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Meghan Markle, born August 4, 1981:

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The future -- that vast, unknown territory where anything can happen! Right? Not quite. Though events in your life may seem completely random, there is still at least some pattern to the order of events -- one set in motion in part by you, and in part by the planets and stars in the sky and their influence on your life here on Earth.

The part that’s all about you is related to your free will: how you behave, what your goals and ambitions are, and how you work toward them or avoid them.
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What Do The Planets Say About Your Future Meghan Markle?

Looking to the future can be both exciting and scary, triggering feelings of anxiety or excitement – emotions that are often hard to distinguish!

Your Personal Astrology Forecast Calculators reveal what you can expect in the most important areas of your life using six key categories – your Soul Direction, Communication Style, Love & Money Potential, Career Prospects, Luck and Lessons, via handy bar graphs to help you see your future at a glance!

The future doesn’t have to be quite as scary when you’re well-prepared, does itMeghan Markle? Astrology is an insightful and ancient yet modern tool to empower you to live your best life, giving you a heads up when you most need it!

Your Personal Astrological Forecast Calculators shine a spotlight on which areas contain the most growth for you, which areas hold important lessons, or where opportunities will appear for you!

Your easy-to-read bar graphs reveal the time period ahead in quick detail giving you that extra nod to trust yourself and make informed decisions!

If you want in-depth guidance on what to expect for the future, then Your Personal Astrology Forecast Calculators are the perfect friend to turn to, helping you to be extra-prepared for what life throws at you!

Discover where your Soul yearns to go, how you’re thinking and communicating, what your love life holds for you and what exciting career prospects are coming up! Get to know when you’re going to get lucky, and where you’re going to learn your biggest lessons.

All this and so much more is in your detailed, rich and in-depth Personal Astrology Forecast! Empower yourself with the wisdom of the stars and planets and take control of your life!

Your Conscious Mind – Meghan Markle's Sun Influences

The Sun in Astrology describes your personality. When you are at your best you do your best. Just as the Sun is the center of our solar system, it’s also the center of you; the inner flame is that essence that runs through your being. When the conscious mind is sharp, anything is possible. These bar graphs will indicate how well... Read more

8-10 You are perfectly existing in the world
4-7 Life is right-on for you at the moment
0-3 Hang in there; opportunities will come to you soon

The Chatty Factor – Meghan Markle's Mercury Influences

Mercury in Astrology represents the expression of self. How you listen and how you are heard, your thought process, your logic, and intellectual ideas. Are all representations of you expressing yourself. These bar graphs indicate how well you are communicating with the world around you... Read more

8-10 Expressions flow effortlessly
4-7 People will listen to you
0-3 It’s harder to articulate yourself

The Love Meter – Meghan Markle's Venus Influences

Venus in Astrology is connected to your heart. How you give and receive love in your existing and future relationships are determined by this planet. Sweetness, pleasure and harmony are the energies of Venus. These bar graphs can give insight to how your relationships and social gatherings will go... Read more

8-10 Feeling and expressing love comes naturally
4-7 There may be some tough love in your life
0-3 Love is not a priority for you right now

Your Assertive Energy – Meghan Markle's Mars Influences

Mars in Astrology rules the physical, assertive energy as well as desires, sex appeal, and carnal appetites are representations. Your drive and prosperity depend on this planet! Dating, mating, & relating are fueled by Mars. Are you feeling revved up & aroused or feeling more submissive? These bar graphs will indicate where your aggressive energy is at during this time.... Read more

8-10 You’re sharp and ready to take on the world
4-7 Declare your desires
0-3 Keep putting in effort, don’t lose sight of what you want

Personal Growth Element – Meghan Markle's Jupiter Influences

Jupiter in Astrology represents expansion. Luck, advantages, and opportunities are governed by our solar system’s largest planet. The energy of Jupiter is hopeful, optimistic, and friendly! Are you feeling more positive or pessimistic? These bar graphs will give clarity to how you think and feel about the world and your personal growth.... Read more

