relationship with ease. This is the perfect time to either begin or wrap up negotiations on a contract or a project, because you can really get your ideas across. This energy and its positive effects aren't just confined to business, either; when you're out with friends, you can help everyone have a good time with your enthusiasm, your good mood and your flowing conversation. Basically, you're able to put anyone at ease now, and you're able to get your ideas across well. You'll speak with confidence and authority, impressing everyone you speak to, but without the dogmatic force that would turn them off to your ideas. So whatever it is that you feel you need to get across to someone, now is the time to speak your mind.

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3Mercury sextile Sun

Talking it Up

When you get up this morning, make a good to-do list. Prioritize your tasks, and keep this list handy all day long. It will go a long way toward helping you keep on track and stay organized and efficient. If you take advantage of this tactic, you'll be nothing less than a whirling dervish in the communication and networking department. Fingers fly over your keyboard, phone messages are dispatched in record time. You stick to the agenda in meetings and conferences, coming up with one good idea after another, wowing everyone with your mental gymnastics and perfect logic. Conversations and friendly encounters are favored too, so when work is done, get together with your cronies and converse. Talk over anything that excites you, from the latest news story to what you've been reading or learning about. Your ability to deliver information is unparalleled right now, so take advantage of this energy to reach out to as many people as you can. This influence is short, only a few days, but if you use it well, the effects will live on.

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4Uranus trine Mars

Creating Opportunities for Yourself

This is an excellent year for taking on new projects and activities that you've never tried before. Your physical energy is high and you feel frisky and independent. Try a new exercise regime or some type of physical activity that will introduce you to new ways of moving your body -- you don't want to waste all that daring, exuberant energy! Break out of any situation that's holding you back, or that doesn't permit you to express the full scope of your freedom and independence. You're able to create your own opportunities to expand your sphere of influence and assert your self-confidence. If you've been a shy, quiet person up until now, you'll surprise others with your newfound ability to make things happen and to act on your own behalf, and on behalf of others who need it, who may not be able to do it for themselves. Your sense of adventure is highlighted and you take chances unlike any you've taken before, but these aren't likely to be dangerous or risky: They'll simply lift you up and take you out of situations that have been limiting in the past. This is a rare and special opportunity to develop your assertion in a way that will benefit you without endangering others.

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5Sun sextile Neptune

Buddha-Like Serenity

The softer side of your personality is awakened now, and you'll find yourself in a dreamy, sensitive and boundless mood. This is a very romantic or even spiritual time; you're attuned much more to dreams and visions than to your everyday version of reality. You're even more compassionate than usual. You radiate soothing, healing energy, so this is the perfect time to reach out to someone who needs your help -- a hug and an ear for a friend who's been sad lately, perhaps, or even a stranger who looks like they could use some encouragement or something more concrete. Listening to music or taking in art is also a wonderful way to nurture your soul at this time. And going out on a date with someone sweet and special could be the beginning of something really romantic! You're connecting at a deeper level than usual, and if you've found someone worthy of your time and energy, it could go far; just reserve judgment until later, when you can be sure that you're not just wearing rose-colored glasses. You can achieve a Buddha-like serenity this week by staying calm, breathing deeply and remembering the soul level of existence.

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6Mars sextile Saturn

Energy, Effectively Applied

Creating stability is your forte during this three-week transit. You're not expecting miracles, at work or at home; you know it's going to take some disciplined effort to bring about the things you're working toward. And right now, you're ready and willing to put in that effort, to the best of your abilities. You'll work carefully on a project or in reaching out to a prospective client, and you'll impress your boss and other associates with your steady, sensible approach. Your friends may come to you now for advice, because you're putting out the vibe that you've got a good head on your shoulders. At home, you'll keep the house clean and the checkbook balanced, and you'll feel calm and satisfied with the work you've done. Your physical energy is readily available to you, and you're probably not feeling nervous or excitable. Instead, you're just calm, steady, ready to take what comes and deal with it in an effective way. Getting out for regular exercise makes you feel wonderful now, so this is an excellent time to vary and improve your usual fitness routine. You'll be a model of focus and productivity at work, too. Energy, effectively applied, is the key right now.

