Balsamic Moon

The Balsamic Moon shows a thin sliver of light in the eastern sky before sunrise as it continues waning to eventual darkness in the next few days.

This Moon instills a quiet reflective mood that is conducive for meditation and self reflection. The process of letting go continues until you've reached a point where you can feel the results more overtly.

The initial clearing-out process may have led you to simplify your life even further than you originally intended. Items that you considered keeping a few days ago may now land in the donation box. The process of purification is more extreme. Therapy may have helped access memories, feelings and thoughts that were deeply hidden beneath the surface.

This is the time for introversion. The energy you have been expending for almost a month needs replenishing on a psychic and physical level.

Schedule some quality time alone at home for yourself. Write in a journal, reflect on things that happened this month. Evaluate the things that you have learned. Consider what you would do differently in the future. Quiet time is imperative for the maturation process. Wisdom cannot be gained if you are otherwise distracted by chatter and television sets.

It needs to be nurtured carefully. You need to recuperate fully before you can be of any great use for future endeavors. There are those who take charge of their lives and those who accidentally experience life. Decide which one you would rather be.