Relocation – change your location and change your life. I just arrived in London and I haven’t seen my relocated chart for London in a while.

All my planets are basically flipped to the other side of the chart as London is the other side of the world to Sydney where I was born. The planets and aspects are still the same but what changes are the houses. I guess I should back up a little and explain why you would even want to relocate your chart.

When my natal planets are in different houses I’m going to have a different experience around the same energy of the planet. It takes on a different flavor. The same planetary energy is there but I’m viewing the world through a different colored lens. This helps explain why we have different experiences and feelings when we go to different places.

The other technique for relocation is a method created by late astrologer Jim Lewis. I have found both methods to be effective. Some astrologers (not mentioning any names) have been known to travel to a different location for their solar return.

Sometimes you don’t have to travel too far to make a difference.By doing this, for example, you have the opportunity to push Saturn off an angle where the effects will be less damaging or long lasting.

I highly recommend using one of these methods before planning a vacation, honeymoon or even determining what type of experience you will have at the college or job of your choice (many Americans move for work or school).

I have found the people I meet from all over the world have the same impact on me as to the type of experience I have when I visit their home town. If you don’t believe me try the experiment for yourself.

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