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7Mercury sextile Neptune

Poems and Stories

Your imaginative side is highly stimulated this week, and you're motivated toward creative writing, recording your dreams and visions and articulating your spiritual beliefs. Invite yourself to meander through the meadows of your mind while this influence is strong. You're likely to feel tender and compassionate, even sentimental. Don't hesitate to express these feelings to those around you; you'll be able to explain yourself in a way that others understand, and which arouses their own empathy. You may feel slightly more sensitive than usual to odors, music or other aspects of your immediate environment, and may have to take steps to alleviate your discomfort: Open (or close!) the window, turn down the stereo, take down that loud poster that's hurting your eyes. Be gentle with yourself, drink plenty of water and don't press yourself to stick to any one task for very long. This is not the best influence for concentration or hard work. Instead, let creativity flow without concern for the outcome. Spiritual practices, reading or writing poetry or stories, or watching movies are all worthwhile activities now -- anything that gets you into the realm of fantasy and imagination.

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8Sun sextile Mercury

Focus on Communication

Now is the perfect time to get organized, recommit yourself to detailed projects and catch up on all forms of communication. Send letters, make phone calls, stop for a chat with your neighbor. Your mind is running forward as quickly and smoothly as a river, so use this chance to get your projects moving. Clean out your email box, listen to your saved phone messages and answer all written correspondences. You're in a great space to convince just about anyone with your solid ideas, and you're open to unusual concepts and different types of people. And they're very much open to you -- you're coming across swimmingly, so if there's anything you have to do that relies on public speaking or just mixing and mingling with the masses, now is definitely the time. Your natural charm is on high, and you could probably sell a watch to a watchmaker. But you're not out to scam anyone; you just want to connect, and that's coming through loud and clear. Make a social contact with someone you've been wanting to get to know, as friends or even something more. Or, head out on the town with friends for a night full of laughs and conversation. Enjoy this week!

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9Mercury sextile Mercury

Alert and Aware

This short but favorable influence helps you clarify your thinking, writing and speech. You feel intellectually attuned, alert and attentive to detail, so don't waste this opportunity to delve into a subject that interests you or into projects that require your attention at work. Your attention span is increased, so you can easily research various matters and pull together ideas that at first blush may not seem to belong together; you'll be able to create the connections that pay off in the long run. Concentration is highlighted now, and you can spend long hours with your nose in books or glued to your computer screen, leaving you mentally satisfied but glassy-eyed by the end of the day. Head this off at the pass by scheduling in a vigorous exercise session. You'll need it to work off some of that nervous energy, and to clear your mind for all the tasks you've got on your to-do list! Take a few moments to phone or email a friend you haven't talked to in a while. This transit stimulates conversation, so you should have a very lively talk with your buddy.

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10Mercury sextile Saturn

Long Hours, Thinking Hard

The urge to think seriously and soberly is strong now. You can't be bothered with anything fluffy, silly or amusing. Time is of the essence, you feel, and you don't want to waste your efforts on activities that aren't practical or productive. They're going to love you at work, because your discerning and analytical methods, not to mention your discipline and long hours, will produce valuable results. You're organized, efficient and clear-headed. Your output is logical and well thought out. Planning is your forte right now, so take this opportunity to scope out future projects, develop task lists and determine if the plan if viable. If there's one thing you hate, it's wasted work, and you can head that off at the pass right now with your keen vision and determination. You speak with conviction now, if not volume, so those who are wise will listen to your ideas and implement them. You don't have to worry about squandering this energy: Your inner parent won't let you!

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11Venus sextile Uranus

Surprise Yourself

This week is all about disrupting the status quo -- and probably surprising the people around you in the process. You might even surprise yourself! All of a sudden your mind is humming with strange new ideas and impulses that just beg you to follow them. You're restless and easily bored, but try not to take this out on your partner if you have one; undermining your relationship by checking out every pretty person who passes by wouldn't be a good idea. On the other hand, what's wrong with doing a little looking around? The world is full of interesting, attractive people that you may never have considered before! And this relatively short period is all about unexpected encounters that will really get your blood moving. You might meet a new friend, or someone with potential for more, in a place you'd never expect -- at the Laundromat, the grocery store, at the top of the mountain you just climbed in a fit of athletic exuberance... You never know what might happen, with energy like this zinging around! The emphasis is on unusual encounters with unexpected people, so don't stay home like a hermit. Get out there and open your eyes to the possibilities.

