New Moon

The New Moon presents an opportune time for new starts and beginnings. Practically imperceptible to the human eye, the New Moon seems almost nonexistent from our vantage point. However, like our subconscious minds, we know it’s there, progressing slowly toward illumination.

There may be a feeling or a desire brewing within for some sort of change. This is a time for planting seeds, for birthing new ideas and starting afresh. Creatively speaking, inspiration can be residing somewhere just beneath the surface, barely breaking into conscious thought.

You may want to carve out some quiet time to nurture any cerebral stirrings. Nourish your mind with books. Listen to dreams that inspire ideas. You may want to take a project that you’ve been working on in a different direction, forging a new path.

Give yourself ample space to listen to the little voice inside you. Evaluate the various areas in your life that you would like to make changes in or put energy into. Want to quit smoking or stop biting your nails? Maybe it’s about time to take that business idea with your best friend selling vintage vinyl more seriously.

Or, perhaps it’s time to bust that bulge around your waist. Any successful endeavor requires an initial burst of inspiration. Ideas can generate movement, so resolve to embark on something new and different. Open yourself up to possibilities. Put that first seedling into the ground and see what arises.