8-10 Life is full-on - the glass is overflowing!
4-7 Step out of your comfort zone to reap rewards
0-3 Focus on the world in front of you

Lessons Learned – Meghan Markle's Saturn Influences

In Astrology, Saturn governs karma. Life lessons, obligations, and responsibilities are influenced by this planet. The energy of Saturn requires stillness and meditation. Your unconscious mind is dictated by the energy of this planet. Are you doing a lot of work and not seeing the results? These bar graphs will help you understand your next move and as well as your long term plans.... Read more

8-10 You’re in a personal growth cycle.
4-7 Remember to breathe and take care of business.
0-3 You’re off the karmic hook right now. Enjoy this time!

Meghan Markle, In this Monthly Astrology Forecast report, you will get life-transforming insight into these planetary energies:


governs your true authentic self and your soul’s journey
reveals the undeniable traits that make you who you are
gives a sense of your individuality, self-dependence, and consciousness


influences how you communicate - both verbally and nonverbally
governs how you think and your thought processes
shows how you interact with others, including colleagues, family, and romantic partners


represents how you love yourself and others
reveals the intimate depths of your private life
signifies traits you’re attracted to and what attracts others to you


determines your deepest ambitions
reveals what truly motivates you in all areas of your life
explains your drive and willpower


shapes your most strongly-held beliefs
shows your non-negotiable values
guides you on your path


teaches you life lessons you came here to learn
illuminates your deepest challenges
signifies limitations you must overcome in life
reveals your karma


unveils your rebellious side
shows where you want to break the rules
highlights the boundaries you’ll want to push


rules your higher-self
signifies your spiritual path
reveals your subconscious mind that’s dying to break through to the surface


reveals your greatest fears
gifts you with the opportunity for massive change
highlights the transformation you’re meant to undergo this lifetime
Meghan Markle, read below to find out how a few of the current planetary transits are affecting you

Meghan Markle's Strengths

Pluto sextile Uranus

Creative Problem Solving

Now your life can free up considerably from constraints you may not even have acknowledged to yourself. You're able to see now what's beneath your need for independence and self-reliance, and you're open to learning how to increase these skills in your life. Creative problem solving is the name of the game for you during this influence, which can last up to three years. It's an exciting time when you have many realizations about yourself and about the nature of the world, particularly the unseen universe. Your interest in science, technology, computers and even astrology can be developed with great speed now, for you'll be able to pick up concepts from these fields very quickly and build on your previous knowledge. Your humanitarian side may also be strongly stimulated during the course of this transit, which could lead you to become active in any sort of progressive, charitable organization aimed toward giving support to the less fortunate. The best expression of this energy is not just to give charitably, but to teach skills that enable people to be more self-sufficient. Your gifts go much further with this method than with simply giving.

Uranus sextile Mars

Trying Something New

Your physical energy is stimulated during this year and your sense of freedom and independence will increase. You work best by yourself, because you don't want to be told what to do, and you certainly don't want anyone hovering over you. You're excitable and energetic, which means that with only a little discipline, you can get a lot done. You're particularly motivated to begin projects that are different from anything you've done before. Nothing that is familiar will attract you. You get most excited about embarking upon activities that spur growth and an increase in knowledge and experience in unfamiliar areas; in fact, exploring new areas is the direct path to personal growth, and to stretching the limits of your understanding of what you can do. It will seem as if the universe is listening to you, too, because opportunities to participate in these new activities will present themselves naturally, without your having to seek them out. All you have to do is recognize them when they come your way, and hop on board! Overall, this is a year when your own personal limits will be stretched, and you'll be able to assert your ability and independence in new ways.