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12Sun sextile Saturn

Keeping on Track

This week should go well for you, because you are able to focus your vitality and energy on achieving your goals and long-range plans, including your exercise program. You can work well by yourself, but this is also a great time to advance your business interests with others, because you're in a very sensible and practical frame of mind. Other people will see these qualities in you and appreciate them, especially your boss or your clients. You're more organized than usual; you're able to concentrate and focus for long periods of time, and to sort out your priorities. At work, you can come to a satisfying conclusion on a long-term project. Furthermore, you should write down the goals and plans you determine this week; this list will serve as a great blueprint for organizing your work in the coming months. One thing is for sure -- you're not in the mood for frivolity right now, so don't push yourself to be lighthearted and sociable. Instead, you can buckle down, make some really good, solid progress on long-term projects, and save the cutting loose for next week or whenever it is that you're once again in the mood to relax and catch up with friends.

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13Mars sextile Venus

Frolicking Good Fun

Passion and love unite now with delicious results. This three-week transit is all about the giving and receiving of pleasure, so if you're in a relationship, you can expect things to get pretty nice between you and your honey! You're in the mood to connect on a physical level, to really show them exactly how you feel about them. You want to enjoy them, and for them to enjoy themselves, and for all the good feelings to just go zinging around between you! And so they will. If you're single, don't fret -- you can still find a way to get out your passions, even though it might not include one-on-one time behind closed doors with someone special. How about group action instead? No, not that kind of group action! More like, group social events -- parties, clubs, picnics, what have you. Get-togethers like these will go extremely well now, because you're feeling fun and frisky and you want to spread your good energy around. So get your friends together for a fun dinner party. Who knows? You just might meet someone really special there! Some dancing in the moonlight, a little hand holding, and you'll have the sweet physical connection that you've been craving...

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14Mercury sextile Venus

Wanting the Best for Everyone

This is a good week to think about what you value and to analyze what's important to you. You're especially attuned to things of beauty, to loving thoughts and expressions of affection, and to your immediate surroundings. It's a good time to make some small improvements in your home or office decor, to make things more comfortable and lovely. Making your surroundings more pleasing to the eye, after all, leads to peace of mind. Social events are very favored now, because you make connections so easily and are able to establish both a mental and an emotional relationship with others. One might say that you have a social ease and grace now, more so than at other times. For many of the same reasons, this is also a favorable time to enter into negotiations and discussions about contracts and business dealings. Your mind is alert and you think clearly, and at the same time, you want the best for everyone. Business matters that you conduct now will please both parties and promise a good outcome for all involved.

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15Venus sextile Jupiter

Bringing Out Your Best

This week, you have the unique opportunity to reach out to someone and make them feel great. You can make a potential business associate feel comfortable working with you, or just let a friend know you love them. You can also start something new, at work or at home, and feel reasonably assured that your new alliance is going to go great places! Now is the time to connect, and to reach out and grab hold of the opportunities that come your way through friends and social activities. Get-togethers go well, but more than that, you'll take something valuable away with you at the end of the evening. You're better for others' input, and they're better for yours. You're feeling expansive, spreading your good feelings around and putting everyone at ease. In business meetings, you're the one who's joking and patting everyone on the back, turning the atmosphere friendly instead of chilly or just mind-numbingly dull; when you're out with your friends, you're the one keeping the conversation going. And you're not just in performance mode; you want to learn something, to expand your understanding of the world and your place in it.

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16Sun sextile Venus

Make Personal Contact

Your social skills are off the charts right now, so it's an excellent time to make that personal contact, whether for business or pleasure. You're able to easily find areas of common interest with just about anyone, and you make the person you're with feel warm and comfortable. You're feeling much more open and generous than usual; you're looking for the good qualities in others now and overlooking their flaws, which puts them at ease. Reach out and mend any fences that may have been broken, for your kindness will be hard to resist! This can apply to your personal relationships with family and friends, or to your contacts at work; you're just as effective in either arena. If you are romantically involved, don't neglect this opportunity to bring a small token of your affection to your loved one: These little thoughtful actions do much to deepen love on a day-to-day basis. You may feel a surge of creative energy, so pick up a musical instrument or sing along to the radio; cook something yummy in the kitchen or wear a new item of clothing. Just be careful not to overspend on any new items, or purchase something expensive on a whim.

