A free astrological report prepared for

Person 1, born July 19, 1970 and person 2, Born September 10, 1977:

Romantic Forecast for Couples


All of a sudden, you've got the energy and confidence you need to get things done. 

Or, the opposite occurs: You tackle your day with energy and focus, all the while looking forward to the date you have planned with your sweetie. But as soon as you two get together, the mood changes. Suddenly you're both irritable, snappish, going at each other like a couple of Siamese fighting fish

What happened?
Relationships progress in phases; they rarely stay static. In both the above cases, it's likely that the current transits, or planetary movements, are influencing your relationship in ways that neither of you is aware of.

When things change between you and your significant other -- say, you notice that you've been arguing more than usual (or less) -- it often relates directly to the current transits and their effect on your bond.

A composite chart blends two astrological charts -- yours and your sweetie's -- into one, creating a new chart that provides an in-depth view of the relationship itself. This chart represents your connection as its own entity, one greater than just the sum of its two parts.

This report is for you and your partner. It focuses on teamwork and mutual understanding as it details the influences of current planetary transits on your relationship. This knowledge can help you to anticipate good times ahead, to circumvent problems before they arise and, when you’re navigating rough waters together, remember that this, too, shall pass.
Hi, I’m Kelli Fox, a professional accredited astrologer and creator of this personalized Romantic Forecast for Couples report.

And I want to help you discover the most powerful windows of opportunity for romance so you can make your relationship even better.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to discover which days are the most opportune to add more sizzle to your relationship?

And which days are probably not the best to focus on romance and maybe give your partner some space instead?
This Romantic Forecast for Couples report gives you that exact information so you can have a far better chance of improving your relationship and helping it become even better than you ever imagined it could be!
dob1: 1970/07/19 | dob2: 1977/09/10
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What Do The Stars Hold For Improving Your Relationship in The Future?

No one ever said Love was simple, right?

When your relationship is going well, you can feel like you’re walking on clouds, and when things are hard – well – we can come back to the ground with a bump! Every Relationship has its challenges – even the best ones – and this is where Astrology can be a wonderful tool for guidance!

Your Personal Relationship Forecast Calculators are a glance into the future, revealing which areas of your relationship are likely to experience sweet, sweet harmony and which areas hold dynamic change and excitement!

The handy and easy-to-read Bar Graphs show you the six major categories of your relationship:

  • Your Shared Direction
  • Your Communication Bond
  • Shared Love & Values
  • Your Relationship’s Passion Prognosis
  • The Luck Forecast for your Relationship
  • Relationship Lessons – and how these areas could unfold over this period of time!

With Astrology, we can empower ourselves to prepare better for rocky times ahead, or enjoy the ride if things are effortless and easy – and learn to appreciate... Read more

Your Connection To Each Other – The Sun Influences

8-10 You are bonded to your partner
4-7 There is a decent connection
0-3 You might feel disconnected to your partner

Communication and Conversations – Mercury Influences

8-10 Communication is clear and conversation flows
4-7 Interactions are bumpy but manageable
0-3 Potential for miscommunication

Available in the full report:

Love and Romance – Venus Influences

The Passion Principle – Mars Influences

Relationship Growth – Jupiter Influences

The Commitment Component – Saturn Influences

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Person 1, in this free Romantic Forecast for Couples report, you will get a preview of Love insight from the following planetary energies:


illustrates your basic commonalities
tells your basic differences
indicates how well you get along with one another
shows what each of you brings to the relationship


shows how you communicate with each other
reveals who is the thinker & who is the feeler
helps you understand each other’s communication style


reveals your connection to each other
indicates how each other prefers to receive love
highlights how both of you express love


represents the physical bond you share
reveals each other’s desires and impulses
shows how each person expresses frustration


highlights the non-negotiable values held by each of you
shows what is important to each person
indicates whether the relationship will grow


challenges the relationship
unveils each other's shortcomings
demonstrates where extra effort is needed in the relationship


uncovers each other’s rebellious side
points out the unique qualities each person brings to the relationship
shows how the two of you have fun


rules the psychic connection you have to each other
reveals how you help each other grow
indicates if a relationship is a spiritual one


reveals each person’s greatest fears
indicates opportunities for change
demonstrates the self-transformation the relationship brings to both of you
Keep reading to discover how the current planetary transits are affecting you, your partner, and your relationship.
dob1: 1970/07/19 | dob2: 1977/09/10
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Your Strengths

Jupiter trine Neptune

Making Dreams Come True

During this period of a few months, you should take some time to get in touch with the ideals you share as a couple. Talk about your hopes for the future, regarding the relationship as well as your lives: What is the best life you can envision for yourselves as a team? Discuss it openly wi...

Venus trine Saturn

Solidly Bonded

This week is about getting in touch with the more refined and serious side of your relationship. You can talk out problems and quietly reaffirm your deep, loving feelings for each other, and solidify your commitment. You're both feeling even more loyal than usual, and you're grounded toget...

Sun trine Uranus

Creating Excitement

Now is the time to celebrate everything that's unexpected and spontaneous about your relationship. This isn't the time to make firm, rigid plans and try to hold each other to them; instead, play things by ear. Keep it fun, light, footloose and fancy-free. The rest of your year can be sched...

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Discover How All The Planetary Aspects Are Affecting Your Relationship Right Now

In your personalized full-length, in-depth report, you will discover how to make the most of the current planetary influences and how to be infinitely fulfilled in your love life.

Tap Into The Cosmic Alignments

Understand the planetary energies that could be sabotaging your plans for your relationship while tapping into the cosmic alignments which have set you up for a successful partnership.


Wondering how the two of you match up? Now you can find out, at a glance! Our two-way bar graph reveals the chemistry between you and the object of your desires -- how you affect them, and how they affect you -- giving you a quick view of the strength of your connection in six important categories.
If you are ready to discover the best times to have important conversations with your partner that can deepen your relationship

If you are ready to learn the perfect days to go on fun romantic dates that take your relationship up a notch

If you are ready to begin the path to make your relationship more amazing that you ever DREAMED it could be...

Then just click the link below to get started on this amazing new chapter in your relationship now!
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