Sun trine Saturn

Someone to be Reckoned With

This week is excellent for exercise, hard work, confidence and reaching out a little beyond your usual limits. Your obvious experience and intelligence will impress your boss, your clients and anyone else you come across, and you'll easily and naturally convince them that you're the right person for the job. Even the little things that you do will come across favorably; treating business associates with respect will elicit the same treatment from them, and being punctual and well-mannered will put you at the head of the pack. Then, when all eyes are focused on you, you'll rise to the challenge. You'll give a balanced presentation, because you're able to clearly express your own view while taking in other views as well. You won't undersell yourself or your services now, because you know what you're worth -- and so does everyone else. You won't let yourself be taken advantage of, either at work or at home. If you're pursuing a new project or contact, operate on instinct as well as on more surface-level cues. If it doesn't feel right, you're practical enough not to waste your time trying to force it. Your confidence will definitely be a boon to your work.

Sun trine Jupiter

A Knack for Having Fun

This is an extremely favorable time, associated with good fortune and many opportunities. You're surrounded by friends now; at work, your mind is sharp and your instincts creative, and you're impressing everyone from your boss to your coworkers to that potential client waiting in the wings. Your mind is as open as your eyes now, so this is the right time to begin a new project at work or take on a new client -- especially someone unusual. If they're from another country, all the better. You want to flex your creative muscles and broaden your perspective; to stretch yourself to those distant limits that you know you can reach. Your tolerance, your guidance and your generosity of spirit will impress your clients or coworkers, not to mention your friends. Instead of chitchatting about matters of little consequence to anyone, you want to go deep and range far in your conversations; to share your philosophies with them, and help them expound upon their own. Going to dinner or out for coffee with someone interesting is a must during this period, because that will give you the chance to make the connection you seek and to explore all those fascinating ideas.

Mercury sextile Uranus

Creative Connections

Oh, you're a live wire this week. Funny, pointed, staggeringly accurate. You say it like you see it, without mincing words, which keeps them snickering behind their hands and repeating your jokes by the water cooler. Fortunately you're aware enough to avoid hurting anyone, at least not too badly. You can avoid it altogether by making jokes at your own expense, because everyone can appreciate the skill that takes. Keep the humor on you, but turn your roving mind to other subjects. You're curious enough to learn a lot, especially by following one lead after another, which can take you places you'd never expect and can help you connect things that on the surface don't seem at all connected. Let your mind wander far and near this week; you may be surprised where you end up. Flashes of inspiration are not unusual, or the sudden expansion of certain ideas and principles you're familiar with. Now is a good time to break through the boundaries of your mind and the confines of 'normal' thinking.

Mercury sextile Uranus

Creative Connections

Oh, you're a live wire this week. Funny, pointed, staggeringly accurate. You say it like you see it, without mincing words, which keeps them snickering behind their hands and repeating your jokes by the water cooler. Fortunately you're aware enough to avoid hurting anyone, at least not too badly. You can avoid it altogether by making jokes at your own expense, because everyone can appreciate the skill that takes. Keep the humor on you, but turn your roving mind to other subjects. You're curious enough to learn a lot, especially by following one lead after another, which can take you places you'd never expect and can help you connect things that on the surface don't seem at all connected. Let your mind wander far and near this week; you may be surprised where you end up. Flashes of inspiration are not unusual, or the sudden expansion of certain ideas and principles you're familiar with. Now is a good time to break through the boundaries of your mind and the confines of 'normal' thinking.

Venus trine Venus

Making Money and Connections

You're in luck this week! Money is flowing and romance is in the air, and something wonderful could happen in either or both of these arenas. Best of all, anything positive that happens in your finances or your love life will have good effects that ripple outward like a pebble thrown into a pond. Now is the perfect time to connect with someone at work or in your social life that you've been thinking about a lot lately. Money matters and social events should go even more smoothly than usual, as will contract negotiations and other projects at work. Your career could really jump up a level or two now, but at the very least, your boss or your clients will be impressed with the charm and ease with which you facilitate meetings or negotiations, and they'll remember these qualities later. Hard work isn't really on your agenda now, but that's fine -- you're contributing something else that's valuable. And besides, all work and no play...well, you know the saying! Now's the time for good feelings, and spreading them around. Get together with friends for dinner, a shopping trip or a night out on the town. A mood like this is too good to waste.