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Person 1's Intensities

Venus conjunct Mercury

Bringing People Together

This should be an excellent week for you. You are a natural negotiator now, able to bring people together who usually can't see eye to eye. This will help at work, in a meeting or in making contact with potential clients; and at home, if you have friends or loved ones who aren't getting along. Your kind energy will put everyone at ease, and your bright yet compassionate solutions will win their admiration. This puts you in a great mood, which then radiates outward. You're idealistic now, and you just can't abide by anything that seems wrong -- and you'll speak eloquently to change it. At the end of the day, you want to have a good time, to be surrounded by fun-loving people who are as up for interesting conversation as you are. Arrange your more important work meetings for this week, or throw a party; your charm and warmth are sure to bring everyone together. You're engaging with everyone around you, and you'll make a great impression almost without even trying. Romantically, this could also be a really fun week or two! Take advantage of your currently silver tongue -- speak up or write a love poem to let that special someone know how you feel.

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Sun conjunct Pluto

Magnetic and Attractive

You're radiating a powerful, charismatic, magnetic vibe at this time that everyone around you will find highly attractive, even sexy. Your focus and passion are much more laser-like than usual, which can be good thing or not so good. You go for the burn, in everything from your exercise program to your relationships. If you've got your eye on a new client or a potential date, you can be relatively assured that you'll get them right where you want them -- but will they be able to handle your intensity? That remains to be seen. If they're the type that's turned on by that sort of thing, then you're good to go, but if they like things to be a little more lighthearted, your contact with them might not last long. But that's okay; it's always best to weed out potential early on. At work and at home, surface details don't interest you; you want to know the underlying issue. Just don't push too hard. Forcing someone to cooperate with you won't have a good effect; you might scare them off for good. Your best bet is to stick to people who know you well. With your coworkers, business contacts and potential dates, keep things as light as possible.

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Venus conjunct Saturn

Grounded With Love and Money

You feel practical this week in terms of love and money. This transit inspires a realistic outlook and an acceptance of the way things actually are. Finances might be on your mind, and relationships might too; whatever it is that you're thinking about, you're considering it in a serious way. This isn't a period for daydreams; it's more about taking stock of your life, and figuring things out for the future. You might draw up a new budget if you decide that your old one isn't working how you want it to, or you'll consider whether a personal relationship is going the way you'd like. You tend toward pessimism now, though, so before you make any rash decisions -- like taking on a second job, or breaking up with that sweet person you've recently been seeing -- ask someone for advice, and preferably someone older and more experienced than you are. They might have some good ideas for you that you never thought of, about how to manage your money, your time or your love life. Of course, you shouldn't take their word as the gospel, either! This period should be more about fact-gathering and hard work than about making actual changes or decisions.

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Mercury conjunct Pluto

Laser-Like Mind

You've got the uncanny ability to see directly to the heart of the matter, any matter, this week. You won't get distracted by superfluous details, and won't permit yourself to get off track. Keen perceptions and laser-like focus create the perfect conditions for research, investigation and digging deep, especially into information you've been given in the past. Uncovering hidden facts is your forte now, so don't hesitate to delve into the unknown, and follow the leads you get in your research. You can even go undercover this week! Your intellect combines with your personal power now, making you an effective leader, a persuasive speaker and a diligent worker. Any analysis you make will be right on target. Not only are you drawn to investigating facts and figures, but the world of mystery calls to you, too. You feel especially attuned to things you can't see but can definitely feel. For this reason, it's a good time to do some inner work with a therapist or through reading and doing the suggested exercises in a self-help book. You'll gain valuable insights by doing so.

