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Person 1, born April 26, 1973 and person 2, Born January 29, 1978:

Friendship Compatibility

An Astrological Guide to Lifelong Friendship

After all, the beauty of astrology is in highlighting probabilities. The ways that the planets in your birth charts interact can illuminate all kinds of details about how well you'll communicate, how deeply you'll connect and, most importantly, if there's a chance for lasting friendship to grow between you. And you've been around enough to know that every friendship is unique. Where one person leaves you cold, another can be your best cheerleader and supporter! With some people, the connection is instant and easy; it feels like you've known each other for years. With others, making that connection takes work and time...and it still might never happen.
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Your Connection Bar Graphs

Wondering how the two of you match up as friends? Now you can find out, at a glance! Our two-way bar graph reveals the connection between you and your BFF -- how you affect them, and how they affect you -- giving you a quick view of the strength of your connection in six important categories.

And what are those categories? Just the ones that can make or break a friendship -- like how your core personalities mesh, how the two of you communicate and the levels of similarities you have for each other. In short, have you got what it takes to become BFF’s? The Astrologer knows! Just remember, even if you both rate high in all six categories, the friendship still might not work out...and even if you rate low, your bond can still grow solid.

What's best is when a graph shows that two people are about equal in their connection to each other. That way, no one feels left out! The bar graphs can only give you a quick peek at the chemistry of your friendship -- the rest is up to you.

Sun - Soul to Soul


Mercury - Spilling Secrets

Your connection to them
Their connection to you

Available in the full report:

Venus - Friends and Crushes

Mars - Action and Adventure

Jupiter - Beliefs in Common

Saturn - The Real Deal

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Person 1, IN THIS free Friendship Compatibility report, you will get insight into the following planetary energies:


illustrates your basic commonalities
tells your basic differences
indicates how well you get along with one another
shows what each of you brings to the relationship


shows how you communicate with each other
tells who is the thinker & who is the feeler
helps you understand each other’s communication style

The complete Friendship Compatibility report contains planetary information about:


reveals your connection to each other
indicates how each other prefers to receive love
highlights how both of you express love


represents the physical bond you share
reveals each other’s desires and impulses
shows how each person expresses frustration


highlights the non-negotiable values held by each of you
shows what is important to each person
indicates whether the relationship will grow


challenges the relationship
unveils each other's shortcomings
demonstrates where extra effort is needed in the relationship


uncovers each other’s rebellious side
points out the unique qualities each person brings to the relationship
reveals how the two of you have fun


rules the psychic connection you have to each other
shows how you help each other grow
indicates if a relationship is a spiritual one


reveals each person’s greatest fears
indicates opportunities for change
demonstrates the self-transformation the relationship brings
Read below to find out where each planet was on April 26, 1973, and how your birth chart has shaped your personality and guided your decisions so far…

Sun - Soul to Soul

Sun trine Saturn

Mutual Respect

You'll naturally share a lot of respect for each other, and that will allow you to keep growing as individuals even as you get closer as friends. This connection will be, in part, about supporting your personal growth and helping your friend learn to lighten up a little bit. They can be a ...

Sun square Venus

A Strange Attraction

Well, one thing is certain -- you won't find each other boring! You'll definitely feel an attraction to this friend, and maybe even a magnetic pull based on your differing personalities that is compelling enough to surprise both of you. Your ideals and values may not align perfectly, and t...

Sun square Mars

A Turbulent Combination

There will be plenty of liveliness between you two, but it's probably best if you hang out in small doses. You'll start out sensing the high level of rivalry between you very clearly, and the more you get to know each other, the more annoyed you'll feel with each other. There's a lot of co...

Sun square Sun

Clashing Natures

You could have a hard time finding common ground. On some level, you'll both recognize that you speak different languages. You might feel frustrated by each other, as if you just don't focus on the same things in life -- and you'll probably be right. You are different enough that your valu...

Sun opposite Uranus

Basic Differences

There are some basic and important differences between you when it comes to how you live your lives. Your senses of individuality will be directly in conflict. Your friendship could become a confusing push-pull between togetherness and individuality. You'll share a strong bond, but you'll ...

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Mercury - Spilling Secrets

Mercury sextile Venus

Friendship With Harmony

Your focus will be on getting along well and working together as a team. Neither of you will want to argue, so you'll both find more constructive ways to get your own point across and find a solution to any problem that might come up. This won't be the type of friendship that makes you won...

Mercury trine Neptune

Creative Encouragement

Abstract communication about creative or intangible subjects -- art, poetry, dreams -- will be easy for you two, because this friend will tune in to your mental rhythms, and you'll be able to understand and make sense of their flights of fancy. And through communicating in this interesting...

Mercury sextile Sun

Express Yourselves

From the get-go, you two will share an easy understanding and a communicative rapport. It will be easier than usual for you to express yourselves. This is because you'll have an instinctive understanding for just how to get through to each other and how to respect one another. Your friend ...

Mercury opposite Pluto

Projection Screen

The air of intensity when you're together will push you to express yourselves in a deep and focused way. You'll find, however, that you have an easier time putting your impressions and emotions into words than your friend does. You might even discover, after you've been facing down your is...

Mercury square Mercury

Agree To Disagree

You could have a hard time communicating with each other and you might end up feeling very frustrated on a regular basis. You'll find that you often have two completely different ways of looking at things. You'll disagree on many subjects, but instead of being able to appreciate your diffe...

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Discover The Hidden Parts Of Your Personal Connection

In your personalized full-length, in-depth report you will discover hidden parts of your friendship bond and why you are drawn to each other.

Tap Into The Compatible Cosmic Alignments

Recognize the planetary energies that could be sabotaging your friendship while tapping into the cosmic alignments which have set you up for a truly fulfilling connection

Have You Ever Wondered Why You’re Friends?

Don’t miss this opportunity to tap into a deeper connection. Knowing yourself, your friend and friendship – your strengths, weaknesses, good points and bad – gives you the edge in developing a happy, healthy, fulfilled connection.
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