Sun trine Pluto

Dig Deep

This is a good time to grab a task by the horns and get it done. You're not in the mood for any nonsense, and you're ready to clean up and clean out any long-standing problems you've been dealing with. Rededicate yourself to physical exercise now. You can easily see beneath the surface this week -- below the surface of the task, your relationships or any other aspect of your life. You require honesty now in all your interactions; you're looking for authenticity of emotion and experience, even if you're just buying groceries! Whether it's with someone you've loved a long time or someone you just met, someone in your personal life or related to your work, you want to connect at a deep and human level. This intensity will probably impress them; they'll appreciate how real you are, and how accessible. This is also a great time to get in touch with yourself as well as with other people. You'll learn more than you might think possible, just by writing in a journal or having a deep conversation with a friend; and these are lessons you'll take with you into your future. And whatever it is that you learn, it will help you to meet life with renewed vigor and determination.

Sun sextile Neptune

Buddha-Like Serenity

The softer side of your personality is awakened now, and you'll find yourself in a dreamy, sensitive and boundless mood. This is a very romantic or even spiritual time; you're attuned much more to dreams and visions than to your everyday version of reality. You're even more compassionate than usual. You radiate soothing, healing energy, so this is the perfect time to reach out to someone who needs your help -- a hug and an ear for a friend who's been sad lately, perhaps, or even a stranger who looks like they could use some encouragement or something more concrete. Listening to music or taking in art is also a wonderful way to nurture your soul at this time. And going out on a date with someone sweet and special could be the beginning of something really romantic! You're connecting at a deeper level than usual, and if you've found someone worthy of your time and energy, it could go far; just reserve judgment until later, when you can be sure that you're not just wearing rose-colored glasses. You can achieve a Buddha-like serenity this week by staying calm, breathing deeply and remembering the soul level of existence.

Mars trine Venus

Advances in Relationship

Love and physical affection are at the forefront during this three-week period. The current energy heightens your sexual passions, but not in a way that you can't handle, or that will get you into trouble. Instead, this is just a really nice time to show someone how you feel about them -- physically, if possible. If you're single, that might not be possible, and that's okay; you can easily and happily redirect your passions and accomplish an amazing amount of work. If your work is creative, this could be an especially productive time for you. But if you do have a steady partner, don't waste this opportunity to seduce them with your love! You can spread your good energy to the people around you, sparking up the good times for everyone. Fun social events are also highlighted at this time, as is your creativity. So don't stay home alone, especially if you're romantically unattached. Get out on the town; throw a party, or attend one; go to a nightclub and get hot and sweaty out on the dance floor with your friends. Who knows? Maybe you'll run into someone cute, with promise! And if not, you'll still have a memorable experience that you can look back on with a grin.

Jupiter trine Mars

Bouncing Off The Walls

There's no corking you during this period; your energy is exuberant, bouncy and full of fun. You'll have difficulty containing your enthusiasm and can-do spirit. Physically, you feel as if you can do anything, and you're tempted to try. In fact, you can greatly increase your strength and endurance at this time; your body will respond readily to increased exercise, so go ahead and add another weight or jog an extra mile. But there's still the possibility that you'll overdo it, so don't take it too far -- even though there's a little voice inside you saying 'Of course you can!' Ambition is triggered at this time, and your job will be a wonderful place to focus that surge of energy. Not only are you feeling strong, effective and focused, but you are forward-looking, confident and optimistic about the future. You can act decisively, and projects that you put into action now will have excellent results. You'll have so much energy that you'll put in long, hard days at work and still have enough left over to go out dancing at night. Spread the buzz around a little bit, and enjoy the good times as well as the hard work you'll be producing now.