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Venus conjunct Venus

Your Heart on Your Sleeve

This week is all about expressing yourself, especially to the people you love or admire. The flavor of the day is new beginnings, whether with a client at work or with someone special at home. You're in a unique position to get the ball rolling in all of your relationships, and if things have been stagnant lately, then so much the better. Generally, the energy of this period is all about love and attraction, but it can also influence your business relationships in a wonderful way. In some sense, you have the Midas Touch right now -- you'll think of someone, and then they'll call; you'll fantasize about what you want to happen with that new project at work, and then the right people will show up to help you make it happen. In terms of true romance, there couldn't be a better time to reach out to your honey, or that cute person you've had your eye on. This is also a great time to give a few extra hugs and spread your good mood around! No one special on the horizon? That's okay; hanging out with good friends is great now too. Just be careful about falling off your diet, or spending too much on new clothes or a haircut; you're feeling self-indulgent in the extreme.

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Mars conjunct Uranus

Uncontained Energy

Whoa, there! You're like a whirling dervish, energy spinning and flying all around you. You've got the attention span of a three-year-old, and you're likely to do something surprising, even shocking, at work or out on the town. Plans? Schmans! That's your attitude now; you can't seem to stick to a schedule, and you'll probably delight in nothing more than tossing a monkey wrench into the status quo. Just try not to do any permanent damage! It's not worth getting fired over a little three-week rebellious streak, right? So get to work on time and get the job done; save your exciting spontaneity for evenings out with friends, or weekend trips out of town. You'll probably feel impatient with the people around you, especially if you think they're in your way. Deal with people gently -- again, especially your boss and coworkers. It isn't worth it to burn your bridges on a whim, and then have to go back and rebuild them later. Your best bet, in fact, is to work hard on your work projects -- alone, if possible -- and hang out with your close friends, the people who know you best. They can handle it if you get a little out of hand in terms of energy and combativeness.

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Venus conjunct Mars

Magnetic Attraction

Your passionate side will be stimulated this week, as if it needed any stimulation! Whatever you want -- a date with someone special, a raise or promotion, or to be put in charge of a new project at work -- it's yours, because you're in a go-for-it mood. Yet somehow, you're still able to be tactful and charming, even when you're going after what you want. You won't step on anyone's toes in your pursuit, because you're still tuned in to the people around you, even though you're most interested in your own agenda. This is the good kind of selfishness -- the kind where you know what you want and how to get it, but you're not interested in running people over like a steamroller on your drive to the top. This is partly because harmony is just one of your many goals at this time; you're as interested in everyone around you feeling good and getting along as you are in reaching your own goals. Excitement is probably one of your goals now, so make some time to get out on the town and create it. A date with someone really cute and interesting would definitely fit the bill! So would a dinner of spicy food and some hilarious, off-color conversation with good friends.

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Mercury conjunct Uranus

Thinking on Your Feet

Others around you will be hard-pressed to keep up with you this week, because your mental processes and your speech patterns exceed the speed of light. You're quite quirky in your thinking, hooking up different subjects in new and unusual ways, cleverly connecting dots and keeping everyone on their toes with your often silly or lighthearted announcements. Fortunately, you're blessed with an unusually strong sense of humor this week, so not only will you keep them listening, you'll keep them laughing too. Later on, people are going to recognize how ahead of the curve you were, as they watch one unlikely prediction after another come true. Spending lots of time on your computer or using any type of technology this week is a great idea. You'll practically be inside the machine, you understand it so well. Installing software, learning new features and getting new gadgets are all favored at this time. Flashes of inspiration are another common occurrence under this influence, so keep your notebook handy to record all your crazy ideas. In the future they may not seem quite so kooky!

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Person 1's Challenges

Uranus square Mercury

Making Your Own Rules

You may feel like you've got your finger in an electric socket at times during this year, and as a result, your brain may feel pretty fried. You're restless and irritable, chafing against mental restrictions that you normally take in stride; you may even feel outright rebellious, unable to keep your mouth shut even when you know you should. You may offend others with your defiance and refusal to be categorized. You insist on being your own individual now, defying convention and making your own rules. The chaos you create may feel good in the short term will not really help you satisfactorily in the long run, because others soon tire of dealing with your criticism, sarcasm and negative attitude. One common result of this influence is to feel very nervous and high-strung, even to the point of having difficulty sleeping due to nervous tension. To relieve some of that tension, be sure you stay physically active so that your muscles get tired. Then do something to help your mind calm down: a soothing tea, a warm bath, a relaxation tape, some type of meditation. Staying well rested and alert will help you avoid some of the negative manifestations of this influence.

