Age of Aquarius

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius…wait, we’re already here!

Every time I’m asked a question about “The Age of Aquarius” I immediately think of the song “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” by The Fifth Dimension (you know, the song from Hair). My friend, Aquarius C was asking about “The Age of Aquarius” the other day and what relevance it has with her sign.

I explained that an Age lasts approximately 2,000 years and that the Ages travel backwards through the zodiac – so the Age we have moved out of is Pisces. An Age does not begin on an exact date but rather we start to have an overlap from the previous sign and then a buildup into the new sign. This is also known as “The Orb of Influence.”

The other contributor to determining an Age is something known as The Precession of the Equinoxes. This is a total of all the Ages through each sign which is over 25,000 years. This is a complex topic but to simplify let’s just also say it involves the earths rotation as well as the earth’s wobble – picture a spinning top.

Our current/last age was/is Pisces and if we look back over the last 2,000 years we find many of the world religions coming to the forefront. Spirituality or otherwise known as religion has been a major theme of our world history during this time. Many wars have been fought and countless lives lost over individual’s beliefs. The USA was “founded” as a place for religious freedom. OK, so, now you get my drift.

What should we expect from the next 2,000 years then? About ten years ago, on my previous web site, I discussed The Age of Aquarius but of course my words have now been edited. At that time, I mentioned same sex marriage which didn’t seem to be a consideration, nor did social networks exist such as Facebook, Twitter and the like where one can share their most intimate thoughts and actions or even what they had for breakfast on any given day.

Aquarius is about all people being created equal, we are one and we are all connected. I’ve always though Aquarius represented true democracy but with a twist…the ancient ruler of this sign is Saturn (and modern ruler is Uranus). I had been wondering how Pluto in Capricorn was going to fit with the start of our free flowing Aquarius Age.

I guess you can compare this to what seems to be a mish-mash of energy to a place where the people think they have all the say, voting power and the like but when it boils down to it big brother really is watching and making the money but letting us assume we have the control. I guess you could compare it to the social networks of today.

Of course, none of us can predict with great certainty what the world will be like and how it will change. All we can hope for is the positive traits of Aquarius such as philanthropy, invention and thinking outside the box to take effect which will benefit us all.