Mercury trine Saturn

Working Late

My, aren't we the practical, sober thinker lately? Organized, focused, hardworking. Yes, this is definitely an energy you want to take advantage of while it's here, because it's short-lived and only rolls around a couple times a year. This is one of those times when you should get up early and stay up late working. You'll accomplish an amazing amount, conquering your to-do list and then some. You do your best work on projects that are already established, ones that are defined, detailed and organized. You manage your time effectively and handle work relationships professionally. Responsibility comes easily, so this is a good time to set goals for the coming months and years. Not only that, but you'll have a new inspiration or idea about a problem that's been nagging at you. You're more about serious communication than humor or frivolity now, but that's perfectly okay. You don't want to squander this beneficial energy, even if it is quite sober and serious. There will be time for fun next week, when this influence wanes.

Mercury trine Jupiter

Funny and Kind

Lively conversation will be your M.O. this week, and one that will get you far. You'll charm others with your gallant ways and inspired confidence, which somehow seem to encourage others and increase their own optimism level, too. You are truly able to communicate your good will and positive intentions in such a way as to inspire everyone around you, and thus your positivity radiates out far beyond your personal circle. You speak with conviction now, commanding attention and elevating the purpose and integrity of everything you touch. You have a way with words and your natural teaching ability is highlighted this week, so don't hesitate to take on a mentoring role to a younger or more inexperienced person. Somehow your humorous side is activated under this influence, enabling you to see things in a funny new way that you haven't noticed before. Even people who never have before are suddenly appreciating your jokes! You feel a lot of mental freedom this week, traveling far in your mind if not in body; in fact, this is an outstanding time to travel, because your curiosity is aroused and your ability to connect with others is increased.

Meghan Markle's Challenges

Venus opposite Mars

Inflamed Passion

Your sexual energies are aroused this week; in fact, your passions in general are running high. Finding a good way to release this energy is essential, because otherwise, you could get into real conflicts with your honey, your friends, even your coworkers or your boss. Stick to your exercise routine through the two weeks of this transit -- or better yet, step it up a notch, or five. You need to expend energy in a positive way, because otherwise, you could get yourself into trouble that will only have to be fixed later. Arguments are possible now; so is unrequited attraction. You might try to push your feelings on that special someone, only to find they just don't feel the same way. If you're not careful, you could respond in a really immature way about it, railing at them or trying to belittle them because you feel snubbed. Not a good idea! Similarly, at the office, if there's a project or a stance that you feel passionate about, at least keep your voice down while you're sticking up for it. Being overly aggressive could preclude you from getting what you want, even if you're right -- no one likes to be bullied, after all, least of all your superiors.

Sun opposite Mercury

Explain and Listen

Your thoughts, opinions and statements may be challenged this week, and you may not know quite how to respond. While social events are not out of the question, you'll find that others will express very different opinions than yours, and lively debates, or even arguments, can ensue. Conversation probably isn't going to flow easily; you or they will take offense and hurt feelings are likely. Your mind isn't as sparklingly clear as usual, and it's as if your tongue is tied in knots! You've definitely got foot-in-mouth disease this week, and if you're talking to someone who doesn't know you that well, like your boss or a potential new friend, you might be better off just keeping quieter than usual. Or, another way to deal with this period might be to trust in yourself. Don't let others' challenges or opinions muddle your own thinking. Explain yourself -- you're more articulate than you think -- and calmly listen to ideas that differ from your own. You may find that as your mind expands to entertain new concepts, you increase your tolerance and understanding as well. Use this time to express yourself clearly and listen carefully to ideas that are not your own.

