A Kite occurs in an astrological chart when three planets lie in a Grand Trine pattern, and a fourth lies directly opposite one of the three planets in the trine.

This makes six aspects in all -- three trines; one opposition; and the two sextiles created between the ‘tail’ of the kite and the remaining two corners (the other two points of the triangle).

When drawn out on a chart wheel, the resulting pattern looks like a kite, and provides an actively beneficial influence for the bearer.

With two sextiles and three trines -- all ‘soft,’ or beneficial, aspects -- working in tandem in such a balanced pattern, the overall effect can’t help but be powerfully positive. Trines are all about the harmonious flow of creative energy, and Grand Trines bring positive opportunities; so a Kite enhances those effects and brings a focus on reaching out and grabbing hold of opportunities to express creativity in a concrete way.

The concreteness comes from the opposition. Normally considered a ‘hard’ aspect -- one that creates stress or conflict -- the opposition can be more of a motivating factor than a source of stress when working in tandem with the five soft aspects of a Kite.

Sometimes, the benefits of a Grand Trine are taken for granted, but the opposition within a Kite provides its usual challenge in a positive framework.

In this configuration, the opposition gives a little shove, the motivation needed to make the most of that beneficial energy.