Disseminating Moon

The Disseminating Moon looks a great deal like the Gibbous Moon, except that the fuller side of the Moon has switched from right to left. During this time, you begin to see the fruits of your hard work and effort. If your project has been going well, then expect to reap the rewards. If you've had obstacles and difficulties for most of the way, then you may suffer the consequences.

Take what you’ve learned in the process and spread it around. This is a good time to reach out to others, spreading your knowledge. Give back to society by teaching friends and acquaintances how to avoid the mistakes that you've made. If you have been successful, show others how to follow your path.

In general, this is an auspicious time for general dissemination of information. Wise counsel can be given and received. If you have tangible products to show, you may want to distribute them as examples. Hand out rewards to those who have been instrumental in helping you along the way.

The Moon's light is noticeably diminishing. Consider the areas in your life that need trimming or slowing down. If a relationship is moving too fast, you might want to pull the reins on it while you get your bearings. Or you may want to continue curbing your eating habits as you notice your waistline beginning to shrink. This waning Moon also inspires a desire for simplification or reduction.