A Void of Course Moon is when the moon will not make anymore major aspects in the sign it is in. It’s a time for endings and not beginnings. The ancient term "nothing will come of it" is associated with the Void of Course Moon.

aries14x14 Void of Course Moon in Aries: Back off your aggressive stance now, and don't start any new projects. Instead, finish up something already underway.

taurus14x14 Void of Course Moon in Taurus: Avoid initiating new enterprises now. Don't be headstrong. If you feel impatient, cool your jets with deep breathing.

gemini14x14 Void of Course Moon in Gemini: Gossip could get the best of you now. Don't let that happen. Don't permit shallow thinking. Ask good questions and wait before initiating.

cancer14x14 Void of Course Moon in Cancer: Don't withdraw in a moody fit of self-indulgence, or be testy with others. Strive to appreciate what you already have.

leo14x14 Void of Course Moon in Leo: Suspend your royal commands for the moment. Lay down your scepter. Join the common folk for a good romp in the fields.

virgo14x14 Void of Course Moon in Virgo: That's right: Nothing's perfect. Lose the critical eye and stop fault-finding. Take time now to meditate or stretch.

libra14x14 Void of Course Moon in Libra: Nothing is clear just now, so hold off on making a decision. But don't straddle the fence: Buy more time with sweetness.

scorpio14x14 Void of Course Moon in Scorpio: Don't slide down the slippery slope of suspicion. Put your dark fears aside. Open your heart to the heady depth of love.

sagittarius14x14 Void of Course Moon in Sagittarius: Dismiss fanatic feelings. A dogmatic attitude prohibits growth. Cast off blind faith and open your eyes to the truth.

capricorn14x14 Void of Course Moon in Capricorn: Hoarding your resources is off limits now. Don't be so miserly with your money, either. Stretch, and give some away.

aquarius14x14 Void of Course Moon in Aquarius: Don't succumb to any fads right now. But don't alienate yourself, either. Strike a good balance between self and others.

pisces14x14Void of Course Moon in Pisces: A choice looms. Don't try to decide right now. Rather than wringing your hands in despair, envision possible outcomes.