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Pluto opposite Sun

Change Yourself Via Your Relationships

For a period of two to three years, you will face difficult issues from your past, mainly in the arena of your relationships. These issues date from your very early childhood and you may never have acknowledged them to yourself before, but they have dramatically influenced the way you relate to others. Look out for controlling behavior, aggression and manipulation now, especially if you feel others are behaving this way toward you. While these types of behaviors appear to come from others, they actually originate within you, and they should be dealt with very consciously now. The help of a qualified, ethical therapist can be invaluable for learning to identify and change these patterns in yourself. Your closest and most intimate relationships are likely to be challenging now, as are your relationships with your boss and other authorities. If you are the boss, problems with your employees may surface now. The message is the same: Learn to see how you contribute to these difficult relationships, and take radical steps to improve the way you deal with others. Lifelong improvements will be the natural result of facing this difficult period unblinkingly and head on.

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Saturn opposite Saturn

Chickens Coming Home to Roost

This year, you'll come face to face with the effects of decisions you made in years past. Lest you think you're singled out for this event, don't worry: Everyone goes through it, first at around age fourteen, then again in their early forties. If you live to a ripe old age, you'll experience it again in your early seventies. The effects of this influence vary greatly, depending mostly on the level of responsibility you've displayed up to this point in your life. The more attentive and responsible you've been, the easier this period will be for you -- and the opposite is also true: Slackers may have serious consequences to face. In any event, one prevalent issue is that of becoming your own authority, and breaking free of others who still try to exert authority over you. You will strive to demonstrate that you're perfectly capable of taking care of yourself and your life. Your business endeavors and work life will reach a peak this year, for good or for ill. If you find great success, it's a sign that you're on the right track. If you're constantly faced with obstacles and opposition, this too is a sign that you need to adjust your life to be more suitable for you and for your skills and abilities.

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Mars square Sun

You Won't Back Down

You're likely to feel restless and irritable during this couple of weeks, and prone to arguments and disagreements. Part of the problem is that now more than usual, you've got your back up; you won't back down, no matter what, even if it means going up against your boss or someone else you'd do best not to tick off. You'd even mouth off to a police officer giving you a traffic ticket during this period, just to show who's boss! But you're not the boss; right now, you don't even have a whole lot of credibility, and you'd do best to realize that before you go burning some major bridges. Don't put your job or your reputation in jeopardy by acting like a you-know-what; take your attitude and your ego in hand and exercise some control! Speaking of exercise -- since you'll be getting into it right and left with whoever crosses your path, you could build up a lot of tension inside, so don't let your exercise routine slip. You need that outlet; otherwise, you'll be a ball of nervous, angry tension in three weeks' time, when the current energy finally blows over. But take care not to push it too hard at the gym, because you could strain a muscle or a tendon if you're too aggressive in your movements.

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Sun square Jupiter

Too Much of a Good Thing

Confidence, energy, bounce -- you've got them all this week, maybe to excess. In fact, the big problem with this energy is one of inflation. You just don't know when enough is too much, and you'll probably find out the hard way -- like having to go to the doctor after overextending a muscle because you were running or playing too hard, or having to go on a strict diet after overeating. Your eyes are bigger than your stomach, as they say, and the possibility is high that you will take on too many projects or too much work, in a brief moment of I-can-do-anything mentality. When someone asks you to take on a new project this week, your answer should be, 'Let me think about it and get back to you.' This will give you time to develop a graceful exit strategy in case you come to your senses and realize that it's too much for you. Perhaps you can request some extra help, or negotiate a reduction in your other tasks -- anything to make the load more balanced. Of course, there are those times when you agree to do more than you think you can, yet you rise to the occasion. Either way, you can use the energy of this transit to your benefit if you exercise a little self-control.

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Jupiter opposite Uranus

Is it You, or is it Them?

Relationships come and relationships go, and this may be a period when one or more of them are going. The air is charged with your need for freedom, but you may not realize it. All you know is that you're grumpy, restless and irritable, and everything the people around you do gets on your nerves -- and it's not just your sweetie, either. This could be anyone from a boss to a coworker, a close friend or another associate. Don't be shocked when the feeling is perfectly mutual, or if your partner decides to up and leave you -- even if it's just for the weekend. Some separation right now is probably a good thing, especially if you don't sit at home sulking about it. Your time would be much better spent on considering exactly what's bothering you, and how to improve things. Remember the cardinal rule: You can only change yourself! The best way to deal with the charged and rebellious energy of this influence is to take on the changes yourself, and be exceedingly careful not to upset the apple cart 'just because.' Disruptions are very possible during this influence, but with a little forethought, they'll turn out to be very positive changes for you and everyone in your life.