Neptune square Neptune

Mid-life Spiritual Development

This is one of three mid-life transits that everyone goes through in their early forties, and it represents a milestone in your spiritual development. If you have ignored this part of yourself in the past, it will now cry out for attention. You may find yourself seeking a church or other spiritual organization in order to give voice to the important inner callings that are prompting you. You find that it's not enough to satisfy only yourself anymore: There is a deeper, more profound reason to live as truly as you can, and this period of time gives you ample opportunity to explore and articulate these reasons. Your previous assumptions may be turned on their heads, and this isn't likely to occur from a specific event in your life, though it may. It's just as likely to be a small inner voice directing you to a much larger picture. This transit provides you with the spiritual attunement that may have previously been missing. You'll find great personal satisfaction in philanthropy; you'll want to give to organizations and causes that are important to you. Don't miss this opportunity to further develop the mystical, spiritual side of your life.

Mars square Saturn

Limited by Circumstances

You want to get things started during this transit, but you want to do it yourself -- which isn't always the best way to get a project off the ground. And if anyone presses you, you'll balk, making the situation worse. You might feel pressed by authority figures, such as bosses, parents or teachers, to state your plan of action during this period, and though you may feel resentful that they're pressuring you, you know in your heart of hearts that they're perfectly in the right. You could feel inadequate in some way, vulnerable and insecure about your ability to move yourself along or create the life you're looking for. These types of feelings will come to the surface now, in an uncomfortable way. You're wanting to move faster than circumstances permit, and this frustrates you and makes you even more impatient than you're already feeling. And instead of owning up to your insecurities about your performance on the job or at home, you'll toss around bravado and attitude, and bristle whenever anyone tries to break through your defenses. But don't worry; this energy will blow over in a few weeks, and you'll feel more like yourself again.

Mars square Jupiter

Impulsive and Pushy

All of a sudden, your normal prudence is thrown out the window in favor of an impulsive, reckless bent. During these three weeks, your projects are likely to suffer; you're apt to ignore important details and even waving red flags. Hold off on making any important decisions, like financial investments, changes in your job or residence, commitment to your honey... You're putting your money where your mouth is now, but your mouth is spouting off, promising things right and left that you're going to have trouble delivering! You're feeling so expansive, so confident, so aggressive about going after whatever it is that you want. You'll say yes to anything anyone asks of you -- and then you'll be stuck with a way-too-full schedule, and no time left over for you. If you're after a promotion at work, you'll push your boss about it -- and potentially turn them off with your excessive efforts to impress. If it's a new relationship you want, the same thing could happen when you come on too strong with that special someone. Your physical energy will be strong now, but will come in spurts and could sputter out fast. Keep up your regular exercise routine but don't push it too far.

Sun opposite Sun

Back and Forth

You may feel as though you're on a seesaw, with wild swings of physical energy and possible confrontations with others pushing your moods up and down and back again. The vibe right now is an odd one; you'll either respond with a strange sort of interest in the proceedings, or with pure annoyance and dismay. You could find yourself in a power play with someone else, most likely an authority figure -- someone you know, like your boss, or maybe someone you don't know, like a police officer. Whatever the interaction turns out to be, you'll have mixed feelings about it, because you'll feel both respect and aggravation toward them. Whatever happens, try to let things roll off your back for the next week or so, because this period of time just isn't going to be a comfortable one. Anything or anyone that looks too different from what you're used to will get your back up, and your defenses. But if you're into challenges, debates and arguments, go ahead -- stand up and defend yourself! You'll learn a lot and develop some personal strength along the way. The energy of this transit is all about an interesting, even uncomfortable challenge.

Mars opposite Mars

A Line in the Sand

You may find yourself embroiled in arguments and conflicts during this three-week period, some of your own making and some not. You've got a push-me-pull-you dynamic going on with other people now, and regardless of how you normally are, at this time you're more than willing to throw down the gauntlet for any perceived challenge. You're ignoring other people's boundaries in favor of pushing your own; your own needs and desires are at the forefront of your mind now, which pretty well cuts out concern for the people around you. But you don't want to come across as uncaring, do you? You wouldn't want to push away either your friends or your coworkers or associates. So instead of pushing things that far -- to the point where you force them to shove back -- you would do better to talk yourself down. Remind yourself that yours isn't the only agenda in the world, and it isn't even necessarily the most important one. Make sure that you get to the gym regularly during this transit, because you need a good outlet for your energies. And make sure that you identify your needs, and then wait for the right time to act on them. Don't be pushy!

