First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon label may lead you to think that you should only see 25% of the nighttime luminary, but in actuality, the name is only a reference to the phase it is in.

It’s one-quarter of the way through its cycle. It does not refer to the percentage of Moon visible in the sky.

In fact, what you will see is the right-side half of the Moon as viewed from Earth. The energy is still in the expansive waxing phase.

This is a time for the evaluations, for taking stock on how things are progressing. Questions may arise as to the course you're taking. You may have received some initial results and must determine whether they are the kind of results that you want.

Perhaps some unforeseen obstacles or difficulties have presented themselves. Maybe things weren’t quite what you expected, so now there are decisions to be made. Should you continue forward or scrap the project altogether?

You can overcome obstacles with enough help or perhaps a new strategy. Adjustments may need to be made for you to get things back on course. Focus your energy on what you can change. Get help with what you can’t. Maybe aid comes in the form of professional advice or perhaps it comes from your own research.

If things are progressing as expected, then you may see the first signs of growth. Proceed with confidence, knowing that the path that you have laid out will lead you to the desired outcome.