Neptune Retrograde

Neptune, one of the two outermost planets, has such a long orbit that it spends fourteen years in one sign! Although we here on Earth can’t see this planet without a powerful telescope, astronomers have plotted its course with extreme accuracy.

Like all other planets, Neptune has a retrograde period; that is, if we could see it with the naked eye, it would appear to slow down, stop and then temporarily turn backward in its orbit. After five months, it slows down again, turns around and resumes its normal direction.

Since Neptune is retrograde forty-three percent of the time, by itself, it’s not an enormously important factor. But the stationary points -- the points at which the planet seems to turn around in its orbit -- are enormously important. It’s at these times when the energy of Neptune are most evident.

Since this pokey planet can spend months at the same Zodiac degree when it is stationary, astrologers look for the span of just a few days that pinpoints when Neptune actually begins moving from the stationary point. It’s on these days when you’re likely to see Neptune’s influence on the news -- drug raids, new developments in the healing arts, magicians and escape artists, criminal activity, the Mafia and the oil industry, to name just a few.

What about on a personal level? Neptune is related to your creativity and spiritual life. When Neptune is retrograde, you’re more likely to be attentive to these areas of your life, and give them voice. You may not present the efforts of your inspirations right away -- that may wait till Neptune has gone direct -- but you will cherish them all the more for waiting.

Keep a dream journal, for your dreams are likely to be vivid and meaningful during Neptune Retrograde, if you take the time to interpret them.

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