Gibbous Moon

The Gibbous Moon refers to the waxing nighttime luminary plumping up, filling out, yet not quite full. Almost two weeks have elapsed since the New Moon. Momentum is building. Wherever you are in your endeavors, you may have to do another evaluation of how things are progressing.

Expansion is still a big part of the process, so if all the variables are where you want them to be and the results are just what you want, then you can safely branch out, going further in your intentions.

What this means is that you can invest more of your resources on the path that you have started. In practical terms, it can mean more money, it can mean more of your time, it can mean hiring on others; in short, you can expand knowing that the lunar energy is there to help you pursue your goal.

It would be best to stay the course, even if more challenges arise. Make a commitment to do what it takes to eliminate those barriers. This is no time to quit. Since the rewards are almost within reach, it would be a waste not to fully go for it. Let no one stand in your way, including yourself.

If you have any doubts, fears or just plain anxiety, don’t let them get the better of you. You've done way too much work to throw your hands up at the critical moment, when success is just around the corner.