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Mercury square Jupiter

Too Big for Your Britches

Ah, that wonderful, heady, self-satisfied feeling you get when you're perfectly sure that you know everything! You don't mean to sound arrogant -- you're just explaining the concept to the poor simpletons who surround you. Here's a heads-up: Back off a little. You could be embarrassed by someone even better informed than you, who humiliates you in front of your adoring crowd with facts and figures that shoot a big hole in the Hindenburg of your mind. Or, you could get so excited or so nervous that you trip over your words, eliminating important points or massaging facts into propaganda. So, remembering that pride comes before a fall, eat a healthy helping of humble pie and keep your contributions to a minimum now. Listen up; you could learn something quite useful. This is a good time to practice on your writing skills, or further develop ideas you've been working on. Strive for complete honesty in communication while making a point to truly listen to what others have to say.

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Mercury square Sun

Explain Yourself

You'll be challenged to explain yourself during the few days that this transit is in effect. You may not be speaking and writing with the clarity you usually have. You may think you're communicating clearly, but then others come back with lots of questions, comments and suggestions. Rather than getting defensive, force yourself to listen carefully to their questions and complaints. There's a lot to learn here about effective delivery, about saying things in a way that other people can understand, and about listening to what others are saying. This is a great time for writing rough drafts, proposals and things that you'll have the opportunity to correct and update later, after you've had some feedback. If that feedback isn't as good as you expected, don't be discouraged. Use it as a learning experience to improve your writing and speaking, as a tool to refine your communication skills. If you're feeling nervous or edgy, take yourself out for some good exercise, and you'll return more clearheaded and motivated.

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Sun square Sun

Temporary Challenges

Your physical vitality and energy sinks now, and you don't feel as positive and easygoing as usual. You're on edge, irritable and sensitive to the least challenges or obstacles. You just feel thwarted, at work, at home and within yourself. Every effort you make seems to meet up with a brick wall, and whatever it is that you're working on -- a project, a relationship -- is being tested. This isn't the best time to start new projects, and especially not with a new team. They won't see things the way you do, and you'll probably end up doing more arguing than making any actual progress. You're much more likely than usual to butt heads with someone and to reject their good ideas just because they're different from what you came up with. You're also suffering from foot-in-mouth disease right now; your defenses are up and you're taking things much more personally than you should, which makes you lash out and say things you'll probably really regret later. Fortunately this transit is only temporary, so what appears bleak now should look a lot rosier in a week or so. Just be patient; soon things will be back on track.

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Venus square Neptune

Nurture Your Faith in Love

If you're the creative type, you'll enjoy this week's energy. Be sure to keep pen and paper close at hand, because you'll want to carefully record the things you see in your mind's eye during this time. You might do some sketching, some journaling or some creative writing; any way that you can get your creativity and fantasies out of your mind and into concrete form is a good thing. You may lose many hours to daydreams now, because reality falls short of your fantasies during this transit -- and that's okay, as long as you don't have too much work to do. If you do, this period of time could be a real problem! You just don't feel like buckling down and getting to it, and your boss or your coworkers will really notice. Take some time off, if you possibly can, because your heart just isn't in your work and you'll probably end up making silly mistakes or otherwise just confusing things. A further word to the wise: Put off anything involving big decisions or large amounts of money until the current energy clears. Thinking clearly and logically just isn't your strong point right now, and you might make decisions that you'll later really regret.

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Next Steps

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That's why astrology works so well with computers, whose programs are also based on numbers and formulas. In 'the old days' -- thousands of years ago, when astrology was first recorded -- those early astrologers had to painstakingly observe the heavens and catalog their observations for the next generation of astrologers to build upon. Thank goodness for the computer age! Now we can simply use computers to make those calculations quickly and pull just the applicable pieces of information. Now, astrology is instant, based upon thousands of years of observations obtained through careful methodology.

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