Sun square Uranus

A Teenager All Over Again

Out of nowhere, you're feeling a little bit rebellious. You're itchy to be free of restrictions, real or imagined. Even friendly requests to go out with friends could annoy you, because you don't want to have to make plans of any kind. You want to be on no one's schedule but your own, so getting to work on time and sticking to your projects will be a real trial. Taking on new projects at work isn't a good idea now, unless you're the one who dreamed them up. Similarly, stay away from any situation in which you're supposed to make a good impression on someone, whether it's in your personal or professional life. Your boss or a new client could start seeing you as unreliable, and even a date with someone special could turn sour if your head turns too many times in the direction of someone else that keeps catching your eye. Most of all, at work or at home, don't make any promises you can't keep. Take things into your own hands by varying your usual schedule, which may provide sufficient outlet for this energy. Keep up your exercise routine, try to be more mindful of your actions and don't do anything so radical that you'll regret it later.

Mercury opposite Mercury

Verbal Opposition

You're not in the mood to be crossed for these few days, and you may well find yourself in an argument or debate. If it were just a friendly discussion between two people who have different viewpoints, that would be one thing. In the best of all worlds, you could learn from each other and increase your own perspective. But what's more likely to happen is that both parties will dig in, feeling righteous and oh-so-virtuous about their ideas, unable to entertain any concepts that fall outside their narrow philosophy. Don't let this happen to you! Rather than engaging in verbal combat or deriding anyone else for their viewpoints, consciously turn off your inner judge. Listen. Walk a mile in the other person's shoes -- without expecting them to walk a mile in yours! The more mental flexibility you develop now, the better you'll be in the long run. This is a great opportunity to learn to be attentive to ideas and concepts that are foreign to you. It doesn't mean you have to embrace them, just entertain them. The mental growth you experience will be well worth the words you bite back.

Mars square Pluto

Squaring Off

These few weeks should be interesting, but not necessarily in a good way. No matter how laid back you are normally, you've got a chip on your shoulder now and you're just waiting for someone -- anyone -- to knock it off, so you can start up a fight. This might be overt or subtle, but however it happens, you'll be getting into power struggles left and right. You might find yourself pitting your will against a coworker or even your boss, or taking out your inner tension on your friends and family; you might even eye the guy lifting weights next to you at the gym, fantasizing about taking him on in a battle of strength and endurance! The point is, right now you're seeing threats where none exist, and you're taking things personally that aren't meant that way. Your aggression is at the forefront and you're just itching to do something with it. Your best bet is to do something constructive: build something with your hands; increase your fitness routine; do yard work, go running, play some racquetball... Whatever it takes, get that energy out! If you make it an activity that only you can do, and do well, you'll feel better about yourself and your life in general.

Venus square Pluto

Obsess Over Yourself, Not Others

You're overly aware of your own feelings this week, and hypersensitive to the cues and clues that others are putting out around you. Anxiety seems to color all your thoughts and feelings about love and relationships; vague fears and suspicions swirl, especially if you're in a committed relationship. What is this energy that's making you feel so insecure, so out of sorts? It may not even help to know that your fears are most likely unfounded, because they'll still be there in the back of your mind, tormenting you. At base, what you're afraid of is change, and separation. You're afraid of losing your connection with your honey -- or is that your bond with yourself? Hmm...very interesting! At least, it could be, if you can get yourself to face the issue head-on and deal with all the unpleasant emotion that comes up as a result. But it's far more likely that you'll avoid the real issue at hand and act out on impulse instead. You might try to reassure yourself of your connection with a friend or lover by resorting to such immature tactics as whining, fishing for compliments, pouting or other forms of emotional manipulation -- all of which you'd be better off not using at all.

