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No matter who you are and what your relationship status is - single, married, committed, “it’s complicated” or simply dating, we all have one thing in common - the desire to love and be loved.

Most of us have to kiss a few frogs before we find that special someone, and some of us may find that we much prefer to be happily alone and without all the fuss of love and relationships. Many of us totally embrace the merry-go-round of dating a few people at a time, while some of us prefer the quiet peace of commitment, But if you’re curious about where you fall in - or what your year looks like romantically - then Astrology is the perfect tool to turn to for a little guidance and insight. Love is complicated and is seldom clear-cut! Do we decide to move from dating into something deeper? Leave our relationship? Decide to get hitched? Be content with being single? We always know, deep down, what the answer is, but sometimes it’s great to get that affirmation from the cosmos, it’s like a heavenly nudge telling us that we are heading in the right direction! Astrology is simply an affirmation of what we usually already know, and when we see our own heart's intuition backed up by the heavens, it can help us to move forward with much more confidence!