Uranus square Sun

Sick and Tired of 'Normal'

Upsets and disruptions may be par for the course for you this year, due to this infrequent and unusual influence. You just don't feel quite like yourself. Restlessness and irritability greet you each morning when you wake up; you're sick and tired of your normal routine and feel rebellious when anyone asks you to do anything. You're tempted to quit your job, dump your relationships and change your entire life, including your appearance. The danger here is going too far with this impatient and erratic energy; it's very easy to take radical steps that you later regret when life returns to 'normal.' You may behave in a way that's far outside your normal parameters of behavior, in your effort to free yourself from what you perceive as limitations. Be cautious about taking steps that you haven't thoroughly considered. Give yourself some time to think things through, so you won't make any abrupt, irrevocable decisions. This is a good time to do things by yourself, because you don't have the patience to work with others. Your sense of freedom and independence is highlighted now, and others find you to be sarcastic and downright difficult to be around at this time.

Jupiter opposite Venus

Give Love and Raise Money

Is your love life feeling a little tweaked right now, as the quintessential conflict between attachment and freedom rears its two-faced head? Is your partner demanding a little more room to move, or is it you who are feeling hemmed in? These few months will provide you with a new opportunity to work through these issues; and most likely, the outcome will be good. For one thing, you're better able to entertain another's point of view right now, even if you don't agree with their stance. The ability to walk a mile in another's moccasins helps you to find a middle ground. Another thing is that you're a lover, not a fighter; you'd rather find a compromise than engage in a competition. Your heart is open and increasing with love, and this won't go unnoticed by your partner or anyone else around you. In fact, you can apply this energy far outside the realm of your love life: Your generous spirit and sympathetic nature help you connect easily with other people. Fundraising is highlighted at this time, particularly if you're asking for donations for a charitable cause. Your purpose will shine through and motivate others to get involved.

Next Steps

I hope you have enjoyed the valuable insight, wisdom and guidance of this astrology report. You might be a little curious about astrology and perhaps wondering how an astrologer can know so much about you!

Astrology is a mathematical system. It's all about applying meaning to numbers, or more specifically, finding meaning in the movements of the planets around the Sun, as viewed from our perspective here on earth. These planetary movements are easily captured and recorded with measurements, calculations, angles and so on.

That's why astrology works so well with computers, whose programs are also based on numbers and formulas. In 'the old days' -- thousands of years ago, when astrology was first recorded -- those early astrologers had to painstakingly observe the heavens and catalog their observations for the next generation of astrologers to build upon. Thank goodness for the computer age! Now we can simply use computers to make those calculations quickly and pull just the applicable pieces of information. Now, astrology is instant, based upon thousands of years of observations obtained through careful methodology.

Interpretations of planetary positions are based in part on ancient Greek and Roman mythology, but your astrological report is unique, describing you and you only. Even in the case of twin siblings, their birth charts differ from each other's in at least a few ways. And besides, no one amounts to just a simple interpretation of their birth chart; everyone's personality is complex. Your astrological report leaves plenty of room for variations based on your free will, personal growth and transformation over a lifetime.

Just like you, your astrological report is unique. It’s generated online in seconds and provides you with instant insight at your fingertips. Whether you have a pressing question about your future or you just want some guidance and direction, now you can have it all -- in a fast, focused, all-about-you format.

You can choose from several different types to find the report that's right for you and your needs. Your natal report is all about you -- your unique characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, potential and so on. Compatibility reports analyze the connections between two different people, to see how well and in what ways they get along. And a forecast is based on where the planets are today and how they're affecting you, uniquely. Be sure to try a free sample of another report